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hmm [17 Sep 2003|05:39pm]
not that bad of a day, i had some fun-i guess you could say! well, i had fun getting in trouble of gym..ya, mrstracey hates it if you say WHAT? to her, so i just kept saying that. i didnt tie my shoes on purpose, and she got mad for that.. then i burped really loud, right in front of her..shes a loser! but all me n kels were talking about today was friday..aha we just can't wait, jess+me+sita+kelsey=crazii..its gonna be pretty hott! i fucking can't stand my class! they're all so immature-they just kept poking me and annoying me today so i was just like dude i hate you alll..and then julie was like umm you have issues today, so i said no i just hate ya'll..so whatever, i dont care..i thought i had alot of homework, but i finished it pretty quick! i think im failing math..seriously..i failed mostly all of my homework papers..and failed my test too, that sounds like F material to you, right? mhm..well ok im going, byebyebyeeeeeee..oh yah one more thing..DUDE YOU SMELLLL!!! that goes out to someone very UNSPECIAL!
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woohoo [16 Sep 2003|04:24pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | sold out- wakefield ]

yeah, what a boring, pointless day..i am going to killlll someone:-) they are so freaking annoyyyiinnggg (their name will not be said) and they SMELL! a special selected few may know who i am talking about! la di da..i didnt not have alot of homework! but my novel is due pretty soon and im only..chapter...5? yeah..and all my vocab work is due x monday x..blahhh..ohhhh yes but i can't wait until friday because guess what?! me and kelsey and sarahsita are going to jess's house after school and then we're going to the mall and then to the dance! woohoo. much fun. and someone is jealous -once again, their name will not be said- blah i hate school!! its so hard, i failed my math test..a 63. woahhhhh..that sucks. my mom went to a bruce springstein concert (LUCKY!) so i have to stay here and watch the brats! egh, whatever. i just sit here and eat anyways..can't wait til real world tonight, ahhhhh! but i'll probably fall asleep because i fell asleep @ like 9 last night! wow, and i missed paradise hotel :( *cries* but ya know, lindsay is always there to fill me in! i can't believe melanie and desiree left!! i didnt like them anyways, but still..that means Amy, Beau, Tom, Scott, and Holly lost some people from their "team", i swear if those bitches charla and tara win..i will, i dont know..but i'll be sooooooo madddddd ugh i hate them all. ESPECIALLY DAVE! ew he has a big nose and big ears and man boobs..TRIPLE UGLY! grossness! but yeah i can't believe i missed the road rules finale last night, but Lindsay was there to fill me in once agaiN! good thing they won..but then again they always win the final mission! alright i ought to be going now, oye..good bye!

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sunday? [14 Sep 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | tearin up my heart- NSYNC! hollleerrr hahahhaha ]

ew today was totally gross! it rained on and off alllll day..ew..but me and Jo went to the fair, and ate soooo much..lol yeah, it was fun..we did some ride that drops you, like iunno maybe 100 feet in the air..kind of like the tower of terror but smaller..we got home around 1:30, i think..iunno. then i ate and did homework and played the sims cuz my interent wasn't working..hmm..iunno. la di da, now im talking to kirsten lyn and ttelling her to download this song for like the 49th and a half time!!! that loser. ugh i have to start packing, i've only got like 2 weeks! blahhhh..i put like 3 things in the box and then i quit! hehe. i wanna go to bed early tonight cuaz if i dont then i will be tired @ school tomorrow, and i hate when that happens, which is like everyday. mhm..so i gotta go blowdry and straighten my hair..im gonna try to leave it down tomorrow..but i never end up doing it. alright so im gonna go do that and eat and watch tv and read this gay book for school, then im going to bed!


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BoRedNeSs [13 Sep 2003|06:55pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | meant to live - switchfoot ]

hey, today i did absolutely nothing..well, with a few exceptions:

i left katie's house around 12:30, then i came back home and got some food and saw my brother and sisters, and then me and my mom went to the uniform store, cuz i needed a new gym t-shirt, and some knee-highs for the winter uniform, (eerr gym starts on wednesday) then we went to the furniture store and my mom showed me the new bed that she bought for me, and then we stopped at some loserish store, and then i came back home, ate some food, did some homework, ate some more food, and went on the computer..and that was my day :-) but tomorrow im going to the terryville fair! coolness, im gonna get to see Liz and Michael! i only see them about once a year thats when i go camping with my cousin Jo, so she's bringing me to the fair tomorrow! but yeah, right now im just listening to music and talking to my bethy about our memories :-( *cries* and how i miss her, and eric, and trevor, and all of them. *cries again* oh-so-sad! yeah but me and beth are still going to HOLLA BACK! and we're gonna be like HOLLER and we're gonna totally rock out, but then they'll shoot us, and we'll run! its totally a plan! well i guess thats it for today, heres some random shit..

PutMeInTheFridge: fire is hott

iSs x 9018: omg i have the best piece of cheescakeee

imLiZimdePreSsed: lol he does not like like me
bEtHy X bAbY23: then he's retarded and blind

MarasLikeWHOA121: squirrels tickle your privates when they go down your pants

x i LoVe YoU x89: your my little lizzyyy

STANtheMan1026: guess what i went down the stairs then i ran back up

i love all you people!

peace bitch..

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ffrriidaayy [12 Sep 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | iunno.. ]
[ music | perfect..simple plan :-/ ]

hey! whas up? im freakin boreddd as heelllll..but im leaving pretty soon, so its all good :-p yeah whatever someone is mad at me again (there name will not be said)..ughh..whatever i don't care anymore, its all bullshit..im just trying to forget about everything and it just keeps coming back, i can't stand ittt!!!!!! ugh yeah well now i have to clean my bathroom cuz Jay is coming over and the bathroom and bedroom is a mess, so Abby asked me to clean the bathroom..grosS! blah..this is so freaking annnoyyyiinggg..im hooked on the song perfect, i used to love it like a year ago, and then i stopped listening to it...and now with all this stupid issues in my life, i started listening to it again..ughhhh!! whatever, i dont care anymore, well i TRY not to care..but it doesnt work..ok well im gonna bounce, igotta get going..peace

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blah [11 Sep 2003|05:09pm]
[ mood | hmm.. ]
[ music | so yesterday by hilary duff! Fuck yeah! ]

blah im writing again cause im so freaking bored..ut n/m i guess my brother wants me to go ride the quad, so i'll talk to you later! BYE BIZNOTCH!! muahaha..

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ahhhh [11 Sep 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | BLLAHHHH ]
[ music | rock star by NeRd..FUCKIN POSERS! haaha.. ]

ugh im totally sick of school..3 hours of homework everyday, getting in trouble for not tieing my shoes, and for not paying attention in geography! dude its soo stupid..my back hurts so bad because my backpack is always so freakin heavy!! atleast today i didnt have that much homework..ahh september 11 :-/ ! today in our prayer service thing i had to read my essay, i thought it totally sucked but everyone said it was awesome..thank god tomorrow is friday!! im moving on october 3! a few weeks from tomorrow..wahoo :-/ im gonna have halloween at my new house! yay..jess mandi kayla and erica are coming over, so me, abby, and all them will go trick or treating..thank the lord, i've never been able to go trick or treating on my own street..its always my gramma's..ugh i gotta babysit tonight, but i reeally need the money..im totally broke! the dance is onthe 19th, wahoo! well i ought to be going now, peace!

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