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Date:2003-08-19 06:58
Mood: crushed
Music:"Love You Like I Did" - 112

i wuz sposed 2 hang out whit chels todai, but she kudnt soo me shane n shawn went to kids kove n we went swimming in our undies.. n sat on tha cot/bed thingy again.. n then we went into tha woodz to go to tha other river and i got stung by 2 god damned bees!!!!!!! then shane's tire poppd so we had to go buy another one and uhm, yeah, thatz pretty much my whole dai. well................. chels i think u shud go out whit craig since u guyz have more fun togethr than me n craig did. and dont deny iyt, u2 sed iyt urselves "chelsee wud be more fun if she talkd" but im srry i dont fit into your conversations. but iytz ok, u2 were meant to be instead of me and him........ i love Sean Paul.........
Jay, i miss u so much!! i hope we get to see eachothr quite a bit in highskool... lyl!

this is me and Seb's song... cuz he wuz alwayz there for me.. wuv u Seb, thnx for everything!

Tell me whos gonna look at you
And love you for the person you are
Tell me whos gonna understand
That sometimes you can take things too far
Tell me whos gonna be there when
Times are good and when they are bad
Tell me whos gonna love you girl
The way i loved you

Tell me whos gonna be right there
To wipe your tears whenever you cry
Tell me whos gonna talk it out
To make sure everything is alright
Tell me whos gonna call you on the telephone
When you're all alone
Tell me whos gonna love you girl

Aint nobody gonna do the things i did
Aint nobody gonna kiss the way i kiss
Aint nobody gonna spend the way i spend
Aint nobody gonna love you like i did
Aint nobody gonna be the fool for you
Aint nobody gonna open the doors for you
Aint nobody going through what i went through
Aint nobody gonna love you
Love you like i did...

Anytime you needed a friend
Girl i was right there for you
Anytime you needed love
You could call on me for that too
There is nothing, nothing that i wouldnt do for you
Tell me whos gonna love you girl
The way i loved you

Everything you always wanted
Girl you know i gave it to you
Never had to worry cuz you knew
I would take care of you
And you may find, another man
But cant nobody love you
The way that i loved you


How could you do it?
Baby, how could you (you did me wrong)
Treat me the way you did (you broke my heart)
And how could you leave me?
When you know i did (leave me by myself)
I did everything for you (girl, i did everything for you)
And you'll never find another man to love you the way that i did
Girl nobody... nobody...
Will love you just like me...

[Chorus until end]

-112 "Love You Like I Did"

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Date:2003-08-08 11:40
Subject:CHELS'S B-DAI!!
Mood: sleepy
Music:"Ms. Fat Booty" - Mos Def

todai iz Chels's b-dai!! Happi Birfdai Chels! Love U!! and Jersey in 3 more dayz!!
anywayz, i stayed up till 3 last nite talkn to Oy bout shit, i like listening to her talk cuz.. she'z alwayz got sumthn interestn to sai. well i went to bed at 4 n woke up at 11... i need more sleep accordn to craiig. oh yeah.. craiig.. he kame over last nite at 9, im suprised my parentz didnt kik him outta tha house.. well im sposed 2 hang out whit shane, shawn, n craiig in a lil bit soo im out to take a shower... later

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Date:2003-08-07 12:11
Mood: amused
Music:"Ghetto Cowboy" - Mo' Thugs

todai julia kame over again. and then danny kame over and we walkd to tha commins. we were gonna go see elliot but danny had to get back to my house to get pickd up. yeah iyt wuz hell walkn that far and my knees were killing me. i'm obsessd whit crackn ppl's backz now!!!!! i crackd everyone that kame into my housez' backz. i luv iyt, i dun kno why..... like.... why do ppl like sex??? oky well i kno why, dumb question. srry. anywayz..... JERSEY IN 4 DAYZ!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! i kant wait!!! n neither kan chels... iytz gonna be soo phat. oky, im srry craiigy... but iytz CHICKS before DICKS. not dicks before chicks..... every gurl kan agree whit me unless they got their prioritiez mixd up, then thatz whack-ed. most important to me iz... 1-Meeko (my dog) 2-Chels 3-My mom's cooking and 4-Craiig...... yup yup... anywayz, im goin to bed... gotta wake up early to do more laundry n go to tha hospital to visit my aunt... later... G*NiTe.... Love You Craiig! n iytz wuz nice seeing u todai... for that whole 45 minutez in tha middle of tha road... xoxo mwahz babii~

and again...


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Date:2003-08-05 23:51
Subject:Old Spice!!
Mood: hyper
Music:"Like Glue" - Sean Paul

i love smelln like a man... well my pitz.... me n chels love wearing old spice deodorant... cuz iyt smellz soo god damn good!!