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Monday, February 13th, 2012

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    This custom has been followed to the Ming and Qing dynasties
    "Xiaotao said. Xiaotao also told reporters that in addition to cross-stitch, the knit the scarf is his own paints. Hillsborough, 21, is also very keen to cross stitch, cross stitch embroidery, he said the time had just started really attracted many students, especially female students to gather around, we all wonder why boys like embroidery stitch, and technology also so good, but that she resisted the pressure of public opinion, and gradually accepted by the students recognized. Greenwood also told reporters that "people can exercise stitch embroidery Mind, cross stitch embroidery since the beginning, I temper a lot better than before, and like me, like embroidery stitch of male students there are a lot."comforter sets

    lotus feet, is worn by ancient women old people "bow shoes," the call, also known as "embroidered shoes", it is both ancient woman bound by the feudal ethical code, the persecution of the witness, but it is also their ingenuity and wisdom of reflected in our long history of various works of art, the embroidery is a wonderful work which, it contains a wealth of folk culture, won the collectors of all ages. The three inch golden lotus is one of a class, even though it's vulgar, but in its reflected on the folk, as well as the implication of its culture, is more extensive than some of collectibles and more profound. Lotus feet of the origin of the lotus feet is worn by ancient women old people "bow shoes," the call, also known as "embroidered shoes", it is both ancient woman bound by the feudal ethical code,bed in a bag

    the persecution of the witness, at the same time is their ingenuity and the embodiment of wisdom. Since the Zhou Dynasty of China to implement "deep clothing system" (lower part refers to the jacket, shirt and apron, will link up) and the Warring States period, as a style setting down, shoes and socks to become an integral part of daily life costumes. In ancient China, shoes, also known as "shoe", "sandals" or "shoe." After the interpretation of the various dynasties, it gradually evolved into a bow shoes set all kinds of embroidery as one of the three inch golden lotus. As for the lotus feet of the origin, has always been two different ways. One that foot binding began the custom of King Zhou of Shang Princess Daji; the other is derived from the Five Dynasties Later Tang Dynasty. It was reported that Li Yu is like the main Later Tang Dynasty palace subterranean mother, day, and her pleasure in the palace. bed sets

    Subterranean Niang Li Yu's favor in order to win in the singing and dancing, actually ingenuity to stand six feet high, the shape of lotus lotus on gold. At the same time to show his exquisite feet fiber beauty, but also with a cloth tightly wrapped around the legs to split step dancing pose exhibition, the Li Yu amused reluctant to leave. Since then, opened a women's foot binding precedent, the world followed suit, "feet" in the word began to spread to the folk. There is much more vigorous foot-binding of the Ming and Qing historical records, in a feudal society, women generally from four or five foot binding started to have the basic shape of six or seven years old. The rich people choose an auspicious day for his daughter is very particular about foot binding, then, also "cooked glutinous rice and beans for the group, worship stove, that the sticky group." Cooked glutinous rice is said to make the tibial soft. bed in a bag sets

    This custom has been followed to the Ming and Qing dynasties, women were much more vigorous style of foot-binding, and even fashion a "thin, small, sharp, curved, fragrant, soft, positive" and seven standards. Foot binding has become a social status, high or low levels of important criteria. It was only after the Revolution, this bad habit gradually be abolished. To the 20th century, 40 years, in addition to China's northwest, southwest ethnic minority areas, the humorist Lin Yutang was known as "the most exquisite Chinese creative imagination of the senses," the lotus feet, has been rare. Lotus feet have become a historical treasure of folk cultural heritage. Folk Culture Arts and exquisite embroidery rich lotus feet, exquisite ornamentation, culture rich in content, but mostly folk traditional auspicious patterns on both side of inheritance, there are embroidered unique understanding of themselves but to do the side and therefore is world of arts and crafts rare treasures. In terms of its embroidery, designer comforters

