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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

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    the world's cultural arts promotion on a position of authority
    a child, the mother nurtured like paper cutting and embroidery. Keepers of the year 2000 from the factory job after retirement, restless, she took scissors and started to do some paper-cut works. By chance, a very like her flying paper-cut works of foreign tourists said she's flying extremely beautiful paper cutting, paper cutting is easy to damage a pity, is not easy to save. Ding Yonglian thus inspired, why not embroidery easier to save this traditional art form to express Feitian it? So she took up sewing, embroidery career start. 2001 Beijing won the bid to Dingyong Lian excited. Excitement and pride aside, Ding Yonglian initiation of an idea that is flying embroidery, gift Beijing Olympics. "Dunhuang mural is not only China and the world's art treasures, the main thing is that it reflects the people's truth,comforter sets

    goodness and beauty, to pursue. I wanted to wish the Olympic Games in Dunhuang murals." Dingyong Lian said. After six years, she did not spare the mall will be a friend, a needle, thread of wire, a piece of cloth, a pair of scissors and a pair of glasses have become her best friend. Occasionally take a trip around bookstores, but also to find the books and the Dunhuang frescoes, for their embroidery creation for inspiration. "Inspired by the moment, but the creative process is difficult." Embroidered Ding Lin said. In the embroidery process, she carefully refined design, with colors carefully, works every look, every detail she will not be ignored. Such as "diffusing" the painting, fairy Piaoye's dress, flying posture, are highly dynamic. She says that a Buddha or a flying map, at least two or three months to complete. For Dingyong Lian, being needle grind the old skin, the joints were fine thimble Le,bed in a bag

    bloodshot eyes, there are many embroidery another demolished and then embroidered the flying murals bear witness to the difficult process of her embroidery . "Face cloth" six years, the Ding Yonglian have to create a full 208 fresco embroidery work, and she created specifically for the Beijing Olympics is eight works of originality, ingenious. Dingyong Lian said that her writing is full of happy flying image of the Beijing Olympic Games is to bless our success. Not long ago, Ding Yonglian works with her embroidery came a trip to Beijing, she works back to flying in the back, gone through many parts of Beijing, she's flying back, "Xiu Hua" by foreign passers Gee praise. When asked about the Ding Yonglian doing this others seem a bit "unusual" move when the time did not feel embarrassed, Ding Yonglian frankly: I did not think, is to let more Chinese and foreigners understand, appreciate Excellent culture and Chinese traditional culture in Gansu.bed sets

    the actual situation of China Suzhou embroidery, crewel embroidery art of beautiful glossy shine in Italy, recently, at the 52nd Venice Biennale, the actual situation by the city famous Suzhou embroidery crewel embroidery master transmission Meigui Ying Ren Huixian embroidered Italian sketch glory Exhibitors and widely loved, it is learned, the Biennial's curators will again come to the Soviet Union, to Suzhou embroidery in the world culture and arts to further high-end flash light. By the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian cultural and artistic center sponsored by the Venice Biennale,bed in a bag sets

    the world's cultural arts promotion on a position of authority. Last year, the curatorial side of Chinese culture and art cities after the site visits, and any Huixian city master the art of embroidery studio and master the art of embroidery Ren Huixian Development Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation, decided to use the art of Suzhou embroidery, crewel embroidery actual situation , embroidered Italian artists character sketch Nepal. Italy Nigeria known as the "Leonardo da Vinci still alive," designer comforters

    The picture shows the women were doing yesterday
    your great idea for everyone to see the bright prospects of textile and garment industry in Shantou. Shen Hua: the original 14, vice president of Chamber of Commerce unanimously elected me for, I think, their courage to do things before you get recognition. After taking office I proposed to build the overall brand textile and apparel Shantou three goals should be. First, in Shantou to establish an international procurement center sweater, brand clothing for Shantou, a processing zone, also similar to the apparel industrial park, will be yarns of different colors, dyeing, processing, production chain link completely good. In fact, these ideas is the "Wenzhou model" and "Big Long Mode"comforter sets

    combination and promotion. Third, if the successful completion of the first two ideas, on the establishment of a "blank Street", because the enterprises in Shantou to do a lot of wool, and then form a security company for our members to provide corporate finance and security. These three objectives are for the good development of textile and apparel industry Shantou into account. In fact, play this level, but also to expand my contact surface, greatly improve ideological and I will continue Shantou textile and garment industry associations and regional efforts to increase intangible assets. bed in a bag

    To celebrate the party's 86 birthday, Shenzhen Chopin Piano Arts Centre last night held a "red flag embroidered" concert to the piano, violin, flute, saxophone playing and dance and other artistic forms, interpretation of the "hope the Red Army" "guerrilla song," "Red Detachment of Women," "embroidered red" and red classic dance works by revolutionary history and Chinese and foreign songs. To attend the concert performers were students of Chopin Piano Art Center, where 12 year-old Zhang Tianyang known as Shenzhen piano Future Star, has won several national piano competitions in Asia and even the gold medal. Yesterday, Wuxi Folk Art Museum Master Studio, just from Beijing to participate in development of China's non-material cultural heritage project back to the tin tin embroidery craftsmen Zhao Hongyu, is guiding students to embroidery. Intangible cultural heritage in Beijing, China special show, Zhao Hongyu Wuxi tin embroidery is selected the sole representative of her consummate skill, conquered many come to watch the show. bed sets

    The picture shows the women were doing yesterday, finishing up sewing. Yesterday, a hand-woven by the 2008 giant flowers, sewing together the "China and India" show in front of people. This is the front door off the street consisting of handicraft workers to commemorate the International Olympic Day in particular working towards, and they spent 70 days in each stitch sewing a length of 3.4 meters, 1.8 meters wide, "China and India." "Thousand-hand Bodhisattva" "playing the guitar Flying" "diffusing" ... ... a home into Dingyong Lian, reporters immediately was on the wall fresco depicting beautiful flying attracted by the theme of embroidery work, This Dunhuang murals depicting classic images, interpreted by Ding Yonglian of each stitch to life. "2008 Beijing Olympic Games is coming, my biggest wish is to contribute to the Olympic Games, Flying embroidery work, the whole world to know Gansu, culture and understanding of Chinese culture." Years may wrinkle the Dingyong Lian told reporters. Ding Yonglian native of Shaanxi, bed in a bag sets

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