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Monday, April 14th, 2003
11:18 pm - just because we can.
some little bitch by the name of ryan decided to tell me to "watch my muthafuckin punk ass" last friday. so i went to his table and started yelling at him, and he told me, ME, that he was going to break my nose! hahahaha. i mean come on now. i was going to dump the trash barrel over his head and then drill him in the fucking face, but some fat shit sent me to my dean. so they asked us what happened, long story short, Ryan thought i was talking shit to him online and it wasnt me, of course i know who it was, (well after this all happened) and after we left the deans office, the bitch tried to bribe me in to telling him who said shit to him, fuckin hilarious. alright guy. seriously. i was gonna fight him at the T, but that little fuck isnt worth the ten-day suspension.

Yes my parents are gone for 2 weeks. time for some drugs and loud music. go tausevich.

current mood: blood thirsty
current music: The Nerve Agents - Fall of the all American

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