ya favorite chiq returns   
04:36pm 25/07/2005
mood: happy
music: Yaviah - Y.A.V.I.A.H. (off tha Los MVP 2 jumpoff)
damn nigga!!!

i havent written in this shit for like a million, gazillion, babillion years! (actually 5 months) Nah seriously tho, I've been OD occupied with school and with my baby.... yeaAa.. I'm still with Cesar... it's going on 11 months on the 10th... I'm happy with him and things have gotten better from being really bad previously... damn, I went through HELL with that boy.. but I ended up falling in love with him...whether that be for the better or worse is dependent on time. SoO many 'blurty-worth' have gone on but I haven't had the time to record them ALL.... here are the more prominent events:

- my birthday party that went down @ Jimmy's house on Avenue M.... that shit was hot and everyone was enjoying themselves.... Cesar & I got into the onlyyyy fight cuz he thought I was clockin some next nigga butttt that nigga was grillin me.. I wasnt even payin him no mind but Cesar was the one gettin tight... overall, everyone had a good time

- the Puerto Rican Day Parade.... WORSE DAY/NIGHT OF THE YEAR SO FAR

first of all, I didn't go to the Parade because I had the worse fuckin hangover I've had yet this year and I was throwing up every 20 minutes throughout the whole morning.

second, I went to the after-party in Webster Hall (which I wasn't intending to go to) and Cesar & I got into the ONLY fight there because Eddie drove me....he was acting like the ONLY prick and was cursin at me n all this shit that I don't fuckin deserve...he ended up goin to Exit wid his boy n some other girls <--- puttin them ahead of me... but you kno what, I guess I got wat came to me because God works in mysterious ways and I wasn't exactly honest about everything with him... so maybe him puttin his friends n those other girls before me was my punishment... but oh well.

third, I got a new job and I make good money that will be put to well-use because I have to pay for...

- COLLEGE.... I just finished my first year yesterday @ Kingsborough yesterday (ended up not going to Hunter because I'm taking the Nursing program over here).. took my final (in Biology 12, because I took it over the summer).... and I checked my grade today (which I didn't expect to be there so fast)... Dr. Pilchmann gave me a B+... thank you!!! He was one of the best Biology teachers I've ever had...not the easiest AT ALL... but I learned SO much from him.(he puts you on to A LOT of things like if you want to get pregnant what to feed the baby and when.. about certain medications...etc.) I think the knowledge I attained from his lectures will stay with me for a long time. And he was SO nice too. He really saw that I was trying and that I was motivated to do well in his class.

- yesterday, Cesar and I went to Seebreeze Park over here and La India was there, Tito Puentes, and WISIN Y YANDEL! It was nice even though it was kinda short..but I had fun.

As for plans. this August I'm going to be working a whole lot to try to save money to help my dad with my tuition and also to save up to go to Florida maybe before the summer is over with my boyfriend and my sister. (to my uncle's house in St. Kissimmee) I miss my uncle and I wanna see him already.

Well, I'm gonna get in the shower and get ready for work (I have to leave my house @ 9 today, I wanna get there on time)...

from ya favorite girl...


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Happy Belated Valentine's Day    
10:22pm 17/02/2005
mood: confused
music: ehh

P.S., my sis bday comin up !!

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lol I'm wylin   
10:44pm 31/12/2004
mood: drunk
music: Elephant Man - Turn It Up
damn son...wasup all my blurt heads... its new fuckin yearsss lol

was good? hope everyone has a happy n healthy new year =]

from ya favorite girl...

$kEtChY :-*

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You Should Let Me Love You..   
01:08pm 14/12/2004
mood: giddy
music: Mario Ft. Arceo - Let Me Love You (Remix)
See what Care Bear you are.

thas like the first time I did one of those... but thats cuz I love Care Bears ;)....yea so.. where was I, guys? I haven't been writin in here for a minute... a lotttt has passed since I've last written in here..

first of all, I should have listen to one of my homeboys about the way Cesar acts... that he will only get worse

well, he has gotten worse and I cannot put up with it anymore...I mean, I don't mean to put our business all out there and shit but he's gotten so bad to the point that I cant fuck wid it anymore...nigga is mad controllin and shit...fuckin accusin me of cheatin on him and shit and I never dooo... I come from school, then go to work... go out on the weekends wid my homegirls if it's not with him... and somehow, to him, I have all the time in the world to cheat on him...even if I did have the time I wouldnt but that type of shit pushes people u kno?

