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[04 Mar 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Well today was my first day at school down here it's like 2,800 kidz n my school i was like god damn i was gettin confused on how to get to my classes but a couple ppl showed i still aint got remeber lol tom i gotta figure out were 4 new class rooms at its krazy n its so many diff buildings i gotta go in to get to my class its so weird compared to Michigan Today was A Day i had classes 1,3,5,7 tomm B day i'm go have classes its krazy but i'll get it sonner or latter man boyz was ?ing me n i guess they thought i had a attittude n i didnt dis one boy was like damn somebody pissed n yo cornflakes dis morning i was like man i do not got no attitude ppl kept sayin i had one when i didnt its koo tho .tomm i gotta find my way to 4 diff classes tomm so off i go ......lol i'm out

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