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GUESS WHO'S BIZACK?! [14 Oct 2003|12:19pm]
yea i know, it's been like i dunno.........a year since my last update?! hahaha.
I decided to make a comeback, because I am very bored right now, and well i dunno really. I wanted to start making a journal again, but i couldn't figure out a new I am updating this journal!

yea i have nothing to say right i guess i'll go find some friends LOL cuz im sure everyone deleted me LOL
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VACATION!!! [22 Aug 2003|12:03pm]
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Longest Walk Ever! [20 Aug 2003|07:46pm]
Hey..I just got back from a reeally really loong walk! Man it took forever! Luckily I had with me this little FM radio thing! People must have thought I was CRAZEE!! Cuz I was singing along to it...hehe!
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[20 Aug 2003|12:07pm]
don't go see uptown girls! it fucking sucks ass!
hey there! How is everyone today?! it is sooo fucking hot in my room right now! gad! Well I have some news for everyone about Josh. I probably told you thins before but I would like to state for the record that I melissa have officially dumped josh! I was being a bitch to him last night tho. I still like him........okay I still love him....but I don't want to anymore. I don't even know why. I guess it;s just the fact that I am going back to school and like he's most likley moving. But yea last night I told him I wanted to go out with him for a few weeks before school started...but like he is busy for like one solid week with work and like what is the point of going back out with him. He should have just stuck with what I said....IT IS OVER! But surprisingly I am happy about it. I am not crying over him or being depressed or anything! I couldnt be any happier!
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[19 Aug 2003|09:37am]
i love this blurty client makes me remember to update my journal like everyday! Melissa is coming over later....guess what we're gunna do?! LOL...yup u guessed it.....we're going to see Uptown Girls tonight. I'm excited!
I am going to Walmart later! I am goin to buy me some new shoes! WHOOO

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okay...continued.... [18 Aug 2003|08:57pm]
hey there...again......i can only be online like 10 minutes at a time....cuz of the power shortage...we're all trying to cut down on power usage.......that plus i got in shit today b/c im always on the computer.....

so umm....yesturday I told Josh that I had been doing some thinking.....which utimatley led to me breaking up with's kinda sad.....and I feel bad for doing it to him....but well I knew that we would prolly end up breaking up by the end of the summer neways....and well i didnt want to be all like heartbroken and shit when i had to go back to like i needed to do it. I feel so bad....and i wish that i never had to do it...but well things happen for a reason!

umm i dont really have a lot to say...except when i got home from my friends house...there was a picture of grant marshall and his daughter sitting there for me! btw..grants my second cousin!
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Back Home.... [18 Aug 2003|07:30pm]
Hey There! I am back home from my EXTREMLEY fun weekend with my best friend Ashley! Saturday night we went into Lansdown to visit her aunt and uncle and cousins. We turned on some music in her mom's car and we were dancing on the the dark. HEHE....we were drinkin' a bit. When we got back to her house we were drinking some more! Umm....yesturday we say around mostly and then we went into Gan.....the Festival of the Islands...and they had this fireworks it was awesome!

i enjoyed my weekend but i can't update anymore right now....i will later tho.....i have to get off my fucking computer b/c of my fucking stepmom is a psycho BITCH!
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hi [16 Aug 2003|12:08am]
hi i am melisa i sotnw even feel like keeping mt eyes open while i so tired and everythings getting dizzyness.....fuck this just s aec....

afmrel;r nkgkmrmt, dkjoup[o; im not high i just tired as FUCK!
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[15 Aug 2003|09:18pm]
bored and there's no one online right now!
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[15 Aug 2003|07:05pm]
hey day was fairly exciting! NOT! I sat around all day waiting for Josh to come over after he got off work. Then i got a text message from him and he asked me if i wanted to come over to his house after work. I sai yea sure y not I was at his house from like 3:45 to about 6:15.....he had to go back to work!

