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Saturday, April 28th, 2012

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    There is the person who doubts the companies to cheat
    Now the bed linen colour breed is very rich actually , and especially people of new type who marry of 5 months can select the fresher and cooler colour if the light powder colour and powder blueness etc are fairly more to traditional redness of rose-red and shallow wedding usefulness such as pink etc that the selection at the bed linen colour of people of new type is upward not used to be a stickler for in traditional , even to the extent that chooses and traditional wed celebrates sharply the bed linen of colours such as contrary Mi Bai's jadeite is green etc , caters to the youth vigour of spring Price : The brand also was particular about by preferential more the more bed linen festivals and holidays , and the price of well-known brand is opposite to each other expansively , but &ldquo One minute price goods &rdquo of a fen , the quality has been gone up , and the life character also has naturally have been pledged . So people of new type are after having a good prospect , economic actual strength that still will be based on self to decide . Certainly , newly-married can buy expensive a little , comforter sets

    but also too not waste . But now all there was the preferential activity in a lot of markets during festivals and holidays , as far as bed linen , not only the discount is more severe , and still has the small gift group to send . The bed linen was beaten the book and was grabbed visitor to come from in summer : The original last natural silk air-condition quilt of thousand of price of 2005-05-12 was dashed forward to fall 269&mdash yesterday 299 yuan , the part of air-condition is only sold 78 yuan of /'s beds unexpectedly . Reporter is liberating the various big market of stele seeing , and the bed linen was all heavily blown rolling over in summer , and the book is even to the extent that hanged down to 1-3 to the part of brand yesterday . At present , the bed linen entered sale peak period in summer , and by means of beats the book can a large number of visitors grabbing . The nearest two day summer bed linen sales volume of new century weighs hundred and new century recently summer the bed linen quantity sold rapidly increases , if increasing near 30%% than at ordinary times . bed in a bag

    Weighing hundred and new century all to call , it is intense with each passing day to have appeared peak period low cost at present chiefly to be because compete , and Shang Jia leaies up in the occupation market as quickly as possible in urgent hope , and procures that the bigger market divides the number Calling according to personage inside circle , the profit spaces such as actually bamboo summer sleeping mat and natural silk quilt etc are bigger , even having beaten the discount , Shang Jiareng has the not small profit . ( turning to self-respect celebrates the morning newspaper ) bed linen :Natural &rdquo The whole empire under one ruler comes from : Does the short news | of 2005-05-22 18:45 add for what Yun Si good friend is done by ? Does not know ! Is an aquatic bird that one kind of feather calling the aquatic bird accomplishes ? Completely mistaken !bed sets

    The bed linen was grafted one twig on another once , seaon the chemical fiber alternation product of scene has entered &ldquo Frozen phase &rdquo , what replaces is the pure natural product whole empire under one ruler . &mdash in market is sold to the biggest bed linen specialty of Hangzhou ——The green outside material market of the four seasons does not have that the trade selling on commission sells the steps on the perianth and Yun Si quilt and aquatic bird quilt . Originally , these were sold very flourishing &ldquo in 2 years long ago Bedquilt &rdquo , does not have the market this year right off . It is said studies carefully his cause , is the &ldquo of these chemical fibers Bedquilt &rdquo Too let person not be capable to work clearly . As far as holding the aquatic bird quilt , one rushes forward the eye , and consumer still thinks that the feather of aquatic bird accomplishes , and can still not give birth to in the world &ldquo Aquatic bird &rdquo . bed in a bag sets

    There is the person who doubts the companies to cheat suspicion of consumer's . How the bed linen of certain chemical fiber is with , and everybody can find that it is not very ventilate , and does not also inhale water , and the cover is not very comfortable on the body . What replaces chemical fiber bed linen is the pure natural product . The bed linen decorative pattern of now constantly renovates , and has fine soft feathers quilt and sheep's wool quilt and natural silk quilt , and is the ordinary bedquilt , and still divides generally character bedquilt and pure cotton bedquilt . And the fine soft feathers is still had long fine hair and the branch of the short fine hair . Spins enterprise Hangzhou office director and introduces in a Shanghai man , and has almost been monopolized by the natural product in the sale market of bed linen at present , and this also is consuming the natural result of recurrence . Besides the bedquilt seeking naturally , the outside material of bed linen also is melting of pure cotton than getting well of chemical fiber . designer comforters

    In fact , imitating oil painting effect also is a bed linen more
    Personage inside circle shows , and moves the story into in the bed linen , and lets more the mere formality intension is the one kind of new trend at present to bed linen The ancient wayss patterns : Natural graceful , the noble modern times of temperament always supersede the samsara in the spring tide of fashion with the ancient wayss , and the figure viewed from behind of brief doctrine stayed in last year , and the bed linen of this year begins having scraped the noble graceful ancient wayss unrest , and that those are elegant and poised and of great momentum and the colour enriches and fine and smooth is natural as if makes us back to Middle Ages design and colour of Europe staging a comeback At present , certain well-known highest grade plate has been introduced draws materials that the series of the classics civilization in Europe is newly tasted with discrimination , if the wedding ceremony of Fei Jialuo and that person soundly gives up , all with the bold original colour collocation , comforter sets

    constructing out the artistic atmosphere of strong Europe , and incites to action that the brilliance of Renaissance particular period is bright and Victoria that times graceful shows vividly and incisively , each article all are the pictures of magnificent mansion , outside keeping original ancient wayss style , at the colour deals with on the person who has also thought over and furniture and the frame of mind collocation , shows ingenuity . Among them , there is one money &ldquo Ethereal colour and celestial fragrance &rdquo The new article more are melting to organic whole with the artistic atmosphere of Europe traditional flowers and plants tree peonies of China , his momentum is elegant and poised , model of quilt Yu Wei's ancient wayss wind . The oil painting pattern is imitated : The colour enriches , and the strong bed linen of sense of quality looks that like a huge oil painting , this is the new trend that the bed linen was decided to draw close to the art this year . bed in a bag

    Certainly , really not is genuinely doing the drawing on bed linen , and is usefulness imitation oil painting same as the writing and colour goes to be in progress printing and dyeing , let bed linen possess oil painting effect See this kind of product that possesses oil painting effect in your metropolises of a lot of bed linen shops , if one money is named as &ldquo Green primary new shadow &rdquo Bed overlaps , using the oil painting writing same as , colour that will the enrich conciliation is full of the flowers and plants patterns of life breath , and the weaving cotton cloth veins combinations that with randomly changes protrudingly show the dense artistic breath . Personage inside circle shows , and the tone of oil painting is bold and is full of sense of quality , and makes the pattern more possess the artistic breath , and receives favouing of consumer at present verymuch . bed sets

    In fact , imitating oil painting effect also is a bed linen more and more artistic illustration . Wedding bed linen has coming from of being particular about : Now the short news | of Wangjie 2007-05-24 10:06 adds for good friend the bed linen pattern more the more , and the brand is also numerous , and also to conduct propaganda their product all is combining modern times technology and tradition making a lot of companies , can the guaranty has the high quality sleep . But people of new type need pay attention to when choosing , no matter the quality of a material uses Gao Zhimian's still bed linen of pure cotton , the most important is comfortable . Whether mext to the shin the key is seen , not mext to the shin how intimate The colour : The fixed red Chinese not varying marry generally all to accept the face of the redness , and to choose the redness is thinks that the picture livens up to the bed linen naturally not exception and the day to let the great rejoicing can more add celebrating a bit . bed in a bag sets

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