but besides that I'm chillen I really don't need the drama right now I'm finishin my first semester in college, off to a good start and shit and I dont need it..

i juss spoke to Kimberly righ now, she got her boost hooked up again so she chillen... she was chillen wid ex-shorty so he hit me up too but its cool you kno I got no beef wid duke...

anywayz I juss wanted to fill my blurt headz up wid my personal life for a min cuz I've been abusin ya'll

i'll hit this up lata :P

ps. I wanna give a shout-out to... lol na not even...

CUBA CHUNK you hear me? ya bobblehead is rite hea pa.. holla at tha kidd!!

* muahhz < 33

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Anotha Day, Anotha Dollar...   
11:40pm 23/11/2004
mood: happy
music: Mobb Deep - Win Or Lose
....it's about gettin' money, then you could gimme a holla, my nose runny...

okay, I havent been on here for a while... me and Cesar are still together, yes, but I don't kno if I'm having doubts about our relationship or what not... I finally got another job, yea, so I'm working and goin to school (holla bacKk!) LOL

I'm finally getting my nextel tho.. it was supposed to come today but it didn't =(... so it'll prob. come tomoro..


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10:16am 10/11/2004
mood: giddy
music: Eddie Ft. Mario - I Don't Think I Ever (ill Shit)
Irvinroach: he has his own story that shit is hot
Irvinroach: all the other aliens dont give a fuck about him and they kick him off the alien ship and force
Irvinroach: so he has to prove him self to be a great fighter and shit
Irvinroach: and u play as him and the other guy but its like a double story you play with one guy and then it changes to the other guy
Irvinroach: its a great f*cking story im mad hype yo i ant eat for 3 days
Irvinroach: and only slep for 2 hours and im still up
Irvinroach: hilary im gonna die
Irvinroach: this is bugging and i never type this fast in my life
Irvinroach: oh my goodness
Irvinroach: oh my im gonna stop now im my hands hurt
Irvinroach: later im gonna go back to the game love ya
Irvinroach: ;-)

lmfao... thas wat happens wen Halo 2 is now your life LOL

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06:17pm 02/11/2004
mood: calm
music: R. Kelly - Feelin' You In Stereo
I actually feel like I've done something productive today...besides not attending classes today, I've managed to :

- draw about 10 of the 30 drawings that I need to draw for Bio 7 (how interesting huh?)

- take care of my sister and help her feel better cuz she had an ill stomach ache

and most importantly...


I hope you people went out there and did you... I've asked a few people I kno if they goin to vote, I was surprised wen most said they wouldn't. What does that say about me? Am I a deviant within my own social network? {gasp}
na lmao lemme fuckin stop wid the sociology n smart shit but then again, that is my motto (You see, pretty people can be smart too!)...

besides that, a lot of shit has been goin down lately, good and bad concerning Cesar... notice that I concerning because I'm tryin to emphasize the fact that the bad part didn't involve him and I in a direct sense.. I'd rather talk of the good tho because :

1) it's been more prevalent in our relationship lately (which is fuckin great because I hate fightin wid him all the time)

2) the bad part(s) are kinda personal n I don't wanna put it out there like dat because....

3) I kno he's gonna wanna read this one day (LOL cuz he thinks I be bad-mouthin him but it aint nothin, I don't have anythin to hide from him u kno)

well, back to the point, Cesar and I had a great fucken time on Saturday -- actually this whole weekend with him was great! I mean the nigga went all out for me for the most part..we went to the city and hung out for a while we went out to eat at BBQ's and we was gonna go see a movie but I didn't really want to...I'll prob. go with him this Friday to see the Grudge cuz I feel bad that he wants to see it and I keep tellin him no (I don't have the patience for movie theatres)...anyways, we had fun and shit ... we did a lot more but I don't wanna get all into detail like that lol nah I'm buggin

then me , him and his friend Chris' brothers Ponchy and Jonathan a co-worker of his went to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village... it was really nice and I had a genuinely good time... Cesar had bought a co-worker with him originally (which happened to be a girl but, surprisingly, I felt no jealously toward him for bringing her or her at all, plus, he told me that he had brought her for his homeboy, Chris) but she had ended up leaving because she lost her purse.

besides that, this weekend was great and I hope that me and Cesar could have more good times like that...I'm doin pretty good myself in college and I'm proud of that because I work fairly hard for my grades (I put an adequate amount of time apart from my day aside into studying and other schoolwork)...thank God though because, without Him, nothing could be

iite well I'm out.. gotta go eat some Chinese real quick cuz I'm starvin... I'mma be hopin that Kerry wins

imma type the inside jokes tomoro Susan!!! I promise!!

