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[14 Feb 2003|06:00pm]
i'm back! not that i was ever gone but it's been so long...
valentines day is ick. it's 6pm and i have nothing to show for my day. i snuck in chuck's room at 3am and put flowers and a bag of goodies by his bed. *waits for some reaction* nothing- yet.

tomorrow is the highschool's snowdaze dance. i miss highschool just for that reason. never again will i be able to dress up in an old wedding dress and go crazy piling on makeup and hairspray with my girlfriends. :(
i'm doing a few girl's hair for the event- tonights my first bidder. loose streaks for every1 :) i think i'd much rather do dreads but can't complain.

now i must go get my tape ready to record the christina aguilera special on 20/20 tonight. she's so incredibly hot i'm going to lose myself.
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[21 Jan 2003|11:17am]
woa- hair fun sunday night :) a few friends, one large pizza, and john travolta films.
these are loose synthetic steaks- pinchbraided in. the photos do no justice, as the colors blend in a lot more with their hair.
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[16 Jan 2003|11:25am]
long time. i worked at 7am this morning- now must work again until 8pm. i'm really tired and the skin on my hands are all dry and cracking because i wash them too much. :( i'm working on some new dreadies- black, pink, blonde- i will probably put in later tonight. i first have to bleach this nasty head and once again kill any life that would happen to be surviving in it. i'm still trying to figure out what school i want to go to exactly- so many choices, so little $.
tania moves out in 1.5 months. i'm going to miss her so much. at least she'll be happy in the sun. california + her dream boi. *smiles*
i don't want anything right now. just time to sit down and start writing again. (it's been so long) and once i again i have nothing to show for days and days of waiting for something to happen.
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[07 Jan 2003|04:00pm]
worked today. i love how i smell after work- coffee beans & bakery. it's four o'clock and i have no idea how i'm going to spend the rest of my day. it is so remarkably beautiful outside. i must savour it.

everything with chuck is 110 times more complicated. my family can't stand him. i feel like i'm always making excuses and defending him. but i'm happy right now. i'm questioning if this is just because i feel safe.
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[04 Jan 2003|01:33am]
got my hair cut yesterday. took out exts, cut 4-5 inches and got a little fringe. :) it's weird having my normal hair. i put in a few pink loose streaks but will add more soon.

chuck hates my hair. it makes me laugh.

bought oranges, broccoli, bread, and orange juice at the store. i need to start eating healthier. i tell myself this everyday. i'm finding indulgence in looking at girl photos in livejournal. this is how i get through my nights.
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[29 Dec 2002|10:41am]
today at 4:00 i'm doing a girl's loose extensions. this wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that her hair is only three inches long (she wants it below her shoulders) and it's brown (while the synthetic hair is burgandy.) quite a challenge for me! ;) we'll see what happens.

anyways, my hair is annoying me so i'm taking the extensions out in a few days then getting it cut. i'll probably put the same extensions back in (as i don't have too much time to make more.) but i did buy some fab bubblegum pink hair that i can't wait to play with!

i'm craving cinnamon toast crunch. time to run to store...
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[22 Dec 2002|01:42am]
annalisa's in the hospital for attempted suicide- (again.) i feel like i'm supposed to tell her something, being there and all. it's just so frustrating to see someone at the point you were at. she is begging for some sort of reaction but they keep handing her pills and release forms.

today we celebrated christmas on my mom's side. nothing special- but everything wonderful. i realized that opening presents loses it's purpose and it tends to revolve more around the idea then the actual gifts themselves. but still- there is something in a child's eyes when the make the first rip that makes me melt. that ancipation- eagerness- wonder. i wish i could go back there.
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[19 Dec 2002|04:26pm]
i haven't been here in awhile. i'm good- i must say. work has been consuming most of my days (pulling two jobs 4 days a week.) i don't know how much longer i'm going to keep up with this. you can find me here if you need me.

christmas shopping and i don't know.
bought a $50 book for chuck. i'm starting to think that wasn't such a good idea. $50 could buy me a whole lotta coffee...
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[12 Dec 2002|11:20pm]
[ mood | listless ]

i don't know what's going on anymore. i feel like my body's shutting down. (why does he do this)

to me?

