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    Saturday, January 17th, 2004
    9:14 pm
    Soo, it's saturday, sorry ass day if you ask me. I was supposed to hang out with my grandma at one..but since we had a basketball game I had to wait till 3. SOO we win the game, it's 3 o'clock and my grandma is waitin' for me, then mrs. v decides to call an extra 30 minute practice! well my grandma had already been waitin for 40 minutes so I wasnt gonna make her wait MORE! It's 3:08 by this time..So I tell mrs. v, "I can't be here more than 10 more minutes, my grandma is waiting for me" so shes says okay and we go on with our business..about 5 minutes pass and matt says he has to go in a couple of minutes, so we learn w/e we needed to learn..well the only part of it that was made up so I was like "okay mrs I gotta go, my grandma's been waitin" and mrs v is all like okay w/e blah blah so I start walkin off and mrs v all of a sudden goes.."Um laci, where are you goin??" n I go "My grandma is outside, I have to go" n Mrs V starts goin bolistic!!! So I get my stuff and she goes..LACI AND MATT!!!! so I stop and say YES MA'AM?? and she didn't say anything! So ya kno I get my stuff and start walkin out the door..along with matt..I get in my grandma's car and we sit there for 2 minutes tryin to decide where to go and I don't see mrs v I'm out w/ my grandma and my mom calls me and is gettin all mad...cuz MRS V CALLED HER..I was like WTF?! she told my mom that I had been disrespectful and that I completely ignored her when she called my name!!! SO NOW I have to write, "Mrs. Vermillion, I apologize for being disrespectful"..200 freakin times!! and then give it to her sry self tomarro!!'s so gay! I was mad when my dad did that but its better than gettin grounded!! sooo anywayz, get to be in a commercial tomarro...I gotta go n finish my "HMWRK" so i'll write more later! Love ya