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[16 Jan 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well thanks to Hobmom for creating a backup Blurty since LJ went down yesterday.

I used to be very active in Blurty, till I found LJ was free! I just realise I have not updated here for 14 months .... eeeek!!!

Well I shall still stick to LJ as my main journal, and GJ as number 2 I guess. So many ....

Brightest blessings to all and sundry,
the BeB

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Hope you all had a good Samhain ... [02 Nov 2003|11:21am]
This is just a quickie ... hope all had a good Hallowe'en.

We dressed as witches and went trick or treating ... well Fern dressed as a pumpkin and looked great!!

So, so, busy and its lovely.

Went to Glastonbury again yesterday (Saturday) spent too much as usual. More crystals and some books. Went to Chalice Well ... so inspiring. Must bring some water back next time.

And the Tor, well ... Steve and Fern can go but don't think I will venture up the top .... eeeeeeeekkkk ... vertigo too bad !!

blessed be
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Now this I CAN handle ... [12 Oct 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Angels ]

This sounds like a very nice idea ...

Elijah's Baby
Elijah Wood should be the father of your baby!
You already know what a great looking kid Lij
was... not to mention talented. It's in the bag
as far as the success for your little tooth-
sweetie, but should Elijah stray, remember to get a
good lawyer and score a huge check each month
to pay for Gymboree!

Whose BABY from the Lord of the Rings cast should you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

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[04 Oct 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Loreena McKennit *sigh* she is so wonderful ]

Oooooh my, I have been naughty. No updating for weeks and weeks. So busy, at work all day, then Frolijah perving at night with my online friends.

Oh, yes, c'est moi absolut:

Wicca Result
You are Wiccan. Calm and peacful, you are in tune
with nature. You cast spells to cure people,
and will never hurt a living thing. You are
skilled at just about everything. Now go
purify that new Athame. WICCA

What religion does your personality match up to?
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Oh My, it's been so long ... [24 Aug 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Oh dear, it really has been so long since I updated ... I think we are all slipping a bit with this !!!

So busy at the moment ...

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Waaaaa! I am SO behind on here ... [13 Aug 2003|07:59am]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | Loreena McKennit - The Lady of Shalott - my fave poem EVER ]

OMG I am slacking dreadfully - it is about THREE WEEKS since I updated on here - it was going to be a daily thing, if not more.

Mind you, I notice no-one else has been posting either! So much has been happening. Busy, busy.

The weather is so hot - the hottest day ever recorded in the UK on Sunday - 101 degrees at Gravesend in Kent. Yikes! Too much. Nice for the school summer holidays though. Yahoo has been very difficult - apparently there is/was a virus. It seems okay this morning though - touch WOOD - oh yes please!!!!!!!! LOL

Darling sweet Elijah .... hey only a few days to the release of the TTT DVD!!!! Goody! Looking forward to the additional stuff - I just love Frodo out-takes ... yum yum.

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OMG I am behind again .. [26 Jul 2003|11:10am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

What has been happening? Funny old week. Fern's sports day on Monday - she was all excited, then at 10 am we got a phone call to say she had been sick as a dog so I went to collect her from school. She seemed very poorly - sick and very hot and sweaty. So she missed her sports day. But thankfully she seemed back to normal by the afternoon.

Tuesday I felt very unwell too so didn't go into work, then was told later on that they didn't need me there any more as the girl who had been off sick was back or something. Haven't heard anything from the agency for the rest of this week - the girl who deals with the bookings was apparently off and I feel a bit peed off about all that. Worried about money. Will ring them first thing Monday.

Our friend Maureen is coming to stay on Wednesday 6th for a couple of days so I will not be able to work for those days. Can't to see her and show her our new house and round about. Need to straighten up the spare room - maybe do that today.

It is 11.15 am, Saturday morning - OMG I didn't wake up until an hour ago - the last few days I have felt so b****dy knackered, completely exhausted, physically and mentally - think it must be all the stress of the last few months finally catching up. Just feel like I need a good rest - again both physically and mentally - to rejuvenate myself - a lovely holiday would be nice - some hope!!! Haha!!! Still I love it here and shouldn't complain as we are so lucky really. I just feel I want to sleep all the time - preferably cuddled up to Elijah. Mmmmm that would be nice.

Fern broke up from school for the summer holidays on Wednesday and doesn't go back until September 7th or somesuch date ---- mmm that reminds me must look up the date. They didn't send a letter from school on her last day saying the return date - these schools are so slapdash. They expect a lot from the parents but don't seem to give much info in return. Still her new school seems better than the old one. At least they don't keep asking for us to send in money all the time for assorted things!

