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~*_ i really need to die_*~ [15 Sep 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | silverchair suicidal dreams ]

**suicidal dreams**

omg every thing is so messed up my life completely sucks i jut wanna die. i feel like no one understands me or knows what im going through and im going thru so many emotions right now my mind is going crazy i can't figure out what i did that was so wrong to make my life suck this much! i can't stand what's become of me and my life i just wanna break down and scream but i feel likei can't i feel like im trapped inside this nothingness and i can't breakaway from my tortured youth that's driven all the sanity out of me. i can't understand why i'm so unblessed with nothing to show formy life besides my horrible insane dreams. DoEs AnYbOdY hEaR mE?????


my puppy ive had for four weeks is now gone and immore depressed than ive ever been in my life. my uncle just died and it's been one ofthe most horrible experiences of my life


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