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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

2:20PM - long time no writy, huh?

Well, I had a very exciting 4 days of my life I'll start with last friday. Waited around to go to Milwaukee with Box and Marge. I thought we had to wait for vinny but nnoooo, he was helping Brandon move in to his new house. It was approximately, 7:30 before we were actually on the road. No big deal, well it wouldn't have been a big deal except for once we got to chilton, a big wall of snow formed that stayed consitently 30 feet in front of my windshield. Then the roads were caked with snow atleast 4 inches after it snowed like that for about half an hour. I didn't go faster than 40 miles an hour, for an hour and a half. The normal time it takes to get to Miltown. Plus it was slippery and there were lots of cars. It was kinda scary. We made it though. at about 10:00.

First we dropped box off at thoobs house, adn then me and marge went over to sprangers house to see dougy J and them guys. What a great time. then we went back to thoobs at like 11:45. I dunno i think it was the stress but i wasn't too in the mood to drink to hard. Me marge and Steph went back to Steph's place and I slept on the futon, but damn, they don't turn their heat above i swear 40 degrees well prolly 55 but, damn. It was cold.

At 11 the next day, me and marge went back to over to thoobs, then piled in my car and Me, Marge, and Thoob, dropped the Box off at the air port and were on our way back home.

That night, me vinny and marge headed over to Bomo's at like 7:30 it was pretty fun, we got Todd (beau's dad) fuckin' wasted. It was sweet. we played chandeleer, and some card games. Then we went and picked up Casey Verbruggen, and Nelly and some other people and went to SnaggleTooth's. That was pretty fun, but the cops came in cuz there was a fight earlier, and me and some people left, but went back cuz the cops didn't do anything to anyone in there. Then me and bray went to brandon's at bar close. there was still a bunch of people, there and then I slept there.

Sunday nothing happened i don't think.

Now last night was fuckin' crazy, Last night being monday night. Me and vinny went over to luke hietpas's which was alright , vinny left at like 8:30 or so. Good call on his part. cuz at like 9:15 the landlord came over and was like i'm gonna call the cops. Now when i heard this i was like bs what ever. then The cops came, at like 9:30. well holy shit. They couldn't get in though unless luke's mom gave them permission, (she was in door county). Well turns out she did, lucky me i was walking up the stairs out of his basement, which is right by the back door. i was gonna bolt out that door, until someones like that's the cops opening the door. shit, Timmy J goes, everyone out the front. Me Timmy, and goostov got out the front and all went different directions. I went to the right. Now when we went out the front door there were two doosh bags sitting there, a chick and a dude, Not cops by the way, just narcs. The chick starts yelling "they're going out the front that way that way. I sit on watermelons and make them dissapear." then her boyfriend yells "you fucker's aren't getting away we have your liscense plates. We know who you are! I'm a watermelon."

Good thing i didn't drive. I crossed the street and went two houses down and went into a random garage. I thought I was in the clear, cuz i was hiding behind a car. in a one car garage. I'm thinking ok these people are home i'll be fine, if i can just sit here for a little bit. this was at 9:45 I checked my phone. I was thinking, it's gonna take atleast an hour for the cops to write the tickets, and then to get all the parents there maybe another half hour at the most, so I can sit here for two hours.

The first 20 minutes went good. You see the garage i was in was i'm assuming at one time not attached to the house, then they put in a little entrance way you have to go through to go either to the house or the garage. In that walk way there's a light that goes on when you open one of the doors. anyway after 20 minutes I hear a car pull up, the outside motion lights on, and I hear a car door. I'm hoping, it's the neighbors, till i hear the door, and the entrance way light goes on. oh shit, I crouch behind the front tire and look, one old lady w/ a bag of groceries. dumb box goes and gets groceries at 10 at night. Well nevermind she's a sweet old lady, cuz she just goes inside none the wiser. then house door opens up again, i look she checks the mail, and goes back inside. Score for this guy.

so i sit there till about 10:45, and I have to piss like there is no tomrrow, remember this is an hour short of my goal of 2 hours, well there's no way i'm goin out side yet, cuz the motion light went on 3 more times after the lady came home and there was definately a steady flow of traffic on that street for being 10:30 at night, so i'm thinking shit's still going on at lukes.

11:00 the options are piss my pants or make a mess in the garage, well. Thank you for letting me use your garage bathroom lady. Aka, the back cornor. so I go kneel in front of the car and let her rip, oh man it was THE best piss of my life. lasted about 2 minutes. i kept backing up so i didn't get piss on my knees, and i didn't, you shoulda seen that puddle though it was fuckin huge.

well after dedicating a whole paragraph to my piss, I'll tell you that the next 45 minutes flew by cuz i had to piss from like 10 to 11 it just got real bad around 10:45. I called marge from the garage at 11:40 and was out the door by 11:45.

Marge found me on main street and i made it home, ticket free. fuckin' sweet

The Big Guy

Jacob Barlow

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Monday, November 8, 2004

1:30AM - Thanks Michael

Thanks belleville, I got a parking ticket, aren't you glad that's gonna be you in the years to come, and any amount of garlic kills vamires. Say 10 dollars worth, or $181 and 4 points off your license worth. It's just a good thing Arturo, didn't get busted, because he was in my car sleeping. We went to Taco bell, ate his food, and passed out in my backseat. What'd you think the cop would have done if she seen him. Probably raped him because that's how they work.

I was in Oshkosh last night. It was a lot of fun. We got really wasted. I got to be part of drama. Then I bit belleville's hair. Earlier in the night Belleville grabbed Ashly Knudsens titties and that was pretty funny, then he's like if we show you our dicks will you flash us. She's like maybe, then belleville faces her and Starts floppin' his dick around it was hilarious, because I was behind him and You could see his arm wiggle his weener around.

Tatum was there, she's hot.

Jas, got blue balled, and it was pretty funny becuase he was telling us about it. Guess who blue balled him. You'll laugh.

Friday night, we went to a party in Kaukauna, And the best poker player in the world (box) got beat, by who, this guy, It was awesome. Then Gabe got out, and I lost to some Kaukauna dude. Then three fat chicks gave me and gabe a ride back to lc. Because everyone left before I was done playin' poker, except gabe, and box. I don't think box had plans of leaving. Box totally scored some ass that night. What a true pimp, that plays poker like a blind jew. (maybe I'd get 21 comments if any jews read my blurty, or if I left 5 comments to myself)

Grabby and Arturo met them us on lincoln and buchanan, because vinny was on his way back to pick us up. Then we went to Pick'n'save, and I got an awesome croisant sandwhich. I also convinced arturo not to buy like 10 things until he figured out I was fuckin' around with him

Today I slept all day. It was awesome.

