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Monday, January 9th, 2012

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    held at the China Art Expo Garden
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    in the world. The teaching process closely on the theory and practice, highlight the "experiential education", "Case Teaching" and other international, diversified teaching. The "marriage", the Aokang University and Beijing Normal University teacher franchise, curriculum and other aspects of teaching resources will be fully shared, joint research and development program to integrate theory with practice-oriented training system to master more concessions management theory, with an international outlook and a strong franchising practice, a complex spirit, application type, export-oriented talents, bed in a bag

    achieve mutual benefit and win-win. National shoe chain business model of the initiator, Aokang Group President Wang Zhentao Commenting on this partnership, said the reason and the Beijing Normal University College of Arts and franchising, because we wanted to make full use of its resources and advantages, so that chain Talents into a new period of systematic training, to achieve chain talent "study" and "use" the perfect combination. According to expert analysis, chain management is to expand the market impact of consumer goods and sales of successful models, the terminal management is a successful model, bed sets

    but the standard chain management deficiency and shortage of talent is now restricted numerous franchise's rapid development. The Aokang University and Beijing Normal University College of cooperation franchise, chain industry in China will promote the development of an important role. Wang Zhentao said that with the Aokang Group, the rapid development in recent years, more and feel the pressure of personnel bottlenecks. In order to maximize the training of talents for their own culture, to energize the sustainable development of enterprises, Aokang Group established on the basis of instructors, decided to establish a corporate university. Wang Zhentao said Aokang Group established its own corporate university is to train more of the "champion" people, then let these "champions"bed in a bag sets

    talent and then train with a more "champions" talent! Although the University is a corporate university Aokang the late arrivals, but we want to build Aokang University University of Asia's premier business and talent base. "And the other companies is that different universities, we are not only learning the system first, while also likened the university to fight the forefront of enterprise transformation. By having students first master the change of information and methods, on the one hand for the future the implementation of change and lay a solid foundation, it can also encourage enterprises to enable them to become a positive force for change. "Jiang Xinghua said so. Source: China Apparel Networkdesigner comforters

    Recently, the China Arts and Crafts Industry Expo Park, the town of social undertakings Xuejia comprehensive service stations, Arts and Crafts Association, Changzhou City, Changzhou City, Arts and Crafts Institute, and Xu Bing made sculptures carved Institute of Arts jointly organized crewel embroidery, bamboo stay Chinese Art in the Garden of course carved at the opening ceremony, a total of more than 100 students enrolled. August 1 last year, the new base for the North Heroine business practices listed first crewel embroidery cum training held at the China Art Expo Garden,

    franchise area "Whampoa Military Academy"
    comforter sets

    all used to grow corn, in the year received two extremely heavy, the local corn is about a dollar a pound, corn all sold only more than 2000 yuan, one simply can not protect people's lives. Lu Yi Ze in a carpenter 30 years, with good hand skills. He thought of the Qiang people are like in the new custom home, hang up the pieces of embroidery, it figured to start the mounting process Qiang embroidery. These days, Guangzhou, housing reconstruction and resettlement of the villages have completed, Qiang embroidery decorative works of art "Luoyangzhigui." Lu Yi Ze is too busy to plan with their own shopbed in a bag

    Contents: December 16 Aokang University and Beijing Normal University franchising Aokang strategic cooperation signing ceremony that the University of the third anniversary of founding anniversary, Chin headquarters in Aokang Group was held earlier at the Leadership Institute of the University are Aokang an EMBA class graduation ceremony. Aokang University is Aokang Group invested 10 million effort to build China's shoe industry's first corporate university without walls, on January 15, 2007 formally established. The university has four faculties: Leadership Institute, College of chain stores, marketing, and manufacturing Technology Institute, bed sets

    a senior lecturer within the past 80, more than 100 external from Beijing University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, UK University of Glasgow and other domestic and foreign institutions of higher education professors and some related industries in the field of combat specialists. Committed to developing high-level management personnel, chain stores, elite, marketing personnel, technicians and production personnel reserve cadres. After nearly three years of education and training,bed in a bag sets

    the first batch of more than 50 Aokang University EMBA students have graduated. It is understood that the first batch of students in the senior management of the main cadres of the company, "They have a wealth of actual management experience, coupled with the University Aokang improve management theory, the first EMBA students will enjoy their management posts and, in the Aokang sustained and healthy development into new energy. "Aokang university official said. It is understood that business school is not new, the implementation of President Jiang Xinghua University Aokang told reporters,designer comforters

    Aokang University and the University Unlike other companies, in addition to school themselves, will also work with world-renowned education and training institutions to work together, an enterprise and the domestic industry and export base for personnel training. On the day of the Chinese footwear industry's first corporate university Aokang University College affiliated chain stores and franchise in Asia to carry out the first institution of higher education in Beijing Normal University to achieve long-term franchise strategic cooperation, and began to explore the domestic chain management training Talent road. It is reported that, as currently the only one to franchise the professional undergraduate-level education institution, Beijing Normal University has a franchise franchise area "Whampoa Military Academy"

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