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17th April 2003

8:42pm: im a lil betta.. today was tha first day of spring break.. i woke up at 7:11 buh didn get outta bed till 9:34.. lol yea.. din do much today.. chris was over buh i didn even go upstairs so i didn see him.. spent mos of tha day talkin on tha phone.. first ta kristi.. then sara.. then nicki.. finalli tol her errythin thass been goin on wit me.. or pretti much errythin.. i didn mention a few of tha things that me n chris did.. lol.. she thought it was gross that we frenched so wuh u think she'd say if i tol her i let him suck mi titz.. anywayz.. back ta tha phone thing.. i talked ta chris fa like a few minutes.. at tha end he said he loved me, makin me feel a lil betta.. i wrote him like this 2 page note.. gonna giv it ta him tomorrow.. n i gotta find out how tha hell im gettin ta nj tomorrow.. jethro mite go ova krisz house so we could meet n all.. thass gonna be cool.. if i can even get there.. im willin ta do anythin.. like seriously anythin.. ill do wuh kris suggested n take tha train by miself.. n if they dun lemme then i guess ill juss sleep ova saras this weekend buh im definitely gonna be doin somethin n not gonna be here.. buh i realli wanna go so im bouta call mi mom n ask her if she could take me n if not ill ask if i could take tha train by miself.. hope i can go tho.. anywayz.. i talked ta katie on tha phone fa like 2 minutez before.. shez tryna say how jill flanagan iz nice!! omG! that gerl hatez me n i ain neva even do nuttin ta her so iss like she ain gotta reason ta hate me.. like tiffany said, she lovez ta start shit wit people.. tiffany kinda useda do that too.. idk why buh she realli useda hate me.. she got nicer tho.. i hope its not cuz she feels bad fa me tho cuz a lotta people did that.. i hate that.. people should seriously juss calm themselvez.. anyway.. im talkin ta jethro rite now.. hez not in da greatest mood.. all talkin bout bangin kris tho lol.. he realli realli hatez renee now.. wow steff juss IMed me.. i like never talk ta her anymore.. fa like forevah.. itz kinda messed up cuz we were friends frum 5th grade n then this yr we juss like . . yeh.. we're realli talkin tho now.. bout bread hitter.. lol thass ryan.. dun ask.. anyways.. uMm.. i went ta tha mall earlier.. not fa real long tho.. it was me, yasser, rodolfo 'n mi aunt n her mom were like somewhere else in da mall.. then we went ta da 99cent store ta get stuff fa tha campin trip nex weekend.. aHh cant wait fa that.. ok ima go call mi mom rite quick h0ld up n ill tell wuh happenz...
ok dat sucks.. phone was busi.. ima call her first thing in tha mornin.. wen she comes ta visit me she can take me back ta nj wit her.. hope she will tho.. i gotta see errybody.. i miss them sooo much i havent seen 'em since march 8th.. except kris on march 9th.. buh i didn even see errybodi that weekend.. juss kristi, katie, agnus, renee, mike d, helen, n i think that was realli it.. fa people that i had known befo tha parti i mean.. uGhh i gotta see deez people.. plus i gotta meet jethro.. hez a sweetheart.. alreadi like mi brotha buh i nevaa actualli met him.. iightie well i dun realli got much ta say except that i love chris so0 much n i hope he forgivez me n if he dun ima fuck him up.. =) peace out h0miiez..*
Current Mood: better
Current Music: cant let you go - > fabolous feat. lil mo
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