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Sunday, March 25th, 2012

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    cultural and double-sided embroidery," the pursuit of goals
    housing, consumption, leisure, popular and strong demand for the formation of strong business climate has to "fruition" stage, high-tech zone size up the situation , strong push off the development of service industry trend emerged, in which more traditional business services sector has made substantial progress, at all levels, a variety of formats everything, the structure has become more reasonable and perfect. This year in September, the "everlasting electric Fair," said the SEG electronics market opening, contract manufacturers and vendors settled more than 800 households and business products covering electronics, instruments, meters and other fields of hundreds of thousands varieties; foreign brands of services are also emerging, following last year's "Metro" settled in high-tech zone, in May of this year, five-star Shangri-La Hotel as a quasi-foreign hotel opened, the world chain brand, "Starbucks" coffee, "Powerhouse "Fitness and from Taiwan's" Sai steak "also have been opened. Shi Shan Road, Suzhou New District and is connected to the main traffic arteries in Suzhou city, a collection of high-tech zone on both sides of the main commercial, residential, comforter sets

    office, financial architecture, known as the "Wall Street of Suzhou." Dress up High-tech Zone will continue next year, Lion Road, making the region the existing characteristics of the times, but also cultural heritage of the new city. New 2007 high will the development of modern service industry in a more prominent position, to achieve the "three new breakthroughs": First, to achieve new breakthroughs in production and service industry. Good grasp of Bonded Logistics Center II, the Soviet Union Steel Metal Logistics Center, Sinotrans four, Kang Cheng warehousing and other construction projects of modern logistics industry, and promote the great development of producer services. Second, construction of new breakthrough service area. Combination of "retreat into three", "Villages", take advantage of built-up areas and the relocation of enterprises have to sell the vacated land operating room services starting point to introduce a number of large facilities and projects, and comprehensively promote the new space Suzhou , the central business district, Lion Square, SEG electronics market and the second phase construction, the promotion of modern commerce, finance, insurance, bed in a bag

    real estate rapidly gathering. Full use of science and technology city, business center on favorable terms, giving priority to developing science and technology incubator, venture capital, technology transactions, software and other technology value-added intermediary services, to enhance the service tech. Third, the services sector investment to achieve new breakthroughs. Seize the full range of services, opening up trade opportunities, and further increase the service sector investment, and accelerate the formation of modern commerce and modern logistics, real estate, tourism and convention, finance, insurance, technology services as the main support service economy clusters, making the region the city functional, industrial structure, the main driver of economic growth. Good and fast double-sided embroidery embroidery embroidery in China are speeding up the construction of the Museum of Art will be unveiled next May, when the first ever high-tech zones will "Fairview New Suzhou" Chinese embroidery Culture and Art Festival to a climax. "Double-sided embroidery" is a big wonderful pen embroidery,bed sets

    "economic and cultural-sided embroidery" is a concept of development, Suzhou New District. Economy and culture go hand in hand, is a sound and rapid development of specific performance. Good economic and cultural-sided embroidery embroidery, high-tech zones have a good foundation and various advantages. 258 square kilometers of high and new area not only has high-tech and new industries, but also brought together a rich landscape of southern culture and human resources. Since 2003, the pace of secondary development of high-tech zone with the deepening of technology start-ups were groundbreaking and unprecedented cultural revival. Secondary development of Suzhou New District, is not only a quantitative expansion, but also a qualitative improvement. Always in the "ecology, technology, humanities," the philosophy, the guiding "second pioneering" to depth, to develop high-tech industries as a direction to focus on technology leadership through the implementation of export-oriented and high-tech industrialization strategy, the region rapid growth of high-tech industry base in Suzhou, the regional economic maintained 30%% annual growth rate of more than. At the same time, high-tech zones to vigorously promote "economic, bed in a bag sets

    cultural and double-sided embroidery," the pursuit of goals to start the ecological and cultural protection and use, with particular attention to explore, collect, integrate traditional culture, organization, care, and promote the traditional cultural industries. For example, Lake landscape and sits on the idyllic town of Lake Street is no longer assessing the amount of GDP and investment, but the full support of the development of cultural industries based embroidery. First Embroidery Culture Festival is to promote the embroidery, and through the construction of the museum and the famous Chinese embroidery, embroidery museum, to further promote the embroidery industry, improve quality, and take the quality of the road. High-tech Zone next year, will continue to give full play to the economic and social development and cultural penetration and enormous potential influence, to build the base for embroidery as a carrier of cultural industries to the town of Lake Embroidery Exhibition Hall opened as an opportunity to further explore the "culture of embroidery", designer comforters

