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help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

[12 Jul 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

haha this is weird. i just felt like updating blurty cause i'm bored.. i'm so used to xang xang.. but yoo sup everyone sup sup sup. summer's going great!!!! heeeeh okay bye

[1] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

[10 Jun 2004|06:51pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | someway ]

guyss.. i'm taking a break. as you can tell i haven't been updating. i mean i love you all, uhh if anyone actually reads this at all. i have a xanga now, i'll eventually be back here i think!! coley_olie .. that's mine. bye for now!

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

i figured it was time to update [05 Jun 2004|11:12am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

hey there. the past week of school has been the usual. i didn't have finals at all this week cause we didn't have one for history or french. but i got back my history test 74/100 what the hell is that. i studied for like 3 hours. anyway, in olympics for gym our team is in last. go green? friday we didn't have school, so thursday i um i um i um oh yeah i had amanda over around 730, then lar came over around 9. she slept over, amanda couldn't. we had fun, the next morning we woke up around 12 then my mother took her home around 230. we picked up santi and took him to chris's where we finished our french project finally. um, colin was supposed to be in the group, but doesn't have time for us so he will get a bad grade. oh well. it's like short by 20 seconds, but whooo cares. i came home around 530 after picking up film. we had dinner, and then i hu ng out with my brother and kevin b all night .. we watched BASEketball. ha ha ha good movie. tonight is kevin's brothers graduation party. it's at the firehouse. thats what i'm doing, but during the day i have no idea, i guesss i'll start studying for english final on monday and tuesday and i'll do all my homework! yes! bye

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

happy late.. memorial day!! [01 Jun 2004|04:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | 95.7 ]

from sunday!! lar had nothing to do.. ha.. loser.. so i invited her to come to our neighbor's little graduation partay. lol it was terrible. there were hot highschool guys there and they're all like 'dayumm'.. yea uh.. we met some kid named 'will'. will is homeschooled.. he's never talked to girls before, and he wears dragon chinese shirts lol and he called us pretty and got us whatever we wanted. we made the party fun.. ehh.. so then we left cause it got boring and the little kids were being bitches, and we just hung around. wobby-o came over around 630 and we had a bunch of fun with him.. lol he's such a pretty girl, and his sexy mohawk lauren created for him.. haaa erica my neighbor took us up to ritas ehms and we just played games and stuff. wob left at like 9. well that night we rented texas chainsaw massacre, i've realized everytime we hang out we watch a movie. but anyway, i didn't wike that movie. hoe already saw it so she was all noo i'm not watching it. the next morning we woke up from the doorbell hah it was like 1130 and her mom had come to pick her uppp to go shoppy woppying so i didn't get to hang out with her monday morning before she left. i had weird dreams that night.. they involved me on a bus and a tornado in maryland, eh, weird? then beth invited me to the mall. WITH kevin and matty d. so it was us 4, and it rained. hah we went from 1-330 and it was goood i only had $5 though. we went in the love sac lol whatever the hell that is.. beth.. i got home around 4 and the french group (minus colin) came over. AH GODDDDDD they're terrible group members, uh no offense, but i mean come on a bunch of boys and me? it's not working. i know the best grade we will get is a 70, since those hoes don't know their lines and that's all i have to say about them.. soo obviously yesterday we had off for memorial day. ehm today in school like half the eight grade was missing because algebra 1 and honors got to go on a fieldtrip to hershey park .. psh.. which is gaaaaaay. in math mr merscher gave me a ribbon it says i can count to 10 he's such a bitch.. gah i can count to 11... oh and in health we had some guy from the police agency talk to us about drugs and asked if we got high and stuff.. drugs are bad! we had clubs too, i went to the nurse i was bored. UH so i came home and we went to hollywood tans for the second time, god by the 3rd time results better start to shooow or i'll get mad. long update, bye!

