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[17 May 2003|10:13am]
this is me updating.
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[07 Nov 2002|08:42pm]
i swear to you, this is the last time i update today..but BRING THE MUTHAFUCKIN RUCKUS!

SAT NOV 16 2002 DRS 9PM

seeing as i didn't get to go to big bud..i will be there. any any and everyone from ontario should go too.
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[07 Nov 2002|08:15pm]

hi, i'm boo and if i see another fucking avril lavigne journal, i'm going to have to take harsh action.

1)a boy who reminds me of kurt cobain has fallen deeply in love with me and proceeds to leave elaborate love messages on my phone.

2)i have found the key to the universe. simply download 'players anthem' by big L and 'superman' by capital j. play simultaneously and it will all be explained.
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[07 Nov 2002|07:31pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Apoptygma Berserk - Paranoia ]

gonna go out and run errands with mah momma today cos i'm bored and maybe that lovely agreeable woman will buy me stuff. jeeeeez, somebody *cough* BAILEY *cough* is a spoiled ungrateful brat. but an honest one to boot. anywaaaays..i'm a really amazingly lonely person, i've discovered. and it's not because i dont have friends, or a boyfriend, or a family. i have all of those, cept for the boyfriend. i'm surrounded by fucking people on all sides, but somehow i'm still lonely. it's definately a burden i've brought upon myself. i'm lonely, but i'm too paranoid and unsure of people to let them into my heart. so basically, until i open up and become HUMAN again, no new friends. X:( i think i spent too much time in richmond hill, which admittedly is full of really awesome people who i love and adore with all my lame-core heart, but they fuck eachother over constantly. close friends fuck eachother over constantly. that scares me. i guess once you've been exposed to that type of environment for too long, you get scurred. plus i dont even know how many of them really hate my guts under the nice facade. all my toronto friends are either not around, just as bored and miserable as i am, or busy doin other shit. mostly shit that i dont want to get involved in. this is one of those times when i absofuckinlutely hate life and all that it's offering me. where the hell is my mom? she prolly bailed on me too. can't blame her, really.

i wonder if this is after-E sadness, or actual sadness. or both. i have reasons to be sad, so it's not out of nowhere. but should i be this sad? blah, guess only time will tell. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NEED TO BE HANGED.

k. have a good one.

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