Misz Jeszica


18th April 2003

10:29pm: heyy.. i was real upset this mornin buh today got a lot betta.. so yah i couldnt go ta nj cuz they were thinkin kristi would kill me (but of course!) so it was dangerous n then yeh.. so i hadda stay here.. i was on tha phone wit kris when chris came ova.. nobodi was home tho.. onli mi uncle, who was sleepin.. errybodi else was juss like out.. so he came n asked if yasser was home n since he wasnt he left [?!] witout a "i love you" or a hug or a kiss.. nothin.. buh dat was ok cuz he called rite when he got home, asked if yasser was home [?!], asked if i could call him back afta i got off tha phone cuz he had asked me if i had somebodi on tha otha line n i said yeh n he was like ok call me back n i said naw i been talkin ta kristi fa awhile i could juss call her back n he was like naww its oky n yeh i ended up talkin ta kristi n then he called back sayin not ta call him back cuz he was gonna go ta tha mall wit his friend.. so that kinda sucked cuz i think he was thinkin of comin ovah which woulda been tha greatest since we havent kissed since sunday.. but yeh he went ta tha mall.. then i got off tha phone wit kris n called sara back from earlier n i was gonna talk ta her n luis buh he didn call her at tha time he was s'poseda n then i hadda go eat n then i called her back n she was talkin ta him n said she'd call me on 3-way buh then she never did.. maybe cuz tha phone rang buh nobodi was thea wen i picked up so0... yea i havent talked ta her since.. nicole was s'poseda call me today buh never did buh maybe she did n i didn kno bout it cuz i went out.. like ok first of all, danyalis (not sure if thass how u spell her name buh yassers cousin..) came ova.. shes 10, i met her 2 summers ago.. n her sista penelope, too.. i juss met her today.. shes 5.. dun speak mucho english.. so yea me n danyalis are like friends n all.. me, her, n yasser were playin football fa awhile n then we went inside n me n her went on tha comp ta listen ta music ((why is errybodi obsessed wit da song - > i kno whut u want < - now?? sara, danyalis, yasser, rodolfo...plus [mos importantly] me n chris)).. then we all went ta tha mall fa a lil buh not tha one we usualli go ta.. some different one.. it was aii.. then we came back.. me n yasser played catch.. then mi uncle dropped us off at tha movies 'n we saw anger management // it was funni as fuck.. then we were gonna call fa somebodi ta pick us up buh tha phone that tha security guard tol us ta use din work so we went ta tha otha side o' tha buildin ta see if there was a phone there n there wasnt.. it was funni.. then we went inside n found more phones but some chic was on tha onli one that worked.. it was kinda funni.. there was a buncha h0tt guys in front of tha movie theata.. i was checkin 'em all out n totalli forgettin bout chris ((i luhh you..<3 lol)) then aris came ta get us n when me n yasser were leavin, they were aheada us, we were down tha steps i saw tanis n he was like smilin at me n then he waved n i waved n i was smilin at him n he was like "how u doin?" n i was like "im good" n then anotha wave n i left.. still smilin.. lol.. i was like ta yasser - > thass tanis! n he was yellin somethin bout hookin up wit him n tellin chris or whatever.. uGh doRko.. he was tellin me like yesterday that chris did somethin wit some otha gerl buh he didn say who or whut or no details, na mean? real messed up.. gosta ask chris bout that.. prolli not gonna talk ta him tonight.. okii so i guess thats it.. except i juss ate a donut wit like chocolate frostin round tha top n sprinkles on one part.. it was good.. i devoured it in lika second.. lol.. n i have like half mi bag of reeses thingiies (them lil ones) in mi light blue sweater's pocket.. i was wearin that ovah aris'z green shirt that says "princess" in orange underlined wit like a couple lil orange jewels on tha letters n shizz.. its h0tt.. lol yeaa.. i guess thassit.. still disappointed that i couldn go tuh nj tho.. sucks like whoa.. maybe some otha time.. aH wEll.. ima be aii.. i gots mi babi back babi back babi back how about -chiliiz babi back ribs.. =) lol yeh i wish buh i got chris instead.. naahh im playin, im playin.. ribs would be great buh i love chris..
Current Mood: disappointed
Current Music: dilemma - > nelly 'n kelly
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