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and the wind cries mary... 8 Aug 2005-05:22pm
mood - giddy
music - jimi hedrix - foxy lady

hey, back once again. this is kind of nice because im actually updating now.. and all the old entries are like going away.. :-P
so me and derek have been hanging out, its been really nice. its nice to have someone who cares about you. :) i hung out with him last night, and today.
my week this week is packed. and i love it, it actually feels like i have plans and things to do. tonight me and shea are heading up to her moms house to chill with her mom and her brother. tomorrow im going to canobie lake with my cousins and shea. that should be so much fun. wednesday my mom took the day off and were gonna go to the beach. thursday im gonna head to the beach again with derek. and friday i have to work unfourtunately. :( im gonna try to work wednesday night too.
my 311 concert is in a week from friday!!! im so psyched. its gonna be sooooo fucking ill. im gonna get smoked up by aaron flynn and jeff. i mean cmon. what could be better than that/

well im gonna go change and head up to winthrop. peace.


I'm not dreaming. 5 Aug 2005-04:59pm
mood - excited
music - 311 - transistor/singlemalt

hello, im back again.. this time with spectacular news.
derek called me on wednesday and asked if i wanted to go see a movie with him on friday, and obviously im stoked. :) but yeah wednesday i ended up having a crapload of people over to have a cook out and i had to go to the store to get hotdogs and rolls and shit and i ended up seeing him and i invited him over after he got out of work and he ended up coming over! :) it was nice. and i saw him yesterday at work to. but now its friday and im so excited, im gonna meet up with him at about 7ish. :) yay!

in other news, i have a new job coming!!! :):) i might be getting a job in the main office in the advertising and sign shop departments. which also means a co-op job!! i know im awsome. i cant wait until i start working, the only down side to it is that i have to dress up and i really dont want to. i like my jeans and flip flops. another thing thats cool is im still keeping my courtesy booth job also. and ill be working for the same company so all of this goes onto one check :) pimpness!!!! thats me.

im in an exceptionally good mood today. :)


swinging from such great heights... 2 Aug 2005-03:08pm
mood - anxious
music - pink floyd - comfortably numb

hey, im back again. this time not to rant, as much at least :-P
well today my hott neighbor called me and invited me to go and see a movie with him friday... :) which makes me super happy. it was nice too because he talked to me for a little bit. plus last night i called my work to see if he was working, but unfourtunately he wasnt. but i think his friend brandon told him i called for him. maybe thats why he called me today. i dont really care, because he still called me.
i just dont know what to say to sinatra.. i feel bad but i just want to be friends with him. i should of never kissed him.. im such a dumbass. :( oh well. ill figure out some way to fix this.
i wish i had more money. im so friggin poor. it sucks my ass. maybe i should just stop smoking as much pot. i mean i spent $40 on it already this week, and im looking to buy more today.. :-P oh well.
by the way im starting to work out. its nice. i wanna be hott looking for when i go back to school. because i have a mission to be popular.. its my last year of highschool.. its gonna be fucking crazy, i know it. at least i hope so. :-P
well i have to go pick up shea from therapy.. i think shes mad at me, but im not too sure why. :( it sucks. i dont want her to be mad. ugh/ well im off


well well.. 1 Aug 2005-10:04pm
mood - bitchy
music - 311 - lucky

hello.. im back again... i like this journal.. i dont really know why i left it in the first place. maybe because i had nothing really to say, like usual. but thats okay. im fine with having nothing to say.
in other words.
the summer is almost over now.. i have to go back to school and it will be my very last year of school. at least regular school not counting college. its kind of scary that ill be 18 in a couple of months too. i dunno. i just feel kind of lost lately with everything, and i feel like i should be so sure of myself. i try to be. but deep down im really scared of the future.
i dont really know whats going on with my guy situation at the moment. i mean chris(my ex) still confesses that he loves me. and you know i do have a connection with him but i know i cant have another serious relationship with him. seth never calls me, which is a bummer because hes super sweet.
but i do like my neighbor.. well at least i think hes hott. he asked me for my number the other day and i obviously gave it to him.. but he didnt call me when he said he would which was dissapointing, but he did call me later in the week to apologize for not calling me. so i guess its alright.
i guess i kinda just wish i had someone who understood me. it sucks.
i dont know im just ranting. deal with it.


muahaha!!! 29 Aug 2003-04:55pm
mood - relaxed
music - blink

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