Gabe also denied that he ever said he'd go to josh's birthday party. I threw out the bullshit flag on him. Cuz that shit was funny.

Your lord and master,

Jacob Barlow

P.S. Knapp get off your ass and get an account.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

3:59PM - Ok, I got something to write about.

First Off Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. I know I've been slackin' if there's an update, It'll be worth it.
Second off, If you're just goign to peruse this, Then go to READ HERE. It's fuckin' crazy.

Ok, so, Halloween, in Madison kicked ass, It was very exciting here we got,

Friday, I went shopping with box for like 2 hours for costumes, all I baught was 2 yards of fabric, and It was a cape, awesome huh. We were also in the store straight shot for like half an hour.

Then we got all our shit together, and me, Arty, belle, timmy j, and box were on our way to Madtown at like 6:30. We didn't get there till 9 though, Guess why. Give up, good cuz you were probably wrong. Dumb ass. Cuz we were on our way, and we pulled soem beers out of the trunk. Belleville didn't want to drink, so he was driving, yes, driving 74 in a 55. What a damn sucker huh. cuz That's what the cop thought, so me box, arty, and timmy had open beers, and prolly 8 more in there. And the cop comes up to the window, wait oh ya, WE FUCKIN' GOT PULLED OVER. It was intense. She takes all of our liscenses and goes back to her car. She came back and asked us where we were going. We say Madison. She says where from. We say Little Chute, Ok then she asks us if we're going to haunted houses. Belleville, In the driver seat, says No we have friends down there. AKA. No, We're just going to go get all fucked up even though none of us are 21. We're still shitting our pants, when she comes back and gives belleville his speeding ticket, and leaves. WHOA. it was cracked out. So we make it to connors house, find a place to parck and have a couple beers. this was like 10. We threw our costuems on and were at boxes cousin's at like 10:30.

Then we walked over to a party, that Grabby, erin, Dougy J, and Ryan Vosters were at. That was pretty fun, we did some shots. Partied with them, then we walked back to Erin Lessleyoung's. That was hellafun, b-wald, Grabby, and myself, stood on the balcony and heckled people for like an hour and a half. B-wald and grabby were already at it for an hour. We were tryin to see some tittaes. When we finally did see them, they were about the size of all the titties that we would have seen all night. It was great. Then we made our way back to c-mans. And went to sleep.

Saturday. This was an exciting, day, we got up, and it was me timmy, and arturo that slept at connors along w/ a couple of his friends. When we got up It was ok, we were just takin' it easy. We met, Box, and Belleville, at Ian's pizza. WE had some fuckin' awesome pizza, then we went to C-man's and hung out for a while. We just drank all day, then me belle, c-man, and two of his roommates, played a game of risk until about 8 o'clock.

We went to bryan Karch's, had a few beers, and cups of whap. We got pretty fucked, up then we got hungery. So Me, box, and Arturo, and Steph Heitpas walked to the state street. To find some food. We waited for prolly an hour, Then we ate. It was a shitty place to eat. So it doesn't get a plug. Like Ian's pizza, cuz that's the best food ever. Ian's is.
Then we went to Erin's again. Heckled a little bit then they were going to bed. So we were off to C-mans to go to bed.


So, Me box, Arty, and STeph are walking, and we have to cross state street. AS we're getting to state street, We see smoke. Ok It was packed there too. So we got across the street. Then I was like where's box, and arty when we got to the other side walk I told steph to wait on this platform while I found them. I got like 5 feet away from box when some guy started pushing us all out of the way. He was yelling the cops are pushing the cops are pushing. I guess something was on fire. A riot was definatly going to start. Then I smelled something. I just got box's attention and was liek come this way. I think he started following me. I had no idea where arty was. Then as I turned and just as I was getting to steph. The smell I smelt got real strong and it hit me like a damn brick. It felt like I was smoking something almost. It went down almost into my stomach, I started coughing. Then I kept going up the hill, and My eyes just closed, almost like they closed with water. Like when you go into clorine water, and open your eyes. That's what it was like. I couldn't see a damn thing. Right then I felt Hands on my shoulders, I turned just enough to see that it was steph. I was like ok. We'll find them on top of the hill. Away from the TEAR GAS. Yes I was tear gassed, It sucked. We coughed all the way up the hill, I thought it actually went into my stomach and was trying to push the beer and food out. I almost booted, then we got up the hill. It was fuckin shitty.

C-man's house was only a block away from there, so I got steph there, and when we got in the front entrance, there Arturo was. He already buzzed connors room, and some dude came down. I was like is connor there I'm his cousin. He's like ya, I'm like ok we're gonna leave Steph here, and go find box. So Steph stayed there, she knows connor don't worry. Me and arty were just getting back out the door when box called, We figured out where he was and found him like 10 minutes later. That's when the fun started. We watched the Riot control mase about 15 people. That ws funny as fuck. Then they kept marching us away, But when they would turn around and go back to state street, everyone followed them. Me box and arturo, heckled the cops with everyone else for like 2 and a half hours. It was fuckin' sweet. Arturo threw a decent size stick and hit one of them. We were throwing change too. Arty threw a couple cans half full of beer he found. We chanted and all that fun shit. While the cops mased people who got to close. We would flip them off like we were all tough then when they would walk towards us we stood there till they were gonna mase us and we just jogged out of range and yelled and flipped them the bird. It was pretty funny. AFter all that excitement we went to connors and crashed. We got up today found timmy and belleville, and took off, back to LC that's where I am at now.

Your lord and master,
This guy

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

6:24PM - Arturo

Ok, I'm going to spare the details of the rest of the weekend. And just go into saturday. It was sweet. Arturo was a lot more fucked up then i have seen him in a long time. He threw up in Oshkosh and one the way back to lc he passed out in Traci's back seat. Then he fell over into my lap. It was cute. OK not that cute, but funny. Then when we got him into his drive way we couldn't get him up. So brinx came and helped me get him out of traci's car. He couldn't even stand up, so Brinx propped him up and I made sure his doors were open. Then me and Brinx carried him in. His Basement where his room is doesn't have a door on it, but it did have one of those baby fences. I couldn't get it off. So Arturo, was awake enough to go ok fuckin' move. Then with one bad ass kick he sent it flying down the stairs. When me and brinx got him on his bed we took off his shoes and let him sit on his bed. we were on our way out the door, and his mom was right there. She was like is he ok and we were like, oh ya, he's just intoxicated. She was like ok, then we just left. Good times in LC huh.

this guy

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Monday, October 11, 2004

10:50PM - A muffed punt?

