08:02am 10/05/2003
mood: tired
Another journal. Technically, since I'm getting this one after blogger, it should work better with my computer. But it's not. -__-;; It's refusing to coorporate with me, dammit!

*Sigh* I gotsa start getting the settings and stuff done...so I'll update when I have more to update.
03:04pm 10/05/2003
  You are Beer!
You are Beer! You're laid-back, casual, and
unpretentious--even though most college kids
worship you as a god.

Which alcoholic beverage are you?
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  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, What Fruit Basket Character are you?, is Tohru

    ...:P Well. I'm just the normal average anime school girl, aren't I?