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[20 Jun 2003|09:17pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I absolutly hate first entrys.. i never really know the right thing to say in them..and they really end up stupid..
but I cant deicide if I want this journal to be friends only.. or public.. hm.
I know i can only have 10 friends on here, but they are going to be people I dont know.. becuase Im so sick of my friends reading my thoughts and.. my stuff, so.. yeah. I just, cant handle it. I feel like I cant express what really needs to be expressed..
yeah, well... anyway. My user name means being barefoot in the summer time.. I absolutly love it.. and Its not summer for *me* until I can walk around barefoot...
yeah.. i kinda like it.
mmm.. well, I have another blurty.. i'll give it out later probably. its an early adopter account..
yesh .. well.. im going to go now.. i have a horrible headache..

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