YOu know why it was a Muffed punt, cuz that's what it fuckin' rubbed up against. these fuckin' bastards. Don't worry they're still goign to the playoffs.

Ok I'll write about the weekend now. Here we go, thursday was fun, we went to grabbies, He had a fire pit. I love little Chute. Atleast we still got drunk.

Friday, now. I liked friday. Don't get me wrong it's not like I didn't like thursday though. Friday i had school then I came home. Then I got to drive down to Madison and hang out with connor. As usually a kick ass time. On thursday before I went out I put vodka in a watermelon and let it soak over night. It was a good watermelon when we ate it at C-mans. Then we drank a couple at his house, and then we went to one of his friends houses. We hung out there till like 10:30. We went to some guys birthday party. Which Kicked ass, cuz when we got there and i bought a cup and when i did so. The chick was like Here's my titties actually grab one of them too. OK no that was a lie. but She did say, hey the kegs in the living room and there's rum in the freezer and coke in the fridge. dig in. it was SHweeet. then we partied there and went to C-mans.

The reason why I went to Connors is because on Saturday my Aunt and Uncle were having a fish fry in stevens point and i was gonna give him a rid ethere. We left at like 2 and got there at like 3:30. It was a real nice ride. I thought the autumn colors were perdy. Then we got to my uncles and watched the last big of the Badger game. Hey, atleast we have one team that doesn't bite ass. No i writing this during the P-game so The anger is fresh. One sweet point is my favorite sea lab is on. The first one I've ever seen. And on the original Air date. It's the time travel episode. Where they steal cabel, and keep getting sent back in time. It's fuckin' dodge ball time bitches. Any way back to Y-D and Jennies. We were drinkin' beer. and stuff and it was fun and we got drunk and ate some kick ass fish. I really liked the fish. They put on an awesome spread. then sunday we came home and then we went discin'. Kick ass.

I played worms and halo that night so it couldn't ahve been bad.

P.S. I think that belleville has a thing for somebody. but they just take advantage of him and leave him wet.
and that thing isn't a mental thing.

Love, your lord and master,
King jaka.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

11:27PM - In between the red vs blue

Ok, I'm writing this in honor of tasha, as she requested it. I know I got two readers out there. Excellent. I got two funny things going on right now. Snl is on and, I'm watching Red vs Blue. If you don't know what red vs blue is, It's hilarious. WWW.RedVsBlue.com Good sight funny stuff. go to the Archives and watch some. Don't take long to download. I recommend it. Ok New episode is done. I'm only in the begiinning of the second season. There are only two seasons though. We'll have to wait for Halo 2. I'm guessing. I don't read the news on the page just watch the movies.

Funny shit funny funny shit.

Ok i'll give the weekend run down. Thursday we were at marge's me and vinny had to go steal wood. It was fun. We got really drunk around a fire. Then Friday we went to oshkosh we partied at Joey's after we prepartied at Matt's house. Then i went to Go pass out after I stole gitter's pizza oven and brought it to Bray's. Cooked a pizza, then ate half. Went to bed woke up and ate the other half. Then during the day me and Tony went to go visit Tasha at Green bay. That was a lot of fun. I ate some really good Nachos. Those Fuggin' Nacho's kept me full until 9 and I ate them at like 2. It was crazy. I want to thank Tasha for the hospitality. She's awesome.

At night I went to Nate and Chucks house in appleton. We got tore up. They weren't there though. Nate was at the Packer game and Chuck had to work when he got home he went to the Ave. W/ a bunch of people. Then I Stayed theree that night. It was awesome.

Sunday was a lot of fun too. My nose itches. I went to my Uncle Terry's w/ my mom and Grandma and we watched the packer game. Damn the colt's, and the ref that tripped, and damn it. OK I love you all. Then I had a bunch of shit to do yesterday. It was fun School from 11:30 till 9, Yay.

I leave you now. Good day to you.

Your lord and master,
The big guy

P.S. Tasha rocks.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

11:32PM - "dry hump day"

Ok I know it's wednesday, sorry. Only thoob reads this so here this is going to be written. in Thoob O'vision. If you request it you'll get one written to you.

So, Friday I talked to Thoob and was like hey, I'm comin' to miltown. THoob was like Sweet, you can stay at my house. Before I left to go to milwuakee. I had to go pick up Brinx. If you're not sure of where Brinx lives. It's not on Pierce Street, Little Chute, WI. It's On Gilbert Street, Wausau, Wi. Two hours away. He gave me road head on the way back. It was sweet. We didn't get back until 6:30. Margie wasn't happy cuz she wanted to leave at 5:30. Not my fault though. Long story short. We got to Milwuakee at 9:00. We visited w/ Steph and Chelsie for a ltitle bit then me and brinx walked down to Mr. Thoob's house at 9:15

Thoob was ready for us. We were in the door, had our stuff in his bedroom and beers in hand at 9:25. It was excellent. We partied pretty good. We finished what thoob had at his house, and left at like 11:30. good thing we didn't get there and realize the beer was gone. We were only like half way. So we turned around and went back to thoobs. Then a guy from Eau Claire that was staying at Thoobs house w/ a different guy spotted a opossum. In Milwuakee. WHAT!? We figured it must have been domesticated. They started chase so I joined. There were like 3 of us that had it under a car. I was on the front, one guy was in back, the other guy was street side. The opossum ran out into a yard. Then the excitement happened. Opossum's are slow right. Right. I started chasing it thinking, you know maybe it'll go squirrel speed and be gone. Nope didn't go squirrel speed. It went the speed of a two legged squirrel. I then gave chase. BAM! I was on top of it, like balls on thoobs forehead. I threw a hand down and got one on it's back. This close | |, That close I was to being bit. DAmn. Then It takes off in front of Johnny, The Eau CLaire dude, and he kicked it. Twice. it was kinda funny then it Scuttled in between houses forever gone. Then we went into thoobs and hung out for a while. Don't remember much then. John's pretty funny though.

Saturday I got up at like 11. Nothin happend really, we grilled out, had a couple beers, drank a couple sips of whisky. Then Thoob and his friends painted thier chests and we went to the soccer game. It was Pretty cool. The trash talk from Miltowns side was pretty hilarious. Me, and Sam walked back before the game was over. Played some Mario 2, The most underrated game ever probably. then we, you know, hung out.