[2] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

[31 May 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

er i have to update about my weekend. i don't have time - do it tomorrow.. later

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

sexuaaaaal [29 May 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | cute without the e ]

yo yo yo friday night i was going to go to the movies - but couldn't. the grandparents wanted us to go out to dinner with them and i got home around 9. i went over laurens then. slept over and we went to merrymead.. and were.. rebelious lol?? ..stiff behind the counter. haha oo beautifu_ ha_ging baskets.. well anyway hah so we got back and watched radio.. based on a true story it said! we fell asleep kind of early tho in the middle of the night. ehmm and when we woke up around 1030 her sister and mommay were going to her sisters wittle bday party!! big 10 year old.. lol i remember when i was 10, not. uuh we went on a walk and den the layed on the tramp..hahah tramps on the tramp. ahh so anyway we talked about all dis shit and it was good!! right hoe!! and uhmms then we came in and went on da comp.. i left around 4:12, and 31 seconds to be exact..? yo i know im weird. col picked me up i came home and was going to do shit but then went to collegeville pitstop with manda.. lol it was fun.. hah she lost, you suck amanda!! joking, and yea my little neighbor evan was there hah and uhms she came back to my house and we did shit but yea now i'm tired. oh when we dropped her off i saw her dress!! its prettay. tomorrow i have a graduation partay for a neighbor -- that i must go to. at 2 oclock. our french group has been putting off this stupid project.. ah.. bye

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

my day [28 May 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | radiooo ]

ellooo guys! last night i hung out with michael, greg, and rich. they came swimming and played basketball - the usual. so then i was tired, i showered. then umm i just got online all night. went to bed around 12. this morning mother and me went out to lunch at chic-fil-a.. i got nuggets.. mmm lol love dem nuggets. uhh so anyway then we went to the mall. i got!!! a bellybutton ring, earrings and a necklace for the dance, 3 tshirts, 2 tanktops, 2 pairs of shorts, and 1 pair of capris. we were there from like 1230-430.. yeaah hah and i kind of felt bad for my mommy cause her foot is still injured. hmm so afterwards around 5ish we got to hollywood tans and got this whole little package thing and i have 4 more times left to go and a tan really shows after 3 or something? i hope this shit works. the booth was weird. it was uhh.. hot. yea that wasn't expected? umms now i'm home. i just showered and tonight i'm going to see raising helen with manders and kels g! update later

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

blarahdfiung [27 May 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i studied allll night. even though i'm such a procrastinator from like 4-7 i was finding other things to do besides study, such as.. shower, clean my room, ahh etc you know what i mean. so studying was going well with history then i fell asleep around 9 after we'd had dinner.. i woke up at 1030 and fell alseep again, which was bad. i set the alarm for 6 this morning and got up at 630 i studied a little. it's all humid out, i don't like it. first period science test was gay. i didn't have time to be studying for that.. ah bla i hope i did fine. history then. you know, it was our first test all year that was multiple choice and stuff. the rest were all fill in the blanks and yah. we had math, english, and french tests also. soo theres nothing else to talk about.. besides inn gym for olympics we played soccer. ha green team sucked, thats my team. ehmms so no school tomorrow - im going to hollywood tans you know to 'tan up' for the dinna dance ha uh? and then going to the mall for a new bellybutton ring. i might do something tonight, but who knows. goodbye

edit - i took a few quizes. i got tres bored

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that was long. i won't torture you with anymore, but i'm still bored

[2] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

isnt it weird [26 May 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

today was cold and rainy. i only like the rain when it's warm, which it wasn't. i dont feel good at all. i haven't all day, somethings going on and i dunno what. today in health we learned about some freaky shit. all these diseases.. some you can catch from kissing? well, whatever. periods were switched around bc in the morning we had a band assembly. that was tiring. in fcs we are missing 3 days with the preschool kids, which sucks. they can be fun.. and cute.. sometimes. today bc periods were messed up, friday we don't have school and same with monday. that's when they come for preschool. i found out my cousin had a miscarriage. i was excited for her new baby. it's pretty sad. well that ruined my day. sometimes i don't know why i have these feelings, but i just get ones of lonliness and sadness. maybe its just because i'm a teenager and that's what happens but whatever. i hate this stupid blurty sometimes too. i feel like i just can't say things because people would get gay about it.. ahh i don't know anymore. off to studying for my now 5 tests, including history, which if i don't do well on i'm screwed. ha, bye.