    silver awards in more than 80. chic suave middle-aged man portrait
    "Pingtan Maple "and other areas rich cultural resources, accelerate the development of a unique fusion of Chinese and foreign cultural force, leading to enhance the ability of advanced culture, service capabilities, competitiveness and innovation and building strong culture area. The so-called cross stitch there is a piece of cloth on the grid, cross-hit cross, embroidered into beautiful patterns. In recent years, cross stitch quite popular. In 2003, Hsiu-Yun Lee has invested 10 million, opened his cross-stitch village. Cross stitch because it is imported, the investment is relatively large, all the money spent on the purchase. She thought, these imports are more shiny cross stitch embroidery threads, but not easy to play the ball. Good quality, naturally welcomed by customers. For example, an imported European court lady cross stitch to use 20 different colors, ladies skirt, and gold beads, is the last embroidery to their work. So that the finished piece of cross stitch frame installed price is 800 yuan, not embroidered semi-finished products price is 160 yuan. This stitch in the shop a few products, including both hand-embroidered leisure Hsiu-Yun Lee, there embroidery customers, comforter sets

    and the other part of the embroidery work is Hsiu-Yun Lee, please do. This topic is not the most expensive selling cross stitch, and also the most expensive of which is 12 the most complex "Riverside", the light semi-finished products need to 260 yuan per piece, full buy it, have to spend 3,100 yuan. Only recently out of the painting, the finished product not had time to embroider. The embroidery shop like home there are always new work, it is a magic weapon shop to drum up business. Hsiu-Yun Lee, said the finished cross-stitch 10 times more expensive than the semi-finished products, the reason also lies in the value of hand, an embroidery, some would take at least a month. At present, cross stitch finished selling the most expensive, is an "annual surplus", the price of 1,800 yuan. Selling the most is a painting class, cross stitch, such as "Spring Report", "Eight Horses", "woolly-headed" and so on, which is about the price of 1,000 yuan. Although the quality of imported Cross Stitch better than homemade, but no one imagined Xiaoshou good, because the price of imported China-made cross-stitch 3 times, an ordinary semi-finished products are at least hundred dollars.bed in a bag

    Thus, Hsiu-Yun Lee has invested in the purchase of 1,500 yuan, an increase of domestic cross stitch projects. Let Hsiu-Yun Lee unexpectedly, made more popular cross stitch, shop very, very good business. Especially the price of 20 yuan in small animals, but also in short supply. The profits made cross stitch cross stitch profitable than imports, reaching 40%. Now, domestic sales accounted for Cross Stitch 60%, imports 40% of cross-stitch. The addition to selling the finished product and semi-finished cross stitch, Hsiu-Yun Lee also provides framing services. Mounting time and costs 200 yuan. By mounting cross stitch, shops have another source of profit each month can bring 3,000 of the water. In order to attract popularity, Hsiu-Yun Lee has also launched a more personalized service. "Like the photo, you can do, usually around 300 yuan." Hsiu-Yun Lee said. Unexpectedly, this move quite popular, many people shop for their children cross stitch hand embroidered pieces. In months, shop water at 4 million, the cost of removing about 22,000 yuan and the corresponding taxes, and rent of 4,000 yuan, artificially 1,000 yuan, Hsiu-Yun Lee is also a monthly net profit of 1.3 million.bed sets

    "Cross stitch is not difficult to learn, the key is patience. Business embroidery shop is not difficult, the key is careful." Hsiu-Yun Lee said. Following the May 2006 Arts and Crafts Institute and the establishment of Arts and Crafts Association, the Chaozhou Municipal Government recently has selected 22 organizations, "a master craftsman." Selection of the municipal master craftsman, is the first in the country so far. Focus today: This 22 "master" in the industry, covering ceramics, embroidery, wood carving, straw, clay sculpture, lanterns and other categories, practitioners time in more than 15 years, has a wealth of creative experience and high artistic attainments, are in the same category in the leader. Among them, the Qing Dynasty Fengxi "old Anshun" Hand fourth generation pot billet Zhuni Chapter Yan City, with 30 years of art in wood, with "lobster crab basket," the famous Gu Liuxi, a break with traditional single-sided embroidery double-sided pad embroidered embroidery and embroidery techniques to form a "three-dimensional double-sided embroidery," a unique artistic style of Qing-first. It is understood that in recent years, Chaozhou City, bed in a bag sets

    arts and crafts skills highly motivated and innovative staff, masterpiece after another, has a large number of works participating in the country, the province's arts and crafts arts and crafts exhibition or Grand Prix award, particularly in the National 2006 8 arts and crafts exhibitions, won gold and silver awards in more than 80. chic suave middle-aged man portrait, amazing scenery magnificent Three Gorges, the mysterious wonders of Fantasy De moon and stars ... ... Yesterday, the young artist Yang Xiaoting creative process more than a dozen pieces of needlework tours works at the provincial Art Gallery. Master Wang Muyao Han embroidery theory evaluation: The work "resurrection" of the tour embroidery, showing that random-based, highly changing artistic characteristics. 29-year-old Yang Xiaoting grew fond of embroidery. Arts and Crafts from Shantou in 1996 after graduating from school, thanks to Master Gu Wenxia learning embroidery needle embroidery crewel embroidery representatives, and later under the tutelage of Master Wang Muyao theoretical study of Chinese Han embroidery embroidery. There are 45 kinds of Chinese embroidery stitch, needlepoint tour was undoubtedly the oldest. Yang Xiaoting learned from the teacher, because the old,designer comforters

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