Box, Belleville, and Pamps showed up. sweet, Box stayed at thoobs, the other two stayed at Steph's house. Saturday is the night the Magic happend. Well it started out slow. We left around 9. We went to a party. It was eh, just ok, not really gay. I did run into landon Wiese. Pimp from Kimberly who lives in Miltown. He was there for a bit, but i was like dude, don't buy a cup. He didn't and then we went to a different party. Brinx and box stayed. They said it was really gay, until the barrel ran out and they got free beer cuz the house supplied twelvers. That's not me, Right thoob, Right.

Me and Landon went to a different house it was a pretty intimate party. They only had one barrle but they only let like 30 people there. I was sitting out side when. Cassie Lamers walks up. Amazing. We talked for a while. then like 5 minutes after the barrel ran out we were sitting in the back yard, and some cops came, I hit landon who was talking on the phone and was like hey time to go. He just kept talking. I was like well i'm leaving Cassie lets go she says ok where and i was like no no no, Then she saw the cops and came w/ me. Then I called landon from a parking lot across the street. He came out of the door and was like dude where you at. I was like i'm lookin at you. He got up to me and said "dude that was respectable." I was like I wasn't gonna leave ya totally but i just wasn't going to sit there and hang out w/ the cops. I lost Cassie then. We then headed back to where brinx and Box were.

They Moved though. they were at a big whop/shot party, but by the time we got close the whop was gone, and the Shots were 2 dollas each. We said screw that were walking around 'til about 12 i'd say and Box called a random dude. He met last year and was like whats up. The guy was like come on over, me and Brinx didn't know him so we didn't drink free beer. He did, me and box drank boughten beer. Played some beer pong. Me and brinx were gonna throw the game so we could drink their beer, that didn't work brinx just hit every thing the cock. then we left there when they went to bed or they left to i don't remember it was like 1. I called Lindsey. We hit the Jackpot. Me, Box and Brinx went to Lindsey and traci's, which was a pretty good time. Here I'll tell you what happened. After some back story. I told Lindsey who was on her way to Jimmi jons, I wanted a sub w/ Meat, Onions, no tomatoes go for it.

We get to Lindsey and traci's which was like a block away. Holy shit huh?. We were just party'n there nothin to drink but i was good so I didn't complain. We met Traci's cool Roomies. LIckity and Holly. Very cool girls. Then Sam and Lindsey got back w/ the Jimmy Jon's. Yes that Night I ate a 7.50 Sub. It was good but 8 bucks wholly fuck beans man. that's a lot of money. Oh well I ate it. I was drunk so my Wallet didn't sting when i put it back in my pocket. Then we were sitting on the porch. The guys next door were on the porch also. Here's what made the whole weekend right here.

I was like hey guy jump on over here. You know from porch to porch. He's like what. I was like you can make it. So he just walked over the car that was parked inbetween cuz there was a driveway there. He's like what's going on. I say "nothin". Thoob knows. No he doesn't, he wasn't there. Anyway. I was like 5 bucks you can't jump across thinking he's not gonna do it. Before i could get another word in edgewise. He's eyeing it up and practicing. By this time, people on both porches are into it and everyone has their two cents to put in which was either, "no way man you can't make it don't do it." or " dude that's crazy man. I like you, but you're crazy." The dementions to this jump are pretty crazy here we go. It was like a 15 to 17 foot jump. The top of the railings were like six feet high, but remember there was a car in the middle. Then before anyone knew what was going on he was jumping and BOOM. He face plants into the other porch. It was insane, So he wobbles back onto traci's porch.

I was like you got that five bucks he said hey man come on that was pretty bad ass. I was like fine. Then Brinx bein well Brinx yells "double or nothin." well the dudes twin bro jumps in like, hey I'll go double or nothin. Don't worry bro I got your back. This time most of the people were like no way he can't do this, but you know people were eggin' him on pretty good too. he he he. so he's practicing it up, takin' practice runs then boom out of no where he flying through the air, and his feet his the car he slides down the car and, this throws his head back he dents the spoiler. Then, the sudden back moment into the car threw his head face first into the porch. He hit the ground, got up after like 2 seconds, his face was all fucked up. His cheek was bleeding huge, and his nose was running w/ blood. hardcore. Ya, needless to say he went to the Hostpital. It was definately some Jackass shit.

So after that everything settled down and we went back to the porch and some guy was like hey hows it goin. He was from the other porch. He invited everyone over for margarita's we were all like ya sure what ever. Then about an hour later some guy comes over and offered lindsey a Margarita. Lindsay was pretty trashed she denied him. I jumped in threw my hand in my pocket and grabbed a dollar and was like i'll buy it for a dollar. He just gave it to me. Tit's the drinkin' keeps going. He said hey, if you want more go in and get some. I finished that one, and went to the other house, walked and was like hello, hello. No one was there i found the kitchen and had myself a blender full of margarita. I poured it into my glass. then went back to Lindsay's. gave the rest of it to box. then Me Brinx. Box and Traci. hung out somemore, we were up 'till like 5- 5:30. I drew a vagina on traci's leg. it was awesome. She was awake and let me. Then everyone went to bed. I wasn't tired so i made some drunk calls, and drew and Eye Patch on lindsay. then went to bed.

Sunday we hung out till about 6. then we Left box one a poker tournament. We went to noodles durning the day. Yay for thoob and Miltown. I will definately go back. It was great actually. It was my first time party'in down there. Excellent and Highly recommended. Stay at thoobs, He'll love it.

I got home around 9 and if you remember from the beginning i had picked brinx up which means I had to drop him off. So i got there around 10:30. We put in Goldmember. Then brinx got up at like 9. He got screwed over and was back at like 10 I left at 10:30 and got to class at 12:25. Class started at 12:30. fuckin' kick ass.

Good night,
Your lord and Master.
King Jaka.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004


I hope people will enjoy the revival of the good ol' blurt. Thoob inspired me. Right now, i'm watching the God Father. I'm on the last one. It's good, and really well made. As of right now, my favorite is the first one. this one is turning out to be a very good one.

Over view of the summer, worked for the village, went camping and up north on the weekends. Stayed in LC a couple times. Oshkosh was a couple of my weekends at the end. Played ass loads of Halo.

Michael Corleon is having a heart attack. He should take some asprin. I think it's a heart attack. Or someone poisoned his Canolie. I need to finish though.

I also moved Missy in on Sunday. She's gone to school. It's going to be quiet around here now. The phone won't ring anymore. I'll miss her. I'll get the Basemtn when ever I want though, Yay.

I also got myself a Mobile Phone, the number is 277-1841.