Power Outages SUCK! Kingston's like power is going out all over the place...and my dad told me that we had no power when i was gone! lucky me could possibly go out again.......god i heard the radio say something like 72 hours or some shit BOOOO

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[15 Aug 2003|12:03pm]
Okay last night was scary and emotional for me at the same time. The scary part was that there was no power. The power went out around 4:00 and well it was scary because there was no power. LOL....sorry! I am sure all of you have heard about this major power outage situation already. I know most of my friends were in the power grid, but for those who weren't consider yourselves LUCKY! Now for the emotional, romantic, movie type part of my night. I was so torn up over the whole Josh situation. I wrote this really long letter to him saying that I had to end it because all this waiting was driving me to tears. I text messaged him saying to come over after work and get the letter. He then called me and asked me what it was all about. He told me he didnt really want to come over because it would be akward for him since we were "just friends". I text messaged him again saiying to nevermind the letter because I got my answer about the just friends thing. He didn't call me back. About a half an hour later, the red van pulled into the driveway and I ran outside. It was Josh. He had came into town to pick up his niece and nephew, who live around the corner from me. We embraced in the longest hug ever, and we had the best kiss ever. My face was red from crying earlier and I kept apologizing to him. He told me that we couldnt be friends anymore, but the reason was that "we're going out!" I almost broke down right there because then I knew I couldnt break up with him anymore. I got my answers and I was so filled with happiness I almost bursted! Then he had to go back home before it got too dark. We kissed good-bye and then the strangest thing happened. When we went to say "I love you" we both said it at the exact same time. AWWW aint love sweet?! And that's the end of my crazy love fest! Now back to the power thing....we chased a cat out of our yard in the pitch black and we played shadow puppets on the wall. We tried to make light of the situation, no pun intended. and now i go because my hand is cramping up!

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[14 Aug 2003|03:25pm]

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16 more days! i think LOL [14 Aug 2003|01:12pm]
hey....i decided to update yet again! Not much is going on here. I am fucking bored and hot! Tomorrow I might be going to my friend Ashley's house for the weekend.....she's my best friend from Public School! We'll probably just chill out and maybe head over to Gan for the fireworks. I am excited b/c all summer we wanted to chill out together.....but we never really before the summer is over, we are getting together! I wish I had a job, as wierd as that sounds, I need to save up some money, just in case this whole college thing doesn't work out. Then I will have 6 months to get a job (if i havent found one) and move out of this house. I wanna get an apartment like NOW.....I don't really know why I want to..I guess it's just time for me to get on my way and be on my own! I've been looking in the papers for jobs that are fairly close to where I live, so i don't have to worry about a ride to work, but no luck yet!
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[12 Aug 2003|04:09pm]
Okay, I just got home from Josh's house. Yeah, I know I said that I was going to get away from him for a few days, but I just can't resist him because he is tooo darn cute. So he called me last night and he asked if I wanted to come over. I said "Yea, Sure!", and well he had to go drop off his friend Jerry out at the trailer park. Fuck, what a treat! The two together are like crazy! hehe and to top it all off....they are Both hockey players and they just finished practice and they smelled really bad and they swore the whole way to Jerry's trailer. The interesting oart of my night was when I had to pay for the gas. I got out of the car and Josh taught me how to pump ass....err gas (LOL Jerry). Then I proceeded to pay and they took off up the road, leaving me stranded in Boonville. Luckily for me, they pulled a U-Turn and came back.....Josh blamed the idea on Jerry. Ya, Josh and I finally got back to his house, safe and sound! THX GOODNESS! I spent the night there and most of the day. I had to make Pizza! So now I am home! I am also beginning to get bored again. I need to get out and Do Sumptin!


[Edit] Last Night I Watched Nightmare On Elm Street 4!! Holy Fuck...I Took It Like A 'Man' And Tried To Watch It But As Soon As It Was Over And(fuck the caps at each word lol) we were going to go to bed, Josh found something to watch on TV and I went into the bedroom alone. The House was dark and I freaked out! Then when he came into the room he like threw the blanket at me and i flipped out! LOL! Wow, I had some whacked out dreams because of that damn movie! Anyways, I am done with that edit. I didnt think I would type THAT much! LOL [/edit]
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Shameless Plug [11 Aug 2003|05:11pm]
Go Join my Lyrics Community!!

