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[14 Oct 2004|02:19pm]
LIFE Is all about ASS (big and bold)

You're either covering it.. (fade) laughing it off..(fade) kicking it..(fade) kissing it..(fade) busting it (fade) or trying to get a piece of it
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[05 Oct 2004|04:02pm]
done w/blurty.

new LJ - www.livejournal.com/users/backstarr/

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[05 Oct 2004|02:59pm]
love this song )
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janelle this ones for you! LoL [05 Oct 2004|01:40pm]
There's a teacher in a small Texas town. She asks her class how many of them are Bush fans. Not really knowing what a Bush fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raise their hands except one boy--Johnny. The teacher asks Johnny why he has decided to be different. Johnny says, "I'm not a Bush fan." The teacher says, "Why aren't you a Bush fan?" Johnny says, "I'm a John F. Kerry fan." The teacher asks why he's a Kerry fan. The boy says, "Well, my mom's a Kerry fan, and my Dad's a Kerry fan, so I'm a Kerry fan!" The teacher is kind of angry, because this is Texas, so she says, "What if you're Mom was a moron, and you're dad was an idiot, what would that make you?" Johnny says, "That would make me a Bush fan."
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GET R DONE [05 Oct 2004|12:52am]
[ mood | confused ]

holy shit. today's been rough! i just got done w/a paper. 2 1/2 hours...TOO LONG. but yea i went to school n took a psych test. that was rough. then realized that my voter registration form was wrong and today was the last day. so i had to go to secretary of the state. made it with a half hour to spare. but that was what all of the mid eastern part of michigan thought cuz they were all there too! i walked in took my number ((47)) and looked up only to descover they were only on like 11! HA. oh it doesn't end there. Now 200 times more hungrier than i was when i walked in there i deccided i was going to get food and go to chris'. oh was i wrong....

more of my bad day )

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[04 Oct 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | nelly and tim - over and over again!! ]

ughh i'm so tired. i love my schedule cuz i have no school fridays. and my class on monday doesn't start until 12.30! ha and after this long ass weekend i needed this sleep in time! <3 but a shower is definitly needed and stuff about this weekend will be on here later. it was nutz! adios

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happpy octuber! [01 Oct 2004|03:37am]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | all i hear is the noiise of halo ]

adam and ross legacy are playing halo and i'm on blurty makin it lagggg- this is every1whos... ross legacy adam K! ross bru kelsey holz, tom tom jess jp and kyle jewston ! lol i went to the soccer game and hung out w.tara n them ! loveee them. i saw tina and i think that she still hates me. ahh. kelsey is sleepin and i'm tired as crazy! its only thursday night and i'm lovin it! lol hell yea. tom tom just got a a bloody lip cuz kels jacked him in the face with a marshmallow launcher!!! WTF is goin on!! thats fuckin nuts! LoL but i'm outta here!

ChRISTOPHER MICHAEL HARVEY- i love you so much babe!! see you at lunch tomorrow!!!

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[28 Sep 2004|07:19pm]
[ mood | drained ]

consider this night a disaster

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bitch.ass.bo [28 Sep 2004|12:39pm]
fuckin dog. i got up at 8 this morning to finish my paper and stuff. well my dog started to go nuts cuz something was outside. well turns out it was ryans dog. THE ONE I'M SCARED TO DEATH OF!!! big ass husky! and it was out. some lady chased him for a while then when i went outside she had bo and i got my dogs leash for her. i started talkin to her and she asked if i would take it down to ryans. being the nice person i am i said yea. well i didn't have shoes on and it was freezing and wet. hooked it up in the backyard. walked all the way home. no paper got done, and nothing read. late for school and i'm sick! FUUUUCK THIS!!
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damn [27 Sep 2004|02:44am]