Good bye,
Your lord and master,
Jacob Barlow

P.S. It was a diabetic stroke. Asprin wouldn't have helped

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Sunday, June 6, 2004


I'm back Bitches

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

11:25PM - whoopity doo

I visited brinx friday saturday and came back to stout at like 7 on sunday.

Your lord and Master,

P.s. I rule.

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11:25PM - whoopity doo

I visited brinx friday saturday and came back to stout at like 7 on sunday.

Your lord and Master,

P.s. I rule.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

4:53PM - Weekend Run down

I had a pretty good weekend. Last Thursday, I didn't really do much, then Friday I was prepared, but nothing really happened, so I am still actually prepared. I didn't do anything on Friday. I read a lot. It's cool I really just felt like taking it easy. Because, my Mother, Sister, and Matt came up on Saturday.

Saturday, I got up at 10:30 to a call from Missy and they were on their way up here at about Chippewa Falls. Which meant they had about half an hour to go. So I slept for another 15 minutes, got in the shower, packed and they were here, about 5 minutes after I was ready. We then ate at Mardi Gras in Menomonie. They have very good food there. I had the Philly Steak Sandwhich. It's not expensive either. We were then on the road to the Cities. When we got there, we found the Mall of America. We were there from about 2 until 5:30 or so. I didn't buy anything. Missy and Matt did though. They got a bunch of clothes. I couldn't find anything. I was looking for shoes.

When we left the mall, we were headed to Mystic Lakes Casino. That was a lot of fun. We got there around 6 and Stayed till about 7:30. I sat at the slots with 20 dollars. Then me and my ma played black Jack for a little bit. We both lost 20 bucks there too. Then we went over to the High Rollers section. That was very exciting. I threw down $25 dollars, hit, a couple times. I missed one, then I threw down 50 bucks and got black jack. It was awesome I won like $80 bucks right there. It was damn cool. Then me and My mom went to go check on Missy and Matt. They were at the slots the whole time. Missy won $120 dollars. Then she threw it back into the slot and ended up 20 dollars in the hole. While she did that, i got a good half an hour out of 30 dollars at a black jack table. It was all a lot of fun. By the time I went back to the slots Missy and Matt were almost done. I had a 5 in my pocket so one last time at a 5 dollar table, only last like 10 minutes and we were ready to be on our way.

We then went to noodles. I got the Indonesian-Peanut Saute. It was really spicy. It was real good to though. Then we drove to Hudson and found a hotel. We played the electronic version of Catch Phrase which Missy bought at the Mall. Me and Matt got pretty drunk, went swimming, and we called it a night.

Then sunday we were out of the hotel around 11, and we hit Menomonie, I came back did almost all of Jack Squat. Read and hit the sack. Nothing special. It was real nice my family came up.

Your lord and Master,

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Monday, April 12, 2004


Ok I was reminded by Tasha about what I did on Friday. I was real tired when i did it so It's not completely my fault.

I went to Pick up the Best Person in the world, to go to the Best place to eat in the Worl. I picked up Tasha Lynn Vosters, and went to Noodles & Company. It was great, I had such a good time, that remembering would have been to much for me to handle. It was a fun ride to Noodles. I got the Japanese Pan Noodles, and Tasha got some Pesto w/ Spiral noodles. Hers was alright, but mine I liked better. It was sweeter, and pretty spicy actually. But I like the Sweeter noodles. The Pad-Thai noodles are excellent also. Next time I go there I am going to get the Indonesian Peanut dish. I am Very sorry to that Lovely Girl I neglected, and it might have been one of the best visits to GB I have ever had.

Tasha's admirer

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12:42AM - Oh, the Ham!!

Well last thursday it was the last day of school that week, we had off for good friday, unlike some other unlucky bastards. Ha Ha. I left around 4:45 because my class was done at 4:30 with Helmut (he lives in Neenah), and pulled into Eau Claire around 5:15, I had to pick up Jason Grebe, and I thought Courtny, but I cried when i found out she didn't need a ride. Not cool. Ok i wasn't totally devistated, yet I do think a little piece of me died. Then We pulled out at 5:30, and pushed back in around 7:30. Pushed back into Wausau that is. We had to wait for Brinx to get out of work until at 8 so we played in Best But for like half an hour. Then to Brinx's we went, got him and Hit the road at 8:30. On the way back we discovered dinosaurs on 29, and will go bum cruising with/against them. No lie, after we almost died twice, we made it into LC at like 11:15, waited at BK for Helmut's mom and I was home by 11:30.

Me Brinx And Grebe, went to Zebs for about an hour and a half then we cruised over to Joey's at 1:30. Nothing to exciting. We then hung out there and I brought a few people home, and was in my bed at 4:30

Friday, nothing exciting happened. I really actually for got what I did during that day, yet i know i did something. I went to the Formal EVent to get my tux fitted for Judd's wedding, which I am standing up in. Yay. Then Me and Gina went to Amy Hooyman's at 9:00. But wait, GO LITTLE CHUTE, some how, I don't know how, she has 1 party ever. Compared to Jon Strick who had I dunno we'll say 150. Amy has a 100% Metro-siting rating. Where Jon has about 1.5%. Yes people. The Cops started circling, and the tinkle started flowing. Everyone was really worried about getting busted, and Amy's party had ended. I then went to Gina's house and was really gratefull that she had dropped of my mommies car and picked up her's. This is why.

Later that night we had to go pick up Jesse, Scott Coppus, and another guy bring them some where and then Jodi and Kelly rider needed a from the bar. We had to bring Kelly home, who made it all the way too 00 when she booted everywhere in the backseat. I was in the front and Real Toasted so I didn't care, but i guess it smelled terrible. I reached back and rolled her window down and rolled mine down. After that I hear it got cold also. I dunno i was trashed. Even ask Cheeks. Then i went and Gina let me pass out at her house.

The next morning, Saturday
I had to be home at 10. I took a nap till 11, and Guess what, No lie. I got a hair cut. the person who guesses the right amount of inches will get a prize in a week or so I will reveal the true amount. If i remember. It's a lot though. Then I picked up Koreana's it was delicious. I went to Gina's to attend their easter supper, and it was damn excellent.

After that we picked up Brinx and Steph, and went to The Alamo at Regal. Official movie review; I'd rather have cleaned out Gina's car. Which by the way, I had to stop over there after i got my hair cut, but before dinner, and the car was parked in the garage with the garage door closed. The whole garage smelled like dirty socks. Jodi and Kelly both puked again while cleaning it out. Yet, I would have rather cleaned it out than go to the Alamo. Do not go see it. Unless you like throwing away 6 dollars and 2 and a half hours of your life. Pass on those 'taters.

