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Saturday, March 17th, 2012

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    the extension products to how they are combined, how positioning
    But in recent years, with children's shoes enterprises gradually increase overall strength, the increasing emphasis on brand building, this one for channels have begun to develop monopoly as an opportunity to build their own brand exclusive network. To change the current network status, it should serve as a channel for the development of shop work to upgrade the most important part, general manager of a shoe made a remark, "With the shop does not have sales, but no stores certainly did not sell; stores and more, not sales volume; shop less, certainly less sales. "in the Chinese market, the most important is often the most primitive sense of impulse and passion, if everything is ready to wait, also copy the theory of systems thinking, perhaps I would miss good opportunities. Oversupply in commodities today, the only scarce resource is only one, that is, business district resources. Retail business to survive and develop, the only way out is to come up with the speed of Liu Xiang, comforter sets

    "Happy Valley enclosure." Mengniu a saying: "no chance of sitting, walking there is a chance, ran two opportunities." Today, in the face of intense competition to occupy the market is like fighting positions, race against time, every inch. Exploration of the children's shoes store shoes store to open, we first have to consider the question can open, in other words, go on a shop can survive and then profit. A shop to be profitable to survive, it must have the traffic (a good store location), into the shop rate (good store image), turnover rate (product mix, Shopping guide level), the average passenger unit (product mix, inventory management), back the number of (services) and other factors. Although the current state of development is to speed up shop, not all elements ranging shop, but we are still on the store building to maintain a responsible attitude and adhere to the following key elements. The first key point is the shop's location. Agent in many cases is the lack of retail experience and joined the business, bed in a bag

    understand the profitability of the retail model, it is always first consider the risk to open stores to find inexpensive, small size, short-term stores, but the reality is that children's shoes industry profit margins have been low, the profitability of all of the children's shoes monopoly model no end of heart, so do them timid, the final position did not choose a good shop, the result is naturally to be expected. The second key point is to merchandise mix, namely, children's shoes industry categories are an extension of a trend. Only athletic shoes are just not supporting the development of a store, so many shoes factories are now working to extend the products, from children to children's clothing shoes, to accessories categories of products, the last may also be to toys, stationery and the like . But the state now look so category extension of children's shoes industry still in its infancy, is the attitude of holding tests, not prepared, completely ignored the immediate market situation, and not so many stores to sell these extension products, not digest channels, naturally also in stock. In addition,bed sets

    the extension products to how they are combined, how positioning (style, series, price, etc.), choose what kind of foreign co-unit is to adopt "a la carte" strategy, the East pick a few styles, West arrested several styles, make up a hodgepodge dish, or take "guerrilla" tactics, shot for a place to play, cooperative factories unstable, with little regular supplier partners. These problems are fatal. Of course, in the beginning, the pace of development if the channel fast enough, it can cover up these unstable points, and once encounter a problem, there will be a big problem. Instability of commodity portfolio worth considering, but according to the characteristics of children's shoes industry, can foresee the future of children's shoes children's products terminal will move to develop the direction of the city, because not a single product has been well supported location, size large store. The third key point is the agent and store inventory management, I think this is a brand operating service system prototype stage, is the most important.bed in a bag sets

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    but sure-footed, dexterous hands. The old society to live cow to help
    Most of the current children's shoes will be a lack of data to support orders, orders will be "manufacturing inventory" and "gambling" game market, the company invested a lot of energy to develop hundreds of new products, customer order can be arrested just like medicine, style less fewer orders, orders not concentrated, with little consideration for their survival following questions stores, the company can not produce suppliers to strive for good prices, good conditions for cooperation and prompt delivery. Orders, additional, stocking, inventory management, etc. Intermodulation all links are still in the boss to "Clap" decision-making status. What to sell, nothing wrong with selling; what the additional, what not to append; spending much, much less chase, won by "feel" and "impression" no scientific. This situation is difficult for him stores that have opened since the dealers who will sell the goods can not keep up, easy to sell the color of another broken code, do not sell the goods can not move on the shelves long. Children's shoes distributors of "disloyalty" will be inevitable. Hence, open stores, all sales carried out on all around the store to shop for profit from the ordering, distribution, replenishment to the inventory management, time rhythm, volume, profit analysis, should face mask to. Although still not keep up with sports brand that mature, comforter sets

    but the first to have this awareness and to action, and explore the development of a sales and service for their operating system, which is absolutely necessary. In short, children's shoes industry trend to open shop is bright and can not be stopped, but every road and details of the needs of enterprises actively explore children's shoes, I believe that soon, children's shoes industry will usher in the brand everywhere, flourishing flourishing situation. early autumn season, the reporter went to Jinjiang River Mayang Miao Autonomous County and the towns and Wan Kam, saw 111 elderly people aged Huang Yinfeng no ears back, eyes but do not flower, does not wear glasses like the insole embroidery crafts. Huangyin Feng was the county's 45 centenarians living in the oldest old. The majority of healthy centenarians birthday present, but also do as much work. Mayang Miao local people live longer and also specifically for this county has a "long life to do" to take care of things that people live longer. The Office official told reporters, before liberation, Mayang backward economy,bed in a bag

    the average life expectancy is only 38 years old. Since the founding of New China, particularly since reform and opening, Mayang Miao substantial increase in rural people's living standards, life expectancy is now up to 75.6 years, average life expectancy in rural areas than the national high-3 year old. In 2007, the Chinese Elderly Association Mayang named "Chinese Longevity." Whether the early morning dawn, dusk or evening, Mayang Plaza, county longevity have gathered a group of singing and dancing for the elderly, constitute a Miao village a beautiful landscape. To old people to create a harmonious living environment, in recent years, the county establish a sound social security system in all of the needy elderly to enjoy the minimum living allowance. County centenarians, each month will receive nutrition and health care costs paid by the Government of each year to enjoy free medical. Meanwhile, the county center for seniors to organize cultural and sports activities elderly, elderly fitness participation in the county 60%. Valley up to the village of Tan Kim Relics Aries to 102 years old this year is old,bed sets

    but sure-footed, dexterous hands. The old society to live cow to help the elderly people living work, talking about life now smiling from ear to ear: "The Government give money every month, cadres have often come to see me, life worked!" "Both To Jinshanyinshan, but also Guanghui. "Mayang in the vigorously developing the economy, efforts to promote the ecological construction, forest cover is now up to 60%. Green mountains, good water, fresh air and pleasant environment where form. "Chinese Longevity" The Committee commended the Mayang Deputy Director Professor Xiao Zhenyu ecological paradise, paradise longevity. In the town of Guanzhuang Cun Jin and the reporter saw the 103-year-old Tang Shuangfeng, old people are playing with the flowers and their own hospital. When asked about her longevity, the old man a good mood and say: how can there be any longevity, have food and clothing, child Sun Xiaoshun, leisure to paint some pictures, sing a few lantern show, this life's liking, not miles more than survive for days against my day! At present, bed in a bag sets

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