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    Sunday, June 1st, 2003
    10:01 pm
    ~very borin day~......lalalalalalalalalalala
    hey every1,
    i jus got off groundin..cuz i was doin an adult thing......yea ok w/e....my ex bf is bein an ass thinkin
    that he can get it w/e he wants...i dont think so..lol..neways my lyfe as be very borin latly,beside the fact
    the friend samantha finally was found..she ran away cuz her dad was hittin her....asswhole..oh yea i got
    kicked out of school for fightin a dumb bitch cuz she was mad cuz i was tlkin to her man..but only for 3
    days..u jus wait till this summer i no where she lives...hehe she better watch her back..shhhh..i have
    exams this week...YEAH!!!!sike..oh my goodness imma gonna be a sophmore next yr..i cant believe i
    made it..this school sux ass.....well me'z g2g...i ya wanna tlk wit me im me at platnumbabygrl or email at

    Current Mood: high
    Current Music: cant let u go
    Thursday, May 1st, 2003
    10:20 am
    Horrible Day
    ~*First of all im losing some of mah friends,then mah ex gets in a fight wit some asswhole rite in front,
    and starts bleeding from his lips.He brought me home and i helped cleaned him up. So now if
    they follow us again after school.I'm ready for there asses........Anyways there is this bi*C# in mah
    school sayin shit about,sayin that im a slut and whore.Well she wrong: a slut is sum1 who sleeps
    with every guy she can get her hands on and i no damn well thats not me.gotta go take a shower...
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