We went to culvers after that and then me and gina watched Curly Sue, which I enjoyed more than the Alamo. Not only because it was shorter, but because it was all in all just better. REMEMBER NOT TO SEE THE ALAMO!!

We went to bed then

Sunday came and I had to go to 10 o'clock church. We went to my G-ma Toot's, and ate a wonderful brunch. Me and Gina took a nap, went to her uncle kens for 5 minutes, to her Grandma's and then Back to my grandmas. I got picked up like a half an hour later by, the girl who I am walking down the Isle with. Her name is Becky, but people call her putter, and her husband Corban. It was the first time i met her. She is awesome, and Corban is a very cool guy. They actually live in Menomonie. Funny story;

My mom was on the bus for Emily's bachelor party which was Saturday night, and she was sitting next to this girl and was like, "my son is just having a problem finding a way back to school." The girl says "oh, where's he go to school?" My mom reply's ofcoarse "Stout" The girl says "no shit, I graduated from there and live in Menomonie" (which for you people who don't Know, Stout is orginal and is located in the Town of Menomonie, Not named after it.) The girl continues with "What's your sons name" -not writing reply- "Oh, well no way, my name is Becky, and I'm walking down the isle with him at the wedding. You can call me putter"

That is how i got my ride back to stout. They are very nice people and Now i am going to bed.

Your lord and master,

P.S. Don't forget, how many inches got cut off?? who knows.

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Monday, April 5, 2004

10:58PM - Jacob Barlow, this was your weekend

I will start with the Thursday

Well I got up and actually cleaned, I had to go to My speech class at like 3:30, it was great. I got back to the room with not enough time to do laundry. I got all my clothes together then couldn't hold the poop shoot anylonger. Low and behold I sit down for two minutes, and my room is one door down from the bathroom, on the otherside of the hall. Then I hear knocking. DAMN IT! I knew Belleville and Brinx had just gotten there. Then I hear knock knock knock, on the stall door. Brinx found me. I finished and we went to go get beer. Started the night. There weren't really any parties going on and we got boozed in the room for the rest of the night.

We got up around noon and left at like 2 becuase my room was such a piece of shit. Cleaned a lil' and I got to drive to Madison to get connor. That was fun. Left at 2 got home at like 7:30. I drove the whole way. I ate a some food, created a base. Then It was time for a beer run, got the beer and the night was already started at my house. I'd say 20 people or so. Me, Brinx, C-man, and Vinny went to Freedom to visit the Tasha. We came back to LC and went to Brays house. I walked home at like 6 or so and crashed

Saturday came around C-man crashed at my house and I called Judd at like 12 to see what the plans were. It was bowling, at 1 then Hitters afterwards for his Bachelore party. The closest people to my grade were Teddy and then after him it was Coontz, lester, Jake verbaten. Then We bowled untill like 5. I took a ride over to Hitters with Les. My Uncles were they, they are too much fun. ThenI continued to get drunk there, we played craps. I lost all my money. Then I wrote a check and got more money to play some more. It was a 20 dollar minimum. The strippers came and My uncle Terry bought me a lap dance. It was sweet. Vinny got one and the chick pulled his pants down and sprayed whip cream all over his ass crack. So I washed some of it away with beer. She then flipped him over to put more whip cream down the front. That also needed a little beer wash. He wasn't happy, until she took his belt which she tore out earlier, and smacked the whip cream right out. Then bar close rolled around. I don't remember who gave me a ride back to Judd's house. The after bar was fun. The twenty bucks I wrote the check for came in handy there though. A craps game was started and I got in on that. Won my money back and walked away. I guess I passed out at like 5. All-in-all it was a fun ass night.

Sunday I got up at like 3, when I wanted to leave at 2. Yay. It ended up being like 5. When I did leave. Then I dropped C-man off in Madtown I decided to drive to Point and Hit up the Girlfriends. We watched shrek, and I couldn't fall asleep. Luckily. I got the fourth and Fifth Harry potter Books. I read like 70 pages then crawled back into bed. Yippee.

Today I was woken up at like noon. Me and gina went and got some food at a pretty good Diner. I enjoyed it. We walked around Schmeekle. For the LC'er's it's like 1000 islands. Then we ate some supper and I was on my way at 5:45. I got back here around 8:30. Watched the travesty of a championship game, and am now watching conan Writing this.

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Monday, March 29, 2004

7:58AM - My weekend was easier than Tasha....BAZING!

So, I didn't do anything this weekend, Thursday night I Started the first Harry Potter. Then Friday I went to class and I went to sleep after wards, and then that night i finshed Harry potter. Saturday I slept all day again and then I returned the first Harry Potter to my neighbor. My neighbor also had the second one so I borrowed that book, and I went to the front desk and rented the second Harry Potter. I never watched the movie then read the book. I am in the process of trying that yet. I watched the video then and then that night I started the second book but didn't get very far. I played video games instead then yesterday I woke up at like 4 and read until 8:30 and watched Arrested Developement. It's a very funny show on Fox. I recomend it Highly. I read for another hour afterwards until like 10. watched the adult swim, and I actually fell asleep before midnight. I was pretty excited. Until I woke up at like 4:30 I read till about 7 and then went and got some breakfeast which brings me to where I am now. I am currently watching a National Lampoon's movie, Starring None other than, Corey Feldman. Pimpin' huh. He's working on getting some ass by one of those evil black haired chicks, that you know are evil. Remember them from the 80's and 90's movies. They use their bodies to get what they want. It's very sexually discriminent. I'm done for now though. Everyone don't work too hard.

Your lord and Master,

P.S. Please any comments on how pathetic my weekend was will not be needed. and can be forgotten Immediately.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

2:19AM - My moms the shit.

I am just chillin' like my mom, so she sent me and email today. Apparently, and I quote "nothing was new, she was just chillin" What? Yes, Tina does Chill. Who else's mom says chill and beotch. I shit you not she did say beotch. Holy crap man. I couldn't believe either of them.

Right now though i am watching Hooked: Illegal drugs, and How they got that way. It's not a bad, this episode is about extasy and LSD. Some crazy and interesting stuff man. It's on everynight at 2 in the morning on 2:25.

Here's how a scientist just just explained the LSD. In your nerves there are the sensory parts and usually they can only plug into certain parts, say usually Fred and plug into Sue and communicate, but with lsd, Fred can plug into Sue, Fred, Rex his dog, the local tree, and the moon, and communicate. Crazy huh.