[1] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

ugh [25 May 2004|05:28pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | razorblades ]

im not remembering much from a few days ago. yesterday i swam a lot though. ha that rhymed. i just had dinner. it was goood. today after school until 4 we had a track meeting. we got our pictures and these notepads we got from fundraising. and mr merscher put together a field trip for the track team. it's on june 9th at markley farms. i say that's his excuse to see a bunch of girls in bathing suits, but who knows maybe he's just being nice. i got yelled at 3 times today for my skirt. i just loved going to mr bontempo's office.. not. ughh we have 4 tests on thursday. two of which i must study for - science and history. my worst subjects. those are the classes i have C's in. bla i don't feel like doing much but i have homework. ta ta

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

im boreed [23 May 2004|03:55pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | the offspring ]

hewwos everyone. yesterday before the 'group-ies' came over [and lauren] i swam a few laps in da pool. she got here around 540 then everyone except chris showed up around 6ish. we were trying to translate the script but it was hard i hate french, damnit. we got almost all it done so next time we will tape.. hopefully we will finish this soon.. they left around 9 and hoe and me went swimming, but it was cold so we went inside. uhmss ate a lottt, watched gothika which was a scary ass movie. i didn't understand the end but that's alright. then it was like 1230 and we ordered win a date with tad hamilton hah lar fell asleep and i watched that movie and went to bed around 230. this morning we woke up at about 1040 den went outside tanned, swam, tanned, swam hah you know and walked up to ritas, came back and tanned, swam. then we came inside cause we were tired of the sun i think? annd uhh painted our nails!! oo yea mine are purple hers are blue? then weee talked about a bunch of shat and now i'm bored. yoo i wanted to go to the mall to get a new bellybutton ring, but my mom's all "no i'm a bitch" she didn't say that but you know. peace!

[2] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

my morning [22 May 2004|03:13pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | nada ]

helllos everyone. last night they didn't get back until 1230- thats the time i went to sleep goddddd meaning i got 6 hours of sleep since i woke up at 630 this morning. we got to the field in lancaster at about 815ish and we had 3 games. ranging from 835-12 i think?? don't worry we lost all 3. those teams were so good but we only had 4 people on each of our audubon teams and we had 2 of them. 3v3 i don't feel like explaining if people don't know what that is.. so it rained in the beginning then it got sooooo god damn hot i definitly got a sunburnnn and its weird cause you know, shinguards and a tshirt and shorts. anyway they had like a mini carnival with a bunch of blow up rides and we went on them. haha there was a moonbounce, a boxing ring thing with those bigass gloves, and one of those things where you attach a bungee cord to you and you try to run and it pulls you back. that gave me a headache but they were reaaaallay fun. i don't feel like updating anymore but uh i think i'm going to go swimming since it's so nice out and then tonight i'm having my french project ...... and lauren.... over ha hope that goes well cause we definitly need to work on this!! i still gotta ask mommay about it soon cause she's napping. ry has lax at 4. o and i got home from soccer at like 230 -- we were gone for 8 hours. holy shit

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

uhhh i'm tired out [21 May 2004|11:49pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | tv's on - ry's alseep on the couch.. aww ]

oh god tonight was crazy. amanda got here around 430 when i was still showering. we just hung out then the children came around 530. we ate pizza. i was so god damn hungry!! then we went swimming. lol sam [the little 2 year old baby] didnt have a suit so his mom told me he would swim naked. he didn't go in the water cause it was too cold, although it's 72 degrees so he was walking around the pool naked. hahahh then he peed on the cement. you know, just stood there and started peeing. lol he did it twice. oh geeeez. anywho.. then we went for a stroll- after the whole swimming thing. this stroll was fun we saw wob! he was in the car with his mom. then we saw a lot of hot young guys and you know some sexy old men too.. eww not. we came back and hung inside. the baby went to bed around 9 and uhms the children finally went to sleep around 1130. hopefully my parents and theirs will be home around 12 like they'd said i'm so tired and i have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning for a soccer tournament. i don't even get up that early for school!!!!! oo right the party my parents and the childrens' parents went to tonight was like some guys 30th bday. he's related, i forget how. i'm going to go i'm so tired right now.. but i don't think i'm allowed to go to bed yet cause they're not home :( waah

