07:39pm 03/06/2003

My friend is being slightly suicidal...actually, more than slightly...will update more later...mebbe...if she gets better soon...
Damn you Mother.   
06:43pm 12/05/2003
  *Is so hating my mom right now*

Okay...on the way home from the library...

Mom: "I don't want you to go to the library after school anymore, Lulu. You can only go if there are clubs after school and you cannot find a ride home. You must tell me beforehand if there is a club that day. You're taking time out of my work."
Me: "You don't have to come at six. Just come whenever you get out of work."
Mom: "That'll be too late. And you'll be spending too much on snacks that way. Anyway, how can you get any studying done with your friends? Do your teachers require you to study with friends? I don't think so."
Me: *thinking:You've never grown up as a teenager in this country, okay? So shut the fuck up.* "...Nooo. But the teachers know that we don't feel motivated to study if we do it alone. And we can get a lot of studying done with friends. It's more fun, and I actually learn."
Mom: "I don't care. Anyway, you can only go to the library if there's something that requires you three working together."
Me: *twitch twitch* "...We have a quiz tomorrow. Ms. Jones is crazy and she gives us a quiz every single frekin' day."
Mom: "Stop arguing with me right now or I'll slap you. Right in front of your friends. I'm saving your reputation, so you need to respect mine, too."
Me: *thinking: Saving my reputation, huh? Did I somehow miss that in our nice conversation there, or did the aliens kidnap the Lulu from the library?*

...UGGGGGGGGGH. Mother's Day my ass...
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03:04pm 10/05/2003
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  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, What Fruit Basket Character are you?, is Tohru

    ...:P Well. I'm just the normal average anime school girl, aren't I?

    08:02am 10/05/2003
    mood: tired
    Another journal. Technically, since I'm getting this one after blogger, it should work better with my computer. But it's not. -__-;; It's refusing to coorporate with me, dammit!

    *Sigh* I gotsa start getting the settings and stuff done...so I'll update when I have more to update.