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    Monday, September 29th, 2003
    9:31 pm
    first entry.........
    First off i know that Beautifully***** is spelt wrong but the other L wouldnt fit. So im not a dumb ass i know how to spell lol... most of the time anyways...

    Lets see where should i start... Todays monday.... nothing good happend besides my dance class....

    so lets go over the weekend....

    Friday- Dinner with the boys and the party at my turned out pretty well... got to get tipsy with some people i usually dont hang out with and i had a really good time :)

    Saturday- I went to my 5-hour with Richard... one of the coolest kids i know.. we had a good time lol.. we got a bunch of breaks were he smoked and we bullshitted... for some reason i had a crave to smoke too.. but didnt. after we went to gibbys for lunch which was good.....after that i had kevin over... it was a really good night... we almost had sex on my couch..... no condom.. i dont think he thought of that thou... seeing how he tried to again when he was leaving... instead i just gave him head..

    Sunday- had to go to church and again had kevin over

    i had a weird vibe from all my friends today... almost liek they were pissed off.. idk... :-\


    Current Mood: cold
    Current Music: beatles- let it be