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

i'm hungrrry [21 May 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | sound of im's ]

hah well we did pick up the pictures. they turned out horrible lol in a good way i guess.. besides that hahaa last night i played playstation for the first time in like 2 months cause i was so bored. then i just sat around.. and i dunno i had nothing to do. today people for the valley forge relays got out at 1115 which is bull since stupid hoe merscher decided im not fast enough for them. ahh i wanted to go, but oh well. i painted my nails with pen in french. that was boring too. i didn't even get a bon bon :(. 8th period was good. we had a sub so everyone just sat around and talked and played some games the whole time. when i got home kev and amey were leaving. then they came back and asked me if i wanted to go to the mhs girls lax game. i would've but amandas coming over around 430 to help me babysit. those three cousins of mine.. this should be.. fun. i dunno but it's so humid out maybe i'll go swimming for a little first?? ..bye!!

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

ummms [20 May 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

hey guys. tomorrow's friday thank goddd this week went by so slow. yesterday i got home and was pretty tired so i layed on the couch and watched Grease lol and then Whatever it takes well they were kinda on at the same time and i flipped back in forth. yeah then hoe called and i talked to her for a while. it rained. kev took me up to soccer practice and we got there 5 mins early, no one was there so i was like OKAY we can leave. then we saw people and yeah damnit i had to goooooo.. holy shit it was so humid and god there were only 5 of us and two coaches and we scrimmiged on a small field for the whole hour and some minutes. got a good workout!! haha uhh anyway then i got home and watched laci peterson a documentary on how her and her unborn child were murdered. it was so sad. it made me cry.. then i watched final destination 2 that movie freaked me out the 3RD time i watched it. i'm typing too much. and i watched too much tv yesterday although no one cares. but i mean you don't have to be reading this right? i dunno well uh anyway i went to bed late and got up late. like always. but school was okaaaaaay and tonight i think we're picking up that film we dropped off!! alrightys byebyes guys

[1] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

me is tireed [18 May 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

ellooo. today's only tuesday? i wish it was friday. sunday - stuff happened. god damnit i can't remember. sorry. well yesterday uhh.. yea i have a terrible memory. OH i remember now. mother and me dropped my film off at gary's world of wellness. the film from when hoe was over and yeah i'll be getting that back thursday. then we went up and waited at her little doctors office, like across the street next to the firehouse. it's some new building. but anyway, the wait was forever. and after 30 mins i was like mom take me home.. so she did. and she went back up to get her foot looked at cause they finally called her in. when i got home, i cleaned my room. it needed some serious cleaning. today i will mention my day in school. i haven't done that in a while..
we went over info for our final [speaking of that, in the beginning of june i have a few finals. english, science, and math. luckily it's only three i'm pretty sure.. none in history for some reason, none in french cause i have an A average wahoo and uhh that's all my subjects. yep] then we got to work on homework.. i almost finished, not quite.
was boring. like always. ooh shit i don't remember what happened though..
my group had to make some gross ass taco casserole. it was nasty. i fried the meat, then we added some kidney beans.. yum.. and yeah cooking was gay today.
we went over the tests, which i got a 70/100 on. pretty sure that was the average. then we worked on homework.
got some quizes back, i now have an A in there, and then we finished act one of the diary of anne frank reading that play in class now is a lot better than the usual stuff we do.
we worked in groups - and 'brainstormed' stuff on teen pregnancy. how to raise a child..
wassssss borrrrrring.. i didn't get my quiz back. oops ahh and i did my homework in class.
8th period
in the middle of it we went to the auditorium - the whole 8th grade, and we had people from the highschool talk about student congress.. hahaa thats not for me.

i got home and mother ryan and myself went to kevin's lax game. it was alumni or something like that.. there i saw miss erica boegly!! who i haven't seen since last year when she went off to college. she's my neighbor if anyone was wondering. then they took me home and i hung out by the pool and talked on the phone. alright i've got some homework to do. peaaace out!

