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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
2:10 am - Someone is thinking about me...
My nose seriously won't stop itching, so you know what that means...Someone is thinking about me! HAHA! I'm so excited for this weekend! I'm gonna get so drunk...on Friday and Saturday! I haven't drank in a long time so it's gonna be totally AWESOME! HAHA...I crack myself up sometimes. Don't you guys think I'm funny??? Wait...Don't answer that.

I think I'm addicted to pain pills. I take them almost every day. Well I haven't took them in a while, but I just started taking them again. I love the feeling though...they make me so relaxed! I don't think I could stop taking them. Well this is gonna be a short entry cuz Ricki Lake is on and it's a good one. Ricki is about guys who call their women fat and make fun of their weight! GRRR...I hate men sometimes! This kind of topic makes me violent...I just wanna bitch at these guys! Well gotta go! See-ya!

current mood: sore
current music: Frankie J "Don't Wanna Try"

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
8:25 pm - Finally!
I went to church today. I haven't went in a long time. I just started going with my friend a couple of months ago and I really like the church! It was a really good service today too, but on the way to church my friend's car started acting up...The crack by the steering wheel had smoke coming out of it. It was weird, but her car is a piece of shit!!! I saw my movie today (Finding Nemo)...YAY!!!!!!!!! It was so good, I loved it! The fish are just too damn cute in it. If you haven't seen it I strongly recommend seeing it! It's great for kids and adults. Then on the way home from the movie my friend's car started acting up again...part of her tire got stripped and fell off. So we stopped cuz it made a huge noise and we looked but we didn't see a flat (cuz that's what we thought it was), but then when we went to go drive again her car was shaking so bad. We looked again and that was when we saw that part of the rubber came off! We weren't far from my house...we got home okay and she changed the tire! It was a crazy crazy day!!! Oh well though...I got to see my movie...WOOHOO!

I'm still a little pissed off at my friend! She didn't even apologize or anything! Yeah and now she says she is gonna break up with her boyfriend...I seriously don't know about her anymore! I will keep you updated don't worry!

current mood: cheerful
current music: Justin Guarini "Inner Child"

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
11:44 pm - Irritable and PISSED OFF!
Oh My fucking gosh!!!! I just spent like 15 fucking minutes typing my whole problem and I accidently deleted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I have to start all over again. So...my friend has this boyfriend right now and she totally ignores me. Now I'm not jealous of her or anything, but everytime she has a boyfriend she totally ignores me...This just isn't the first time, it's happened before. She will call me and tell me all her b/f problems and when I try to tell her my problems or what's going on in my life she will not really listen. She will go back to her problems and expect me to listen! I'm tired of listening to everyone elses problems and no one listening to mine!!!!!!!! You know what I mean???? I know when you get a boyfriend you don't hang out with your friends that much, but come on...How can you get a boyfriend and not even talk to your good friend who always listens to your problems. I'm tired of being there when she feels like she wants to hang out with me. PLUS...you won't even believe this...We had plans to go see my movie Finding Nemo when it came out cuz I absolutely love fish. I collect everything that has to do with fish...my whole room is fish! Everyone knows how much I love them! So we had plans to go see the movie...I was so excited when it was almost out...It's all I talked about...how much I wanted to see it! So what does she do...she's sees the movie without me!!!!!!!! Can you flipping believe that??????????????????????????????????????????? After we had plans to and she knew how much I had my heart set on seeing it. She's goes with her boyfriend cuz he wanted to see it too! That would be like me going to a Justin Timberlake movie without her (she LOVES J.T.) I would have never done that! Seriously it may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is to me! It's just the idea why would you do that to your best friend???? Normally I wouldn't make a big deal about a movie, but I am for this one!!!!!! I'm seriously done listening to her problems and her not listening to mine!! So when she breaks up with him she will be calling me all the time wanting to hang out and I won't be there! OKAY that felt good to vent for a little bit! I feel much better!

I think I need to smoke pot right now! I haven't smoked in the longest time and I think that's why I'm irritable. I can't smoke though cuz I'm looking for a job and I don't know if I will have to do a drug test! It sucks though...going from smoking every day to just quitting cold turkey!!!! Anyways I gotta go cuz my show is coming on. TTYL.

current mood: irritated
current music: Kelly Clarkson "Miss Independent" CUZ I AM

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12:33 am - I found it!
Daniel Radcliffe is 13 turning 14 on July 23! He is so young! I think he's cute and I'm almost 19! Man I'm a cradle Robber...HAHA! When he is 18 I will be 22 almost 23...haha...I guess that's not so bad. Jeez I gotta wait 4 years...that sucks!

current mood: flirty
current music: "Theme to Roseanne" ~~That's what I'm watching now!