Well need some breakfast now. The weather has been pouring the last few days, on and off. Went to Barrington Court again yesterday afternoon - it turned out hot after all the rain. We love it there. The house and gardens are beautiful. Bought some more crystals - I keep them in a little pot by the bed. I bought a snowflake obsidian and blue lace agate. Oh yes, we went to Lyme Regis on Wednesday, the last day of Fern's school year. Just Steve and me. They have a wonderful fossil shop, as of course this is the most famous place for fossils in the country. Everything is fossils and rocks. I bought more crystals there - amazonite and labradorite - to promote and self-love and spirituality respectively, amongst other things. Well I could do with some self-love, I am pretty spiritual already, but think they only do good anyway - they are such lovely things to hold and look at.

Wow this was a long epistle. Yikes!!!! Off to get my breakfast now.

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[23 Jul 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Wow, thanks Dar for the report on the CC! Oh to see Lij 10ft away .... *can't control herself ...*

Oh my!!! Glad you all had such a good time. Sean sounds adorable. *sigh*

Think this is all I have time for at the moment.

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[19 Jul 2003|06:52pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Weather Report ]

Oh dear I am slacking and haven't been updating as I should. So little time, as usual. At least the weather is cooler now. Phew, it was hot.

Dar and Mbaggins are lucky ladies and have hopefully seen Lij at the Comic-Con today. Wish I could have been there!! Waiting for Dar's update.

Thanks to Cathy, bought a microphone and sussed out how to use the voice chat on Yahoo IM. Never even thought of it before. Stupid me!!

Had a barbecue this evening, it was really nice. Had an easy day really. Have had weeks and weeks of just dashing about and no time to relax. Nice to take things a bit easier. Tomorrow will be busy again though - Fern has tennis at 10 am and likes us to stay and watch, and we go swimming in the evening, which is good.

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Naughty lack of updates ... [14 Jul 2003|06:50pm]
[ mood | hot ]

But so little time ... gosh what a busy week, and frantic weekend. Saturday was the first "Pervy Hobbit Fanciers UK Mini Convention" LOL - Rue and I met in Taunton, with our families, and had a lovely afternoon! We looked around the castle museum, had a drool about Elijah (of course!!!) and talked about everything. Our children all got on famously together.

Hope to get together again around Christmas, when Rue will hopefully be coming down to her parents in Devon. She has a very long journey back to Scotland tomorrow, and they are stopping off on the way to sail round the coast! About 10 days trip I think. Photos should be up in EE3 when I can get Yahell to take 'em!!!

My daughter had her tennis lesson yesterday (Sunday) then we went shopping for a mike for the computer for Yahoo chats! Didn't even know what it involved until I chatted with Cathy (MHobbit) and heard her sexy voice over the the computer the other day!!! LOL

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Ho Hum .... Wednesday already! [09 Jul 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well I am having a busy week at work, and my hubby is happily doing the school run! Went swimming again tonight, all three of us, as soon as I got home. It has been so hot and sticky today so it was a relief to get into the water!

My pervy friends you may like to re-check out my website - "Bagendbabe's Elijah Wood Site" - linked here - I haven't updated much for ages but yesterday I did manage to update the front page with a few new bits of writing and a new pic of our darling!!! I was going to make the time to change quite a few photos and comments but - damn damn, I couldn't get onto the other pages to change them!!!! Worldbreak seemed very slow and lots of things it just wouldn't do - it has actually been that way for the last few days. Be reassured I will try again in a day or two. No time tonight - awfully busy lol. BTW I would really appreciate comments in my guestbook from any fellow pervs who haven't already commented. Thanks to all for the lovely, nice things you have said. Maybe one day when I know a bit more about HTML I will upgrade the site to a paid one and do lots more things but - and a big but - I need to learn more thingies and - most importantly, need lots of time which I simply just do not have at present.

Now it is 10.15 pm - hopefully daughter asleep - I want to go and take a shower and relax and tune in at 11.15 to "Sex Tips For Girls" - hubby and I will enjoy watching that together .... um nice ...

That's all for today!

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Sunday ... [07 Jul 2003|01:06am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Today our daughter started tennis coaching lessons - how long this will last, don't know. She does seem to have an ability for it - powerful thwacks and being tall is a big advantage. Just depends if she is able to put some consistant effort into it!

Went to Lytes Cary Manor and Tintinhull Gardens this afternoon. Both beautiful gardens, and both having beautiful herbaceous borders. Had to fight impulse to buy plants - no room for any more!!! Gardening is so addictive ...