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

ahhhh [16 May 2004|12:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | brothers playing ps2 ]

i'm so boreddd. yesterday after i got back from lauren's, mike me evan and my bro went swimming and then kev amey and me went to tommy's hotshop for dinner. i got back and mike was still here with ry, and kev then went out. we rented cheaper by the dozen which was kind of gay, but okaaay i guess. then kev brought 3 of his guy friends to sleepover and the parents got home from some neighborhood party around 12. uhhhhhms we watched jackass the movie and then i went to bed. today i have nothing to do. i was hoping the french group could come over or something, but they can't. my groups sucks. heh no offense :) and so maybe i'll go do homework, bc it's not even that nice today. alrighttys bye

[1] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

fun weeekend [15 May 2004|04:30pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | y100 ]

yoo guys. yesterday the usual.. uh.. boys came over and just hung out. mike gus rich andrew. then i made them leave cause they were being annoying.. no offense guys. well so then lar and me made plans to go mini golfing [we finalized them atleast] and got to freddy hill around 8 where we met with chris and matt! hahha it was a lot of fun. hey mini golfing, try it some time. then we went in the batting cages and got icecream!! ha i swear i won in mini golf but whatevaaaaa.. i went home with lauren and slept ova. then this morning we layed out and 'tanned'.. atleast she did.. until around 2. we went to merrymead too, and saw jared. then we went back to her house and now i'm home!! i need a shower so i'ma do that and yeah i dunno what's going on tonight yet. probably nothing oh wellls bye

help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

yaaay it's friday [14 May 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | im walking on sunshinnnnne oooooh ]

hello friennds. wednesday night i ended up not going to soccer. wahoo. but i heard only like 2 people showed up so i felt kind of bad.. hmm.. and we opened our pool which is sexy.. the water is kind of warm. thursday was a different day and that night i went to kevins last lax game for methacton!! it was such a good game though because hahh the other team was being so violent and shat yeah the game was in phoenixville.. at their highschool. we didn't get home until 9ish cause we had to drop off ry's friend deven he's such a cutie!!! today school was okay actually but a little boring.. cause a lot of people weren't there because they were on their dorney trip for chorus. and at my locker at the end of the day it scratched my arm and it hurts :(. tonight i'm not sure what i'm doing yet but eh i hope i do something. it is really nice out again!! byeeees

[2] help! i need somebody, help! not just anybody

its hot out!!!!!! [12 May 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | hot ]

hey-lo everyone. yesterday for track we met in our coaches room and just 'discussed' things. such as how the next two meets are for certain people. and hey, i'm not in them. so no more track for me yup it's over. it went by a lot slower last year, so uhh this kind of sucks.. but besides that, we talked about sweatsuits and they're copying off of the lacross colors - black, green, white, but oh well we like them. ehh so i got home around 4 and mrs bomgardner made us dinner because of my mom's surgery. isn't that niccce.. thankyou to her. then we went to wyan's lax game at tred-east and they lost 4-8 i watched the game this time!! it was a good game. after that we got home around 8 and i did my homework, showered, then watched the season finale of one tree hill and it was kind of shitty. maybe that's my opinion.

today school was alright. the only exciting things were in cooking we made a bunch of foods, and the apple crisp was yummmmmy!!!!! health we had a test, and clubs today were alright.. i got a lot of homework done, but i still have a lot left. but like i said no more track and yeah tonight i have soccer at 6 or something and i'm going to die since it's 86 degrees out right now!! i think i'll go up to rita's soon. bye guys!


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