    glory is coming to a new solid foundation
    comforter sets

    a plain stitch, needle chaos, but also the actual situation needles, more use of several cross-stitch. While the upper, upper decoration pattern on pattern, with seasonal flowers, and birds in landscapes, but some fit young woman, while others are suitable for older women. Former, such as squirrels and upper embroidered grapes, mostly worn by young women, with "Songzi again and again", "more children, more happiness" means. Such as the embroidered bats, coins and spiders, which means "Auspiciousness from the Heaven"; embroidered with peony flowers, meaning with "wealth and status." In addition, bats Shou meaning "good fortune", Ruyi (Ganoderma lucidum) on behalf of "roses", "good luck", meaning squirrel with "happy to send Takako", meaning catfish with "annual surplus," and so on. In addition, bed in a bag

    from the young girls to older women, each phase also have different customs. For example, the young woman with red cloth shoes sedan chair, uppers embroidered with any logo does not, only single line outline, is called "bon voyage", "safe and sound." If a pair of mandarin ducks embroidered black uppers, analogy between the sexes, "unwavering love" and "happy marriage", as well as between husband and wife "inseparable", "life together." If the pattern is the lotus, lotus, Chun Tao, also embroidered on the upper red "shou" character, meaning "happiness and longevity", mostly worn by older women. Neither shoe shoes if one appears on the stack together with the other men's words, represents the love between men and women will "from morning till evening, never separated," Almost all women can wear, to pray for happiness. Little lotus feet are rich in folk culture, its profound meaning for our study. But people in the collection and appreciation, but also not difficult to both work from a sophisticated, exquisite embroidery arts, meaning the rich lotus feet, and learned that different parts of China's feudal society, the folk culture.bed sets

    bed in a bag sets

    "Launching the project will help to wash , dyeing and finishing industry clean production technology. This will not only reduce operating costs, but also make the production process more environmentally friendly. "Bangladesh export garment washing industry, Chamber of Commerce ShafiqurRahman said. South Asia Enterprise Development Agency project manager MrinalSircar that the clothing industry, sustainable development of Bangladesh to ensure sustained economic growth is essential. Smooth progress of the project, in addition to showing the garment industry in Bangladesh chain forward to the green efforts, but also will enhance its competitive advantage on world markets."double-sided embroidery" is the Suzhou embroidery in the unique skills, that is the master of embroidery silk embroidered in a thin wonderful patterns out of different sides. Now, in the pursuit of economic transformation, intelligent people to have the traditional advantage of Suzhou, manufacturing and emerging as a modern service industry development "double-sided embroidery" to "fine operation", demonstrates the development of intellectual transcendence . Traditional manufacturing industries: "We can no longer live" Manufacturing is the backbone of Suzhou, Wuxi and the last to win glory,designer comforters

    glory is coming to a new solid foundation. Suzhou is only one place last year, industrial output on more than two trillion yuan, the contribution of industry to GDP ratio above 60%. Looking Suzhou, Wuxi, manufacturing is still an economic mainstay. Renowned economist Li Yining that to support the manufacturing sector, especially labor-intensive enterprises, because the current task is to take jobs that some enterprises. Not only that. A crisis, the traditional manufacturing industry to achieve capital growth or Suzhou, the "main force." Challenge of crisis, Suzhou that "push, care, protection, promotion, Yang" development "Five tactic", where "trust" is an early care has been the revitalization of competitive industries, namely electronic information, machinery equipment, metallurgy, textile ,

    light industry, petrochemical six industries are manufacturing, the size of all surpassed 100 billion yuan, of which electronic information industry reached 640 billion yuan in sales last year, a large scale. Manufacturing can not lose. Kunshan City Party Committee Secretary Zhang Guohua that the advanced manufacturing and modern services do not throw away what the first line. Engaged in the service industry is to upgrade and boost the advanced manufacturing industry is restructuring and upgrading, both to flourish, convergence can not be neglected. The reporters found that the consensus of Suzhou, Wuxi and action is up the city by the manufacturing industry to service the City. "But the industry can no longer live like this!"

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