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12:11 am - Go Harry, It's your birthday...We gonna party like it's your birthday!
Yeah yeah...I know I'm a Dork. Okay right now I'm watching Jerry springer...I love this show, but I think a lot of the stories sometimes are fake. Don't you? I don't think the one on now is, but usually they are so stupid. That's what makes it's interesting. I love Jenny Jones. That show is great. I was so mad when they canceled it...now it's just all repeats. I love Rude Jude...He is sooo hot. You have to agree with me on that one!

Today I went to summer school. I was suppose to graduate in 2002 (well I got to walk with my class), but I had extra work to finish. I was suppose to go to summer school last summer (in 2002), but I uhh...lets just say I took some time off! So now I'm back in to get my diploma finally. I never realized how much I hated high school until I went back. I mean some of the shit they make you do is just ridiculous. We will probably never use most of it. Some things we might, but others...no. So summer school pretty much sucks. It's only 10-1 though so that's good.

Do any of you guys subscribe to zines??? I love them...I subscribe to tons. They're a lot of fun, so if you don't subscribe to any you should. I subscribe to this Harry Potter one...I love Harry Potter. I'm almost 19 and I can't get enough of it! I think Daniel Radcliffe (the guy who plays Harry) is going to be hot when he is older!!! He is already really cute. Those dorky kinda guys are hot. I don't mean dorky in a mean way, but in a good way! Man...How old is Daniel Radcliffe in real life???? He's gotta be like 14 or 15...haha and I think he's hot. I'm gonna go check that out and I will get back to you! Plus Suddenly Susan is coming on! So See-ya!

current mood: dorky
current music: "Theme to Suddenly Susan" ~~It's what I'm watching now haha!

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
4:18 pm - ______________?
Man sometimes my friends piss me off. It's like they do it to get a rise out of me or something. They just bitch about the stupidest shit! They blame me for THEIR problems...Why do people do that? If someone could please answer that cuz I have no idea why! Well...anyways...I'm going to Taylors Falls tomorrow (It's a city in MN that is very pretty in the summer time). That's probably gonna be fun. Well at least I hope it's gonna be.

Well I haven't talked to V in a long time...I don't want to say his whole name. Actually he called me the other day, but I was talking to Kara so I told him to call back and then I never answered! hahaha...I'm so bad. I wasn't trying to be mean, but Kara and I had a lot to talk about. When we get on the phone it's bad cuz we talk for hours and hours and the time just flys! I think that is it for the updates right now. I gotta go take a shower so Adios!

current mood: blank
current music: Clay Aiken "This is the Night"

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
3:41 am - Bored as all HELL!
Okay it's like around 3:30am or something! I'm wide awake right now. So i guess I'll just update my journal...man I do not keep up with this, but I'm going to start right now! I need some friends on here!. So people if you're passing through my journal and you see me and are like..."Man this girl is boring". You can still add me! My journal is gonna get really interesting. At least I hope it does cuz if I was reading this I would probably fall asleep! No...BUT...YEAH...actually I'm really tired and that is probably why I am rambling on. So I'm gonna go NIGHT NIGHT!!! Bye Bye!

current mood: tired
current music: Evanescence "Bring me to life"

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
6:29 pm - HELP!
Hey everyone! If you read this as you can see I'm Kinda new to this whole journal thing. I just was wondering if someone could give me some ideas to make my journal better? I want my own background, but I don't know how to do it. I know some of you don't like helping out, but I thought I'd just ask! Thanks.


current mood: nervous
current music: Clay Aiken "Don't let the sun go down on me"

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Monday, January 13th, 2003
6:01 pm - Quizzes

Who are you most likely to fuck

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Sunday, January 12th, 2003
3:20 pm - Movie time
I'm about to go see the movie Just Married! I really wanna see this movie it looks really good. So I will update later with my opinion on the movie. I'm sure it will be GREAT!!!

current mood: excited
current music: Jennifer Lopez Feat. LL Cool J "All I have"

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1:51 am - Hung over
I think it's safe to say that I am not drinking for a while. I got so drunk last night. We drank before we went to The Warehouse (which is a club in MN) and we weren't even in there for a very long time cuz this guy Jason got us kicked out! We were so mad so then after that we drank more and ended up going to Jason's friend's apartment. After the apt. we were driving home and I got sick in Jenna's car so I had to open the door and I puked all over the street (we were sitting at a stop sign). It was just a crazy night! I still had fun though. So I think it's safe to say that I probably won't be drinking until Chelsea's b-day which is Feb. 23! Then again I always say I won't drink again for awhile, but I end up drinking again real soon!

current mood: sick

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
9:22 pm - Confused
I'm really bored right now so this entry won't be that interesting. This weekend I hope Chelsea wants to do something with my boy! I just hate how he always ditches us and then never calls. I really like him, but he wants to have sex and I don't know if I should have sex with him or not. Maybe I just should...I don't see whats the big deal he's never had sex before and he wants me to be his first...I think that is kinda cute. Then again he might just be saying that to get me to have sex with him. I don't know, but I will figure something out!

current mood: confused
current music: Nelly and Kelly "Dilemma"

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