I just know Brinx wants to plug into Belleville and Thoob wants to plug into Rex, or vice-versa he is part indian, all that getting in touch w/ nature. They don't mean like that Thoobicans. Chelsie, on the other hand just wants to get plugged into, by anyone. BAZING!!

On that destructive note, I bid you, adu'

your lord and master,

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

12:08AM - The weekend back

Oh, Snap!

Thursday was a good night.
I went in a bottle w/ Dre, yes his name is Dre, and yes he is black. He's cool shit. His real name is Andre. We got a liter of Limon, and went down to the girls hall and got tore up. He left to go to the bars, so i chilled in Holly's room. We just continued to get tore, and I came back and passed out.

Now that I got that out of my system. Friday wasn't that bad, I was gettin' perdy lickd down in the girls room. Lauren had a hot friend up and a party started there. One kid drank his limit, and then some. He also got into a headbutting contest and almost got knocked out. I guess they are vikings. Which is pretty pimp i guess. Never the less he still went down into the boys bathroom a floor below and passed out on the floor in his own puke. I guess like 6 guys had to carry him down to my hall to stay a couple doors down from my room. After that fiasco, i came back and Tapped the Vodka I had, I was drinking beer, I just wasn't feelin' that. I hit it a little too hard and lost my memory after I left my neighbors room at 1:30, but I guess I continued to drink down in Lauren's room. I danced and told her to slap me if i did something, something that neither of us remember why.

When I went to go pass out at i don't know what time. Zach had told me not to lock the door, but I did, or I didn't unlock it. One of the two. I guess he was kicking the door at like 4 in the morning, real hard like. He said he was as hard as he could. I don't have any recolection of him doing it. Everyone else on the floor does, and i guess a couple girls who came up here to tell him to shut the hell up remember it too. tee hee. Eventually my RA went and got out key for him, so he could get in.

Saturday had a good start to it. Me and Zack were dragged out of our beds to go do shots at 10 in the morning while we were still drunk. I had a few beers while they continued to take shots and have ooohh get this cosmos. At like 3 we went to Perkins, don't worry we had a sober ride. I got some mini-chimis, ate half my roomys burger and some of Trevor's chicken strips. I was fuckin' hungry. We got back and I passed out from 6-9. Everyone esle did there own thing for a couple hours i guess then started drinking again at like 8. I didn't have any beer, so i took a shower and Checked out the situation.

Everyone was going to a byob and i was like well I don't have any beer. I then talked to Dre and he said they were going to call him when they got there, so I told Zach to pick me up a 12er on their way in case I came. They never called Dre though so I chilled played Halo and then wooped up on Tony Halk then came back to the room at like 1:30.

At like 2:30 the fire alarm went off, because someone left a pizza in the oven. The fire trucks had to come and bring big fans in to blow the smoke out the window. One of my friends came in my room after that we cooked hella food on the forman. This was at like 3 when we were let back in. Like 5 minutes after we were in our room though a girl came in and sat down in front of the door. It was pretty funny because she introduced herself, i gave her my name Ryan told her his and she continued to sit there. I was like you can sit on the futon, she said "No, this spot feels right for this time." my first though, She's Trippin'. Low and behold she got up sat on the futon and was like i usually don't ramble this much, but I'm on Mushrooms. I'm like oh big surprise. She chilled for a while and when she left at like 4 me and Reeson, (AKA, Ryan, or Helmut) Played Halo for like an hour and a half and I went to bed.

Sunday I did Jack squat and went to sleep.

Your lord and Master,

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

10:59PM - Long time no entry

So I slacked off for a while and don't know when my last entry was. I apologize. I just got back like an hour and a half ago to Stout. Many of you know I was back in good ol' LC, as it is commonly referred to by many LCHS Alumni.

Ok so Spring Break Entry
It started last friday, I got back to Little Chute. It was an alright night. I hung out w/ Brinx and Box. We had a good time sitting in my basement and watching Fantasia 2000. Wasn't a bad movie. Then we had to pick up Belleville and Bring him to Arturo's. That was cool. It was a long time since i hung out w/ Arturo. I miss that pimp. Then we went back to my house, and me and Brinx cruised around talking for like 3 hours. Crazy

Then Saturday, I went to point and took it easy w/ the GF, we did my birthday thing. Sunday, we went out to eat, and went to 50 first dates. Yippy. It wasn't a bad movie. I also met Gina's Room mate. She's anice cute single girl. Guys go for it, Connect Four!

Monday, My Birthday, I cruised back to LC. By myself. When I got there, I went out to eat, with my Mom, Sister, Grandma, Aunt Adalia, Uncle Todd, Cousin's Tito and Alito, and Tito's girlfriend, Heidi. We went to some place on College ave. It was one of those Japanese, Hibachi resturants, where they cook the food in front of you. They had some pretty damn good food there. I then came home called around, and went to the bowling ally. Got home around 11:15 watched a movie and Went to bed

Tuesday, I Chilled out did some stuff around the house
Wednesday, Me and Belle went Job Hunting, then went to Beth Van deraa's house, and then we went back to my house and got a lil' Stinko.

Thursday, I met Vinny, Jazz, and Byrne at the bars, with Joey Peeters and we got drunk there, they all left at like 1:30, I then went to the Pinecone with Lester and Chuck, WE stayed there till bar close, It was fun

Friday, Whoa where do I start ok so i figure out Gina Decided to come home at like 5:30. No it's not what you think. I didn't just hang out with her. I actually went with Belleville over to Chapin's house. We started getting drunk but he kicked everyone out at like 11:15 or so. So me him and Timmy were going to go to McGloughlin's because he said me and Mike could go there. Then on the way there I called and Timmy got denied, so we just went to The park down the street from his house. We tried calling around for like a half an hour and finally decided to walk to my house.
Then My mom came down stairs and was like "hey, Tim how old are you?" He says "18" She says "aren't you still in Highschool?" He says "yes". She concludes the conversation with "Jake, I'd appreciate it if you guys would go some where else."
Damn huh. Timmy got us denied twice, so I remember Jodi saying we could go over there. I called her and we went to her BF's Luke's house and then we didn't have anywhere else to go and they were then Nice enough to let us come to Jack's with them. We sat there until Bar close, and Me and Brinx went over to Gina's He left I stayed there, and then went home at like 12 on Saturday.