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itS whudDevA...   
04:10pm 28/10/2004
mood: giddy
music: Eddie Ft. Mario - I Don't Think I Ever (ill Shit)
was goOd?? I'm mad happy that this week is over, got all my shit that I had to do for college over wid...now only the dreaded midterms are worryin me (comin up in the next few weeks)....

things between Cesar an I are getting better as we get to know each other...he takin me out to eat tonight *big grin*

I'm chillen wid Eve righ now.. juss burned her a cd n shit then we gonna head off to lincoln right quick

I'm mad tired so I'll prob. finish this later if I have enough time


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happy motherfuckin one month nigga!   
02:59am 10/10/2004
mood: pissed off
music: Avant - Can't Wait
damn, I really don't mean to rant and bitch and all that about Cesar but I think I should've went with my instincts

it's 3 in the morning and he hasnt called me back since 10

oh well, I'm not stressing it at all cuz I'm done wid this bac and forth shit for real

laugh at me wen im drivin by and you walkin =)

me, myself, and I..
thas all I got in the end,
thas wat I found out
and there aint no need to cry
i took a vow that from now on
imma be my own best friend

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04:54pm 04/10/2004
  my blurty is NOT stayin like this

wen I have time later this week I'll re-do the layout

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yea watever Part 2   
04:07pm 04/10/2004
mood: hopeful
music: nothing really
We Made Up.

Then Broke Up in The Club.

Then Made Up Again.

So I'm still with Cesar ... thats okay though I think I'm starting to like havin him as my man (It takes me a while to actually LIKE someone, I could be feelin them but that's different than liking)... the 10th will be one month and it seemed like much longer than that... I feel like I've been with him for at least 3 months... oh well, thas mah little big head !! lol

I told everyone that I don't feel like goin to Metro cuz it aint even that serious and it's far as hell (Willet's Point in Queens, like right next to fuckin Shea lol)

But NoOoo...after so much reluctance I talked myself into goin for Mari and my man's sake mostly...

It was iight and I got to see Antonio Santos there... (I'm sorry but I can't stand Dominicans sometimes but he's cool)

I came home at 5 in the morning from Metro on Sunday.

Someone got shot there last night.

Nobody listens to Sketch wen she says not to go somewhere.

Oh well.... I'm out

* FaLL baCc

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yea... wateva ...   
06:29pm 02/10/2004
mood: pissed off
music: Mr. Vegas - Tamale (Club Remix)
damn man... I knew it wasn't gonna last long..I had that feeling...

yup.. Cesar and I juss got into an ill argument and the next time I speak to him... I'm deadin it because I can't take him anymore.. I tried but he's very hard-headed and shit ... him and his friends were supposed to come through to my crib to watch tha Trinidad vs. Mayorga fight but I gave them a choice "Either go to my crib, watch the fight, n go to Metro without me or don't come to my crib n I'll think about goin to Metro... Now that I don't want to go to Metro, he's bitchin and talkin madd shit over the fone...he wanna talk shit in front of his friends and tell me to go fuck myself then he could do the same..

ahh... NEXT! thats it.. I promised myself I'm not gonna cry over anyone anymore, juss keep on movin.. I'm goin to college now and I don't need that shit... seriously, he's juss makin it easier for me because I have more time to dedicate to college. Anywayz... we went to Southstreet Seaport yesterday and it was beautiful... it was fun, I have fun for the most part... but whateva, shit happens.

anyways, I have to write a paper for English now so I'mma hop in tha shower real quick, put on ma pj's ;P and sit down for a little to finish this..

I got a Pyschology test on Monday and a Bio quiz on Monday (every fucken Monday we have a quiz in that class which, in a way to me, isn't a bad idea because it isn't a lot of material to memorize/learn... it would be 2 weeks of work at most. But the Pysch test is the thing that I'm worried about the most cuz I really gotta study for that one.