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[12 Dec 2002|05:08pm]
so normally i don't like to do these quiz things- (and especially post them in my journal)- but it's jones soda and it's my ultimate fav. !
funny how i can't stand grape though...

Grape Jone's {original, spontaneous, unusual, artistic}
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[12 Dec 2002|12:27pm]
i'm skipping my first class. (i'm such an ultra-hip rebel. ;) so i've been sitting around, playing guitar and putting on loads of makeup. it's my last day of advertising and drawing class so i'm pretty psyched. then my last official day is monday. *smiles* then all my little friends come back from school and we can go sledding and drink hot chocolate and go iceskating! can't wait.

so i haven't heard from chuck. i left a note on his car (drew a flower and wrote "i miss you") but no response yet. what the fuck is going on???
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[11 Dec 2002|04:58pm]
new hair pics!

and more- here and here.

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[11 Dec 2002|02:45pm]
day 5 and i keep feeling colder.
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[11 Dec 2002|10:05am]
i'm in the process of completing my report for "color theory." i am doing hair dye concepts because really- it's the only thing i'm semi-interested in as far as theory goes. my neck hurts incredibly bad. so if anyone wants to give me a massage- feel free to do so at any time. ;)

i'm curious as to if this week is going to end for the better- or the worse. i feel like i'm just going through the motions- like everything around me is moving and i'm just kinda stuck/glued to the floor. this is what "not knowing what you want to do the rest of your life" feels like. someone- please tell me something inspiring...
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[10 Dec 2002|10:52pm]
this is the coolest thing ever. i want one (badly)
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[10 Dec 2002|09:23pm]
darling- "what are you waiting for?"

read something more interesting=
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[10 Dec 2002|08:38pm]
$60 bucks gets me a new steamer on ebay! :) so that's my christmas present. yay!
but really, this ebay thing is getting a little out of hand. i've won two auctions in the past week. -is this bad?

my darling melissa wrote me! she is such a doll. i have to send her lots of goodies via snail mail.

4 days- still haven't seen him. i lie- i drove by his house so i could leave a note on his car and guess who was outside ?! i sped really fast by but i think that made it worse (noiseness wise) so he probably saw me. i really miss him. terribly.
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[09 Dec 2002|11:05pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Jack Johnson- Bob Marley/Sublime melody ]

i've been crying for the past three days. i feel so f*cking empty. he hasn't called or stopped by or even made any attempt to contact. this is not what i'm used to. for 7 months we've been seeing eachother just about everyday- now it's like -void-. i feel so lame, like one of those girls i want to shake around and scream, "what the hell are you thinking?!" but i love him- and him being away just makes me love him a whole f*ckin lot more. i don't know what to do. i feel hollow.

on a lighter note- i put in my exts last night. they are frickin' huge! i can't even fit my hands around them to put em in a ponytail! i'll post pics as soon as i steal the digital from the 'rents. i'm scared about my hair falling out again. i just have to be more careful this time. [ugh.]

i think someone's here. maybe...possibly... ???
no- i lie to myself a little everyday.

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[07 Dec 2002|05:48pm]
yesterday chuck and i went out for coffee, hung up christmas lights and pictures in my apartment, then went out with annalisa to downtown. afterwards we came back to my place and watched a movie. everything was fine until everything went wrong.

today was uneventful. it was a day for me to regain myself and spend some "kristi time." went out to eat at kfc where i indulged in chicken strips, mashpotatoes, mac 'n cheese, and a biscuit. = yum. then drove to uptown where i walked aimlessly around and people watched. i bought hair to do annalisa's braid exts. dark purple and burgandy. she is gonna look so hot! i'll post pics. oh yes- i cut anna's hair this morning. layers and such. and i snipped my finger :(

i spent time with myself because i promised i wouldn't spend it with him. i can't do that anymore. he ruins me.
last night was so awful- and it's all i can think about.
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[05 Dec 2002|11:05am]
i'm sitting in class waiting for my professor to arrive. it's an hour after class started and we are expected to wait an hour more. her studio got broken into- so we're stuck (waiting.) i got my lana dreads last night! they are so f*cking gorgeous. a little darker than i wanted but oh well. i'll just be brunette for awhile. brunettes are so much cuter anyways.
one more week of school- i can do this...
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