07:36pm 18/03/2003
  Ew, just a couple of days ago lizzie was telling me about shin splints. Today I found out I am getting one. Its all so very annoying. I love a sport and I get injured in some sort of way so that I can no longer finish the season. Today they told us not to wear our REBELS warmups since it could be potentially dangerous to advertise that we are american (which we're not!). You know what? I payed for this jacket so its mine, and so is my life so I will wear what I please to risk what I please. Ew: bad grade on chem test. Career Day: snore. They CANCELLED the dance this weekend. Well, I was looking fwd to the bbq but now I'm going with JT, Sofia, Nicky and Anna to LOKOS (sp?) on Friday. Its gonna be a good weekend. Children on the after school bus must learn to SHUT THEIR TRAP or else... ugh. Where was anna today after school? I really freaked out this morning with the whole Iraq Crisis issue and the CNN reporters insisting that soon 'thigs will be so much different' b/c of the imminent possiblity of war. Sometimes ppl need to seriously decide whether to let it slide or take action because I honestly can pretend to be chill anymore with all this growing panic and fear in the world. We live in fear, we live out of fear, we dont live really we just await and fear a certain death, which is no life at all to live. No track tmrw. Bless it!
Quote of the day: "L'amour peut tout casser, mais l'amitie peut tout reparer." -Olivier (FR)