Anywayz, I'm out...hopefully the night will unfold nicely...worst comes to worst I'll be single by tomoro loll

* eaSy !!

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03:01pm 19/09/2004
mood: nauseated
music: none
damn, I went straight for the Current Mood and switched it to nauseated as soon as I opened this shit up... lol I'm hella nauseous right now ... last night I was chillen wid Yvon n Cesar n some of his homeboys..... Cesar got me soOo fucken tight yesterday cuz he was being impatient.. he wanted me to dye his hair for him (cuz he highlighted it blonde) but Chris ended up doing it.. it looked nice tho... nicer that I had expected...I couldnt stay mad at him long cuz it looked so cute on him lol but we watched the fight in Chris' house and to my surprise (and Cesar's), De La Hoya got KO'ed.... fucked up but whateva

brb till lata muah

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hey ya'll?   
09:08am 14/09/2004
mood: cold
music: none*
yea well it's pretty early in the mornin right now an the only reason I have the time to do this right now is because class starts at 10:20 for me today..

yesterday I went to the beach wid my baby Cesar and Yvon and Chris (his boy).. we had fun I guess but the only thing that fucked it up was that Chris thru sand in Yvon's hair (it was braided half way)... she got tight not because her hair's braided and she had a lump of sand in her hair...but because she felt that Chris disrespected her ... she had asked him not to put sand in her hair because she doesnt like the feeling and he did it anyway..but supposedly she amped it up because she through wet sand on his "200 dollar jersey" <-- quotin Cesar ... lol yea right anyways I told them to chill n forget about it cuz I was havin a fun time wid Cesar in the water until I see Yvon on the wet sand and Chris sayin in Spanish that she was cryin... if she really was, I would've been tight at Chris...but u kno wat, Cesar and I can't take sides (at least I won't) because none of us were really payin attention to wat happened...anywayz, we stood for a little..chilled in Yvon's buildin for a little (because Chris needed water like if he was in the desert all day lol)... I wanted to go home by then cuz Cesar was already actin cranky cuz I didn't wanna go home n make him food to bring home...

speakin of food... he wants me to go by his job today and bring him food! I hate doin that shit cuz I need this money wen I go to school...I've been spendin a lotttt of $$ on books and shit... if I had the time and money all the time, yea, but I did it once and I'm not doin it again for a while...plus, he prob got money on him and he wants me to go ova there, waste $ on train fare, AND make him food?? ohhh goodness, but he is my man... so I might have to make exceptions here and there..

ight I'm about to be out cuz I don't kno wat to wear yet and my fucken eye is botherin me ...

I'mma put the pic that Cesar and I took at the beach on hea wen Yvon puts it on her online album today =)

$kEtCh *

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woMp woMp   
01:34am 11/09/2004
mood: pissed off
music: nothing
I kno it's been a while but, baby, nevamind!

was good ya'll?? I'm hea talkin to my baby Cesar on the fone but that nigga got me tight !! >:-S

It all started cuz of some dumb shit.. he thinks that I'm tryin to talk to this kid Angelo from my college n it's not even like dat u kno.. he look good but chill, I'm feelin my baby too much to do some dumb shit like that u kno??

anyways we gonna go to this club/bar tomoro called Casanova in Queens...my friends went last week but I couldnt go because I had things to do. well we gonna have fun.. my right hand is comin wid me tomoro 2 (Yvon) n she gonna bring her cam so we cud take pictures... holla so I'll hit ya'll up wid tha pics soon

g2g cuz me n my baby gonna go to sleep togetha


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01:26pm 07/09/2004
mood: happy
music: Twista Ft. R. Kelly - So Sexy Remix (Never Like This)

been dummbbb long since I've written in here and I have to apologize... it's because I've been chillen n workin all this summer... gotta catch up on a few things but maybe later....hopefully, I'll know by tomoro if I'm goin to college... I'm scared tho but I'm gonna try my best..

ahhh... Cesar....yup, that's his name now....Cesar...I met him like 2 weeks ago wen I was wid my homegirls...I think he chilled wid us before but I neva spoke to him like that...now we're on the fone a lot and I'm really feelin tha kid. He's got respect for me and I like that in a man. He's working right now but I think I'm gonna pass by to bring him lunch..

hmmmmm.... wat should I make him?

oOo ok I think I'm gonna make him chicken parmigana wit french fries and bread.... I think he'll like that...

we're supposed to go out to dinner on Saturday to South Street Seaport....he's such a sweetheart...I'll finish this later on tonight cuz my skirt steak is gettin cold :-x

till then,

$kEtCh LoVeS yOu !

