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PVT Ambrosch, Christof's Journal

14th December, 2004. 4:58 pm.

ladies and gentlemen...this will be, hopefully, my last entry in blurty. i have switched to livejournal.

feel free to visit there.

Current mood: happy.
Current music: *** 1437. Rafael Mendez - Moto Perpetuo.

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13th December, 2004. 7:54 pm. well...

that wasnt too bad...i guess...i got a gi joe from crystal...thanks!!! im so happy now!

Current mood: cheerful.
Current music: queen - i want to break free.

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13th December, 2004. 12:32 am.

this is the car i am currently interested in. it is located near my house and i like it mucho.

1959 Studebaker Lark VI

Current mood: bored.

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12th December, 2004. 7:46 pm. yep

here we go...the begining of hell

Current mood: awake.
Current music: classical - Artunian Trumpet Concerto.

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12th December, 2004. 11:24 am. eh

eh...this weekend is flying by...but oh well. i have two finals tomorrow and my jury...which i personally cant wait to get done and over with. that is going to be nerve racking. i dont even want to say if im ready for it or not cause i wont know til i get there.cause everything changes with nerves. oh well...all i gotta do is breathe. man...i really like this car that this guy is selling. its a 1959 Studebaker Lark VI. beautiful. the interior needs to be redone but the outside is fine and it runs good too. heres a brief description of what this is...
...well, thats all for now. time to relax for a bit and then practice, and then back to school to study theory with jamie hopefully...then practice some more. see yall.

Current mood: blank.
Current music: Larry the Cable Guy - The Worst Dentist I've Been To.

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9th December, 2004. 11:34 pm. ugh

shoot still tired.

Current mood: gloomy.
Current music: *** 1001. jars of clay - flood.

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9th December, 2004. 7:04 am. oh man...

shoot tired.

Current mood: tired.
Current music: I WANT TO BREAK FREE.

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8th December, 2004. 10:26 pm. whew

its done...the concert is done...finally. shaafatullah khan can go home now...yes

Current mood: relieved.
Current music: *** 2160. YOU RE MY BEST FRIEND.

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8th December, 2004. 4:29 pm. tonight

ugh...tonight is the "wonderful" concert with shaafatula khan...ugh, i dont like him at all. he made changes last night...the day before the concert. oh well, the christmas concert should be ok though...come one and come all. starts at 7...the christmas concert is at 8:15. see ya there.

Current mood: artistic.
Current music: *** 1449. Rafael M?ndez - Canto Moro.

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8th December, 2004. 3:16 pm.

wow...this blurty client thingy is liking this a lot better than the web browser...neato

Current music: orge Strait - Cowboys Like Us.

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