eat steel bitch!!!   
01:48am 30/06/2003
mood: awake
music: Spin Doctors - Jimmy Olsen Blues
Yes, I found out finally how much i'll be making on salary pay at my job... Farily pleased cause it's more than i thought lol. Cool with me lol... I've been doing the motherload of crap for the store when i'm not there, like stuff to build business, cause that's a big prob there lol.... they are way off on from their sales plan lol... I give it 2 months of hardkore work and it will be back to plan.... maybe even a bit over if we're lucky lol... After i takle that shit it's tim to work on more scheduling shit... that's a major thing that pisses me off lol... haha... ok well i gotta be at work at 8am so i'm off of here... LATE