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major update today! LOL [11 Aug 2003|12:10pm]
Hello there! I never update and I've been getting some complaints LOL...So I think I owe a few people a good solid journal update. Well I am still pretty sick today. I caught my step mom's cold. Cold's really suck!!! So I am also pretty tired today because I had those sick dreams or whatever you wanna call them. I have also decided that I am not going to think about my boyfriend for a few days. I spent 2 whole days with him and I feel kinda sick of him. I don't want to fall out of love with him, so I am secretly taking a break from him. He doesn't know this, but well I wanna keep it like this. If he calls me or talks to me on MSN that's fine, but I just don't wanna have to think about the future or our relationship right now and by doing this little break thing, it'll make it not so hard when he has to move away. I hate the thought of him moving because we've been together for like 5 months, but he chose the life of a hockey player and well his talent will take him places, and I totally respect that! Plus, I have to try to concentrate on school for the next two years because I am going to college. I am very nervous about it. There are only a couple of weeks left before my first day of college, so I hope I can deal with them and get my mind all focused on my studies. What else?! hmm......ooh, yesturday I spent like a $100!! I went to Staple's and bought some school supplies, which by the way I think I am all set for the supplies. Then I went to the mall and looked around for like an hour before eventually finding a great deal. Two pairs of jeans for $50. They are nice jeans!! Umm so that left me with like 30 bucks and I lost it all on Bingo! YES BINGO! I finally went to bingo with my stepmom! It was amusing b/c I was sick and well I got really frustrated because I wasn't winning LOL. So now I am broke once again. I just finished calling my supervisor at my "job" asking her why I didn't get paid for my only shift this summer. LOL!! I should get about $40 for that shift. I didn't even work at the University all summer like I had planned. But ah well I still managed to get some cash babysitting for my stepmom and some friends of my dad. Okay, I hope you all are happy now that I have finally updated my journal. Keep checking in, because there should be more to come!



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[10 Aug 2003|10:23pm]
im sick! i have a headache and my chest hurts and im coughing! BOOOOOOO

ummm so i think im going to get some sleep!

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[06 Aug 2003|11:19am]
[ music | It's Your Love -- Tim McGraw ]

Omg the movies last night was awesome! I love that movie so much! WOW Stifler is soo fucking HOT!!! YEA!

well i have nothing to do at all and well i think I will go watch some other movie now!


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[05 Aug 2003|12:24pm]
hello there!

Today I hope will be an exciting day full of adventure! has already begun! I went to make myself a PB and J sandwich....and to my surprise and horror as well, there were these little ants crawling all over the counter where I had just been making my lunch. OMFG I grabbed the sandwich out of my mouth and threw it! It was the grossest thing EVER! Later today, Melissa is going to be coming over and well we are gunna hang out around my neighbourhood for a while.. and then we will head downtown for some dinner and then we're going to go and see American Wedding!!!! I am sooooo excited because well I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time because I had a feeling that the people from American Pie would finally make a third movie....and they DID!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I hope my dream doesn't come true. Last night I had a dream where I went to a Fronts Game...the exhibition pre-season game! And they had all these really ugly players and some of the guys from last season too, but they had new uniforms and they were all ugly and they had like smilies on it instead of the Count! booo-urns!!! Wow the dreams have started already. I am sooo hockey deprived. I don't get the NHL Network here at my dad's house.....and my b/f's games suck...b/c they aren't really important games, they;re more practices than anything else and he doesnt want me to go to them. So I have to live without the fucking games! LOL bored and well im done typing for now! so

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30 days in counting till the nacs game! yippee! [03 Aug 2003|02:08pm]
hello all! I am back from my lovely little vacation with my grandmother! I felt sooo fucking home sick..and love sick..i guess....for the whole week! But i got over that last night when my dad and little sister came to pick me up! and then when i got home i called josh and he came to pick me up and we went to his house! and i spent the night and i just got home not that long ago! holy fuck last night was awesome! i missed him soooo much!!

sadly today i feel like shit! I totally downed a Big Mac in like a minute! and i feel like my head is going to explode and im dizzy and very tired! to top it all off i have to babysit tonite and i can't cancel cuz its just too late to do so!

I am all alone today! my parents went to a family reunion type thing in Lyndhurst......and yea i didnt want to im here all alone :(........wut a shame lol

well i guess i am going to go get some later!!! good to be home!
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