P.S. the Cyclones are goin to tha playoffs baby!!!!!

andddddd Cesar took my Von Dutch hat... :whines: my lil blowfish took my hat from me .... lol an dominos from Yvon yesterday lmfaoooo... lata!

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09:32pm 27/07/2004
How to make a Hilary

5 parts competetiveness

1 part arrogance

1 part joy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add lustfulness to taste! Do not overindulge!

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SkY iSz tHe LiMiT   
10:26pm 17/07/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Lil Flip - Sunshine
tha summer's goin by quick.. and so are a lot of otha things...havent been on hea in a while cuz ive been workin an juss tryin to maintain u feel me...tired of guys, games, n all that ish.. juss tryin to go to college an do me cuz aint nobody gonna be by my side so i gotta do tha damn thing for dolo...friends arent real to me anymore eitha so im straight doin me... happy that i graduated wid a regents diploma, happy that my family's well, happy that God's by my side...happy that im happy

my ex is no longer an ex but a distant memory in my mind as I've tried several times to work it out but to no avail.. its ok, im happy for him. betta thing is im happy for myself..i'm gonna be laughin at half of these people wen im through wid my college trust me on that. i dont need anyone. I'm shinin right now. And I'm doin it juss for me.

Till then, I'll juss be shinin till I could be someone else's sunshine...

$kEtCh still love ya..


(rUn Ya gaMe)

weLcoMe baC n iTaiNt MaSe . .   
04:33pm 03/06/2004
  waT it iS ?! SkEtCh BaCc . .

first, to tell you something that I'm sure u all herd before, love hurts.. and because of a few people lemme change that to 'someone', i dont believe in love or any of that shit anymore...because you could have something good and then lose it, you could have someone love you and that be a good experience, but wen someone shits on you it leave a wound that sometimes can't be healed. Time may close a wound but memories open them up again .. especially wen you're tryin to let go and the person keeps in touch wid u still.. you could have helped that person in so many ways, and the outcome should be the person being thankful, yet sometimes people dont realize wat they do . .

im a women of pride and i cant be havin people do shit like that to me..how is u gonna help someone out n then they bounce on you for someone else? thats why my heart is off-limits to anyone and its tru .. i was lookin for someone different and wen i did find that person they ended up doin me dirty thats why i say niggas are all the same cuz they really are.

second, realize what u did and then you'll kno the real reason why i be buggin supposedly and why we cant be friends.
would you wanna still be friends wid me if i flipped some shit on u like that?

i didnt think so eitha.

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01:09pm 05/05/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Notorious BIG Ft. 112 - Sky Is The Limit [[ My DaMn SonG !! ]]
was goOd blurtzZ ?? havent hit this shit up in a min!! thas cuz I've been busy with school and shit . .

my birthday was on monday so thas wassup . . .

I'm 18 fiNaLLy

holla I'm hyped now lol...

school has been tha same for me...doin well ... still plannin on goin to Hunter in tha fall =]

tryin to plan a partii for my birthday [[ well, belated, if you wanna be technical ]] I think I juss might come thru this time... jus as long as thea's no drama u feel me. .

oOo I forgot to mention that me n Dax are ova wid and I would neva get back wid him. . tha third time I get back wid him would be my fault . . and plus, I herd he got Any pregnant so even more reason for him to go fuck himself

anyway. . .besides that, nothin special.. havent been lookin for love at all..now it's just me and my family ..

anddddd of course . . my new game that I'm playin ....


that game is off tha hook, anyone thinkin about buyin it should that game is hot.. I'm up to level 10 already lol I'm nice . .

anyway, I'mma go play Manhunt for a little then juss chill, maybe help my mommy cook n ish..

till then, alwaysz rememba that. . .

>> SkeTcHy LoVeS yOu <<

(rUn Ya gaMe)