lol saturday we went camping and that was...interesting. me and liz (rich's g.f) didn't really talk and i was kinda nervous about that. but after awhile it was fine. turns out shes awesome. SHERMAN! wow. ashley me and liz kept going off into our own world and talkin n stuff. the boys didn't like that and kept yellin. ughh~boys. lol i was sitting by the fire for like 10 minutes cuz every1 was doing something else.. so i talked to sharrard for EVER and i guess rochelle's mad at me bout something i heard?!? Drama! liz had flipz..those choco covered pretzels. welll...they got FLUNG in rich's tent and when kyle and mallory (i think) showed up and fellasleep. she had choco ALL over her sleeve! it got damn rowdy!! LoL this weekends gonna be awesome! hell yea..
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[25 Sep 2004|10:03am]
well last night was fun. Went to the game last night. saw every1 whos been away! FINALLY talked to Janelle and Taras dumb ass! eric gave up his crown last night to Ryan Brown! i miss him in spanish! but him and Tina got king/queen. props to them. saw my girl laura! MIss her tons! hangin out w/her next week cuz shes never at school and either am i! lol i guess chris isn't going to away for another like 2 months cuz he hut his ankle? that sucks. he said hes going to be gone for christmas now b.c of that. i feel bad for deena, thats gotta be hard.

after that we drove around. HA! then went to taco bell w/cortney eric rich liz ash n adam. then tons of people mob'd up there. tara and her retarted friends-jk. tissy's big mouth was all laughing loud n shit gettin every1 to look at us. when ever i get around tara and them i laugh. and laugh! its awesome.

gotta babysit at 1. chris is comin over now <3 thn were all camping tonight! hell yea! ever1 whos going to Homecoming have fuN! later
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[23 Sep 2004|09:56pm]

heard the powder puff game got kinda intense.

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[22 Sep 2004|10:59pm]

oh man~

xo )
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[22 Sep 2004|07:40pm]
hold me down, and i'll do nothing but run.

i'm yours. you know it. trust your heart.
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[21 Sep 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | mY boo ]

yesterday consisted of boring. i was washing my winshield. and only that, b.c the sprinklers, and of course as much as i tried to avoid it, the 5 year olds in us busted out. i faked i was going to squirt him, and a MIST came out! ha so he frikin grabbed the hose n shit but i got him, i [in my long sleeve shirt] was absolutly sOaKeD! he had khaki pants on, so he acted mad ! truth is. he cant stay mad! love it! but it was fun. i<3uBabe!

today also consisted of boring! hit up MAKdonalds with jessica and it was MmM MmM good! hung out w/chris. HUGE fight {the good kind} i kicked ass! aLwAyS. he got mad for that reason, 1/2 hour later...he gave in like always! lol then did our running ! running in his neighborhood is weird. i ran 1 mile, he did 1.5! and now i'm tired as fock and i have FOUR long ass hours of espanol tommorrow! later!

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[20 Sep 2004|11:25am]

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[20 Sep 2004|10:33am]
i LOVE mondays! no class til 12.30!

Yesterday i drove out to Jackson with some of my family. we went horseback riding. it was fun minus the part where my horse almost flung me off! There were some deer that took off running and a horse bumped a horse that bumped my horse, scared the shit outta me! Fed some buffalo? lol, we were out there like all day. Got lunch and came home.

THe ride home was going perfect, shoulda took 60 minutes, i was (almost) on m-59 in 30. [couldn't be that lucky] as i'm merging off the phone rings {chris} and i start talking. my sister thinks i'm not paying attention and that i'm just drifting off. nope, i was right. so she screams at me and i freak, then get back on. so we missed the exit and with all the construction there is no where to turn around for like 20 miiles either way. made it interesting. then she shut her head in the door. ha.

i need to get ready fer school~ later
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i love you [16 Sep 2004|02:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Josh Gracin - I would Look good With YOU! ]

I put two and two together
And came up with you and I
Made an informed dicisioin
My ducks are in a row
We'll i'm doing all this thinkin
Well I guess you ought to know
Hey baby, I would look good with you

I'm a little too short
You're a hair too tall
I can but a stepladder aint no trouble at all
With my powers of persuasion
And your middle class style
Hey baby, I would look good with you

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[15 Sep 2004|01:28pm]
its kinda funny how all those people spend soo much time thinking about me ~ i mean come on any one who spends 2 hours a day talking shit on blurty has gotta be cool. really~if you really feel that way. post ur damn name cuz it just proves how much of a pussy you are. your not scared are you?
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[14 Sep 2004|10:00pm]
lets go get slurpee's
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