All went swimming this evening - Fern finally putting in some real effort and her efforts finally paid off. She has suddenly mastered it and hopefully will improve fast now.

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Saturday ... [05 Jul 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Had my hair styled this morning for the first time in years - it looks really nice and I am going to try, through regular visits to the hairdresser, to get it into really good condition.

Then we went shopping to get some new school shoes for my daughter, with many tantrums. Just hope the ones she insisted on buying don't hurt. Luckily they were only cheap £6.99. She is in trouble here - for some ridiculous reason she hid the key to the back door last night and can't find it anywhere - I think she put it in the garden somewhere. So she has forfeited her pocket money this week to pay for a new key and is grounded for today.

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this is fun ... [04 Jul 2003|08:54pm]
You excel at Divination. The future eludes and
excites you thats why you can't wait and see
for yourself, you need to know NOW. Looks like
a lot of people are dying soon...

Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Now, what's been happening? [04 Jul 2003|08:48pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | Evanescence - they are SO wonderful ... *sigh* (again again) ]

Well lots. I have been at work full time for most of this week - in a temporary job. I am really enjoying it - nice being back in touch again! Steve sent off the acceptance forms and cheque for the Driver Training Course. Should start that really soon!

Think I am getting a cold. Had horrid headache and my head feels sooooo heavy and full of snot !! Yukkk!

Now it's the weekend .... aah. Lie in tomorrow morning, I hope! Dream about Elijah, I hope!!!! Lie in bed awake and dream about Elijah/Frodo, I hope!!!!!!

Need to put up more pictures and I think very soon it will be the time ...... hmmmmm

Getting my hair styled tomorrow, for a special treat - maybe I will look less like an old witch LOL!!!

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Awwwww ....... [01 Jul 2003|08:39pm]
Concerning Hobbits
Which Lord of the Rings Soundtrack theme are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
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Oooh, what nicer thing to be ... [01 Jul 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Loreena McKennit (thanks again to Dar) ]

Flick! You're Frodo's Nipple. Aw, don't be so

Which Hobbit Body Part are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh how lovely to be Frodo's nipple! Or to do things to Frodo's nipple .... oh HELL.... yes I know, this is supposed to be a CLEAN journal ...

OMG my back hurts tonight!!! I have always had problems with my back, but now most of the time it hurts just between the shoulder blades and just under .... when I had a spinal block anaesthetic before my Caesarian section to give birth to my daughter, the anaesthetist had a lot of problems getting the needle in ... she said the bone was "calcified" ... sounds horrible, I suppose the vertebrae are all fusing together that's why I get such pain ... all the years of sitting at a typewriter/computer, I suppose, haven't helped at all .... anyway that sounds horrid!!! I have a back like an old fossil!!! LOL

Very hot and sticky again today ...

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Busy day yesterday ... [01 Jul 2003|07:33am]
[ mood | okay ]

Yesterday Steve went to Exeter for an interview about the driving instructor thingy, and of course I went with him. Hope to get the wheels in motion *sorry not meant to be a pun LOL*

Very hot day again. I went in afternoon to start new temp job - only for a couple of hours.

Going to feel tired today ... I know. My back is going to kill me.

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oh sweet Elijah ... [01 Jul 2003|07:31am]
You fawn over Elijah Wood, the "Paul
McCartney" of the four hobbits! You can't
have John Lennon without Paul McCartney, who
amazingly, Dom and Lij have become. When apart,
they are gentlemen, but together, you know that
the party will never get dull, wrecking havoc
on the cities nightlife and posing for odd
photos in the daylight. But even Paul McCartney
wanted to be alone sometimes. Elijah is the
quiet geek with big, blue eyes, and the face of
a roman sculpture which has every girl swooning
over him. Be warned, he does drink when with
friends and smokes a pack a day though. He
loves his friends more than his career, and
loves his career more than women, and feels he
should expirience all that he can while he's
still young, because there will always be time
for serious relationships later in life.
Wouldn't YOU wait up for him? He doesn't like
dumb blonde's. He is prone to more intellegent
girls who can hold up an in-depth conversation
about music, politics, or Tolkien, who act
naturally and will not put up a front just to
impress him. He gets enough of that from his

Which hobbit actor are you REALLY in love with?
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[29 Jun 2003|10:23pm]
You're a Stalker Hobbit! You're obsessed with
another Hobbit, proud of it and if anybody else
tries your ma-oops Hobbit, you'll kill 'em

What Hobbit type are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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