Saturday I filled the propane tank on the gas grill and then took a shower. I ate a brat, and me and Belleville went over to knapps. Well Knapps parents came home and we had to all rush and grab our beer and go into the basement. His basement stairs head, right out into the garage. So It was me, Belle, Tanner, Ponch and Roy. Ponch is like we need to get out of here. We then decided to make a break for it. We're standing on the stairs and those guys are putting their shoes on, while Knapp is getting bitched at right up the stairs. Then we bolted out the door and down the street, and through some yards.
We remember that Sarah was havin' people over and crashed that party. we had to leave like an hour later though, and walked over to The TanMan's house.
I remember I still had beer in Knapp's basement. Me and Kevin decided to go over there and go in the basement and get it. Well I went around back and cased the joint, but Knapps mom was in the basement on the computer, playing solitare. We decided to go in the garage and check it out anyway. Kevin said he'd just grab it and run if he could see it down stairs even. So we're in the garage. She get's up, and comes into the garage. Roy bolted out the door, and I hid behind the car. she was goin back in the house and then she started walking towards me. I was like fuck this shit. I stood up and was like "Hi" She was like "what are you doing?" I then answered with "lookin' for knapp but I couldn't find him. Bye!" and I ran out the door. boom. It was funny as hell. Gina was the Getaway driver too. Then we went back to tanner's, Then me and gina went and picked up Jill from Fosters house. I went back to Gina's and we hung out.

I then just took it easy today, Me and Tasha went to a Taste of the Windy City. Which has Kick ass food. I had the Gyro, man did it rock. love a good Gyro. Then I went home and watched a movie w/ gina. I got a ride back here with Russel. I got back at like 9:30 and came in here. to my room

All in all it was a good break.

Your lord and Master,

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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

12:53PM - Ode to thoob

Sorry, I got the late Weekender right here.

It actually started like last wednesday. I think we just chilled in the dorms and drank some you know. Not a bad start though. Which Went into Thursday

Talk about a thursty thirsday
The night started with, me, zach, and a 1.75 of Captan Morgan. The night ended, w/ me eating breakfast w/ a random person at 7:30. I'll tell you how i got from point A to point drunken breakfast eating. I owed Zach 12 dollars, and so a bottle of captan is actually 23.99. Perfect I figure, w/ the coke it was like 26 dolla's. Yay. We started givin'er at like 7 or 8, in our room just chillin'. then we took a walk over to Lauren's room. We partied in there for a bit, and the migrated next door to Hollie's room. I don't know what time that was at, but i was getting drunk. The rumor is I talked to Dre for a little while, I don't really have a memory from like 1 or 2 to about 5. Then I went down stairs and talked to the random girl at the front desk for oh, a couple hours. I've talked to her before, she's cool. I had to return a pot and a culinder. And it was late, (What?). So i figured she'd hook it up and mark it not late or what ever but, my name was highlighted. So i hung out down there for a couple hours and we ate breakfast at like 7 or so. I then went to bed. It was a good twelve hour night.

Friday came.
Zax cousin came from the cities, his name is Adam, Adam's sort of crazy. we were getting drunk in the dorms at like 8 then our plan was to go hit the town you know. Around 9 a bunch of guys left to go party. They were back at 9:15. Yup nothin was goin on. So we kept goin and someone was like hey. Lets go to Eau Claire. We were all game and luckily we found a ride from a guy who wasn't drinking. we left at like 11 or so. We got there at like 11:30. None of us could get a hold of any of our friends who live there. Till I was like hey let's go to towers and I'll see if Grebe's in his room. We were standing in front of a door, when we saw some guys, and they were like Ya 4 South, I was like whoa. Hey you two know A guy name Jason Grebe. He was pretty wasted so I got this "FUCK YA, HE'S MY MUTHA FUCKIN' NEIGHBOR MAN." I'll get you up stairs. We followed him up and Elliot, Jason's roommate was there. So He's like ya you can chill out here for a little bit until Jason come.

About 5 minutes later Grebe comes to the door and is like WHAT'S UP. I then hung out w/ him for the rest of that night, we crashed around like 6 or so. I didn't get to drunk. the night before kinda upped the Tolerance you know. We proceeded to sleep until about 4:30 on Saturday

4:30 on Saturday. We went to a cool head shop called Truckers in Eau Claire. It was like Satori's. Then we went to a Coffee shop. On our way to Truckers the guy who was driving got pulled over. His liscence plates were suspended. Apparently he had about 20-25 unpaid parking tickets. It was kind of funny, but sucked for him.
Me and Grebe walked back to the dorms then and got some food and it was the start of our night at about 8 when we left to go to a party. We were the first one's there basically. There was literally one other guy who showed up before us. Getting drunker and drunker more and more people showed up, by 8:45 it was packed wall to wall. whoa. Crazy.

We got back to the dorms around 2 or so, and went down the hall to play some drinking games. We licked the other team in Hocky, in two games the first game 9 to 0, second game 8 to 0. I say damn. Then we played indian. Which was the first time I've ever played. I taught them guys Stack'um after that, because apparently no one outside of Little Chute has ever played that. No one from here knew how to play it either. Grebe disappeard at like 3 or 4. Those guys decided they weren't going to bed until after breakfast again. I figured what the hell. I got some people to hang out with for the next like 3 or 4 hours. 7 O'clock rolls around and we hit up Hardee's Breakfast. It was damn good. Got back to the dorms round 7:30 or so and hit the hay. Atleast I remember that night.

Sunday was my Peice of Shit day.
Jacksquat got done while i was in Eau Claire. Then I got back here around 9:15 and Jack Squat got done here also.

Now I must Include Monday and a little preview of tonite in here. Starting w/ last night Monday.
Alright, Alright. I went to my classes yesterday, and Got back here. The plan was we were supposed to party with Lauren and Them girls for Jessica's birthday which was yesterday. We got our beer, while they went out to eat and getting their beer. We were like what the shit, let's start before they get back. We had a good 3 or 4 beers in us, and they apparently decided not to drink because the birthday girl had a test at 8 this morning. Booo. We were like fuck it and kept going. Hansel and Lauren Joined us and they left at like 1. Zach went to nate's at like 1, and Me and mike played woods for another like 10 mintues and he left. I threw in Fight club and some soup. When Ryan came over. He's Hans' roommate, He heard noises waited for a quite spot and then left.
I went to bed at like 2 and was like hey, you can chill here and sleep on our futon if you want, If you leave lock the door and i was out like a light bulb.

Now today I made'er to my first class adn I still have one more in a couple hours. I get to listen to speeches for a good 45 minutes. Woo hoo. I gave my last thursday. Ha, let's have a laugh about last thursday. Then after my class tonite, we're gonna have a couple here, and go to a party, hope fully B-day girl doesn't puss out again.

There, I hope I went over and above for you Thoob. Chelsie is a sexy biotch.

Your lord and Master,

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