08:10pm 08/09/2003
  ooohhh shoooooottt!

mos h on your h ead b u sta h!

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07:06pm 15/04/2003
  MOST everyone and MOST everything is a huge disappointment lately.

lack of character. oh yeah.

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you suck you suck you suck   
09:44am 15/04/2003
mood: okay
I'm in photo class but i'm updating this thing instead. i havn't written a lot yet but believe me, i will soon.
i still can't figure how to post in the communities, i'm so dumb
ya me and rich= a couple now :) so cute. we are going to see madball soon together
my teacher totally kicked me out of class last period she's a bitch
and my parents think i'm the worst kid in the world.... i just want to do something "bad" so they can see how could i WAS
ya i'm going to get in trouble for writting in this thing so i better go!

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01:39pm 11/04/2003
  i worked like all day yesterday, sucked soooo much. blah!

tonight rise up fest in pitts! YES!

soon im going to write like the juiciest entry ever, you just wait!!

i have to run now thougH!!

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07:51am 09/04/2003
  First entry! i used to have a ujournal but ujournals are so slow so i decided to make the switch! i'm joining some communities, hopefully i'll find some people that will be put me on their friend's list. Even though my life is dull it feels good to have some people comment sometimes :)
well if anybody reads this... ADD ME!
ok well i g2g, i'm going to a show tonight! *smiles*

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