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[25 Jan 2003|09:57pm]
B2k......I saw b2k on trl today ohhwee they looked good especially jboog...l luv him so much they performed they song bump bump bump .

Today.....My mama picked me & my cuzzin up frum my cuzzin house den she picked my otha cuzzin up n then i went to the store to buy me sum gum cuz my mouth was feelin kinda dry lol n da man was like Hi beautiful i'm like hi he was like u got id for dis gum i was like yea riit he was like i'm j/p i'm like ok then he was like how old r u u i'm like 16 he was like no i'm like yea how old u thought i was he was like 18 or 20 i'm like lol i was like yea riit he was like oo i cant talk to u i was like i wouldnt talk to yo arab butt ne wayz...lol Afta we left the store we went to the n we was foolin up der it was pretty fun knowin me i'm the quiet one outta all us n my cuzzins actin like fools i'm like yall need to chill for i whoop yall butts. afta da mall we dropped one of mu cuzzins off then we came home n my otha cuzzin spent da night ....Well i'm finna go .....Much luv ...Rissa ~1~
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[23 Jan 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | B2k..Whyd u leave me on christmas ]

Well i'm home frum school n let me tell u my last 2 classes were wack my last two teachers are nuttin but Cry Baby's they brag to damn much i be wanting to tell them to sdfu on da real lol....My Spanish Teacher is so dingy She was B....in at me cuz she assigned seats n i wasnt seatin at my right seat so she was on my case n i didnt wanna move to my right seat so i finally moved then i turned around to talk to my friend i wasnt even turned around for 1sec here she go Corissa turn around i'm like damn i aint even been turned around a sec my friend was like Corissa u bad i was like i kno..lol Then afta class i found out she wrote me up For Talkin back n i erased it cuz her dum ass wrote it in Pencil dum ass.....Bad oh me ...oh well .......Last period Science...ok we had a test that i was not prepared 4 but i think i did pretty well ..but my Science teacher a cry baby to man oh man everytime somebody talk here she go shhhh be quiet i was like how bout u shh be quiet lol Newayz off da subject of school .

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[23 Jan 2003|01:31pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Riit now i'm at school in computer class it sucks...lol n i see my cuzzin did whut i asked her to do so when she reads this thanks couz ...Man its so boring n school riit now its all quite in comp class n shit usual ppl be loud n stuff riit now this is just a free period were u get to go were u wanna n i chose comp class cuz my friends are still gone eww it sucks but my gurl lexis here wit me.so far aint nuttin happened in school i really havent been payin attention in none of my classes i dont know why i'm just not feeling school today..lol i been in my own lil world today well i gotta go time 4 class.........1:36p.m i'm go be late whoops........


[22 Jan 2003|07:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Nothing just chillin ]

Well i didnt go to school today i played hookie....lol well besides me not going to school today i pretty much didnt do nuttin but sit at home all day n be online all day n talk to ppl n i watched tv.I cant Wait till American idol come on tonight last night it was Hilarious...lol Simon be doggin ppl out i be like hell naw i'm glad i aint on der cuz i know he would dog me out...lol naw j/k but basicly the reason i didnt go to school is becuz i had sum h/w that i didnt finish so i decided if i didnt go today maybe my teacher wont ask me for it tomm cuz i still dont got it lol . the otha reason is my friends was kicked out n i was go be bored without em but i gotta go to school tomm even tho my friends are still kicked out i miss ya gurlz ......sike.well i'm out 4 now holla ~1~

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ohh man [21 Jan 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Marquese Houston(batman) --That girl ]

Anotha day back to school man i'm bout ready to drop out...i'm gettin sick of school but i aint go drop out i'mma finish school n go to college hopefully lol .....Ne wayz how come ppl always tryna start stuff wit me if u aint go come correct to me dont come to me at all. Well my day at school was koo i guess besides i didnt wanna go to a couple of my classez cuz they str8 up boring Ex.(Science& Spanish) i wish i could drop out of dem classez fareal tho lol.Well my b/f is mad at me i dunno y i guess i made him made but i still luv ya baby ;) .I was finna fight with this boy today he was talkin junk talkin bout he go beat my ass n stuff i'm like u aint go do shit to me he was like wait till afta class so i waited n da ni99a didnt do nuttin.....i didnt wanna fight wit him ne wayz lol But this one particular gurl keep talkin shhhhh... i'm go mess her up especially if she call me anotha B then she be laughin imma be laughin when i bust her in her mouth...lol she always messin wit me well i be messin wit her first lol i swear she act so slow in school. Ne wayz in Science we doin damn math i swear thats why i hate science cuz i hate math ...lol ne wayz at last period like both of my best friends n a couple more of my friends got kicked out for 2 dayz becuz they didnt go to they Sat. Detentions i'm like eww so i'm go be here bymyself besides a couple otha of my friends i sho am go miss my best friends lol j/p Next time take yall assez to yall Sat detentions I'm out 4 now Holla at ya gurl ~1~

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[19 Jan 2003|04:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Man today is so damn boring i been in dis damn house every since Friday i aint did nada.it aint like i can't go no were its just dat it aint no damn were to go.i been wacthin movies all day long wondering when am i go find sum damn were to go. it looks like i probaly wont go no were today because everybody i dun called aint at home .well it aint like i dun called alot of ppl just my cuzzin....lol i figured when i called her i just said forget it and got on da puter and started doing stuff online.well i finally went sum were i went ova my auntie house for like a hr or so . i was playin wit my lil cuzzin i dont think she likes me too much she keep tryna fight me n pull my hair i was like aww hell naw take this lil gurl for i hurt her n she like 10months lol but she ruff so i got home aroungd 8 sumthin n i just chilled frum der on .Well i'm out holla ~1~

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