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    Monday, March 7th, 2005
    11:36 pm
    Well, I'm officially grounded for the first time in my life.. Not really grounded persay, I'm just not allowed to go out this weekend again.. Kinda sucks cause I was planning on doing something with Jon, Nicole, and LB again.. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

    Aww, AJ is sooo cute! He asked me to the prom.. Unfortunately I can't go with him cause my dad won't like it.. But I like Jon too much to go with him as anything more than friends anyway!

    Jon and I had our first official "date" Friday night. We went with Nicole, LB, Allen, and Shannon to see "Are We There Yet?" and then to the Waffle House! It was fun! He kissed me when we got back to Nicole's house. Cause unlike them, I have a curfew of 2:00 am when I'm coming home and not staying with her!
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