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your eyes drift from me to the floor....... [09 Nov 2003|08:42pm]
Today.. I got up early in the morning and we took the girls home.. yrp it was so sad!
then I had to work at the lions game for a soccer fundraiser!! YEs I got to work the register!!! It was actually somewhat fun.. even though I was dreading it... that's about it for now!
between the gunshot and the hole it makes

Good Times.. Good Times [09 Nov 2003|09:05pm]
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[ music | saves the day - sell my clothes, I'm off to Heaven ]

Kendra went home halfway through the day and me and Veronica.. just hung out and chilled for the rest of the day we talked and listened to music and stuff like that
When my mom came home we made plans to go to the mall.. we called janell and she and me and veronica went together.. Ally couldn't go.. i called her.. and we didn't think we were going to go at all until 10 minutes before we actually.. so sometime soon , me Ally Janell and Vikki will possibly go...We were at the mall while all everyone else was at my brother's hockey game.
We had so much fun though.. We went to Hot Topic first.. and we got some buttons!! Yes.. buttons!!! That was cool. and i wasn't sure whether or not my mom would let me get this dress and sweater instead of a hoodie.. so we resolved to come back when my mom met us in the food court before we would leave.. and then teh most awesome thing happened.. ha ha A clown gave us balloons!!! Yes he was the coolest kid ever and i told him so..
Then we went into Marshall Fields and they had this huge thing.. like those things when you were kids and it had those metal posts and you touch them with your hand and it leaves an imprint.. well they had one that was taller then janell so we pushed them all to one side and janell ran into it.. It was so awesome!! then her head didn't make an imprint.. so i stuck mine on it .. It looked so cool!!!
Then we went to Target and got a disposable camera!!!! So we took pictures in the mall.. on their kiddie rides I went in the little school bus.. it was so funny.. My butt got stuck between the stearing wheel and the seat!! ha ha janell had to help me out and i was yelling "I'm Stuck!" help me ha ha.. woo it was so great.. Then we went into K.B toys and took pictures with their merchandise!! ha ha carebears and lacy umbrellas.. Janell tooka picture of me and Veronica on a hammock chair!! Then we went to Hot Topic again.. and my mom came to get us there early.. I got the dress and a sweater and a shirt Yay!!! ha ha it was so cool.. Then we basically went home..
They both slept over and I stayed up way later than i was supposed to.. we were al talking with my mom.. and we were laughing at my Sean Connery impression again!! Oh and I suck heliom and did funny voices.. the best thing to say when on helium is "Ahh my shoelaces are caught in the escalator!!!" Try it sometime!! seriously

2 have freezed the frame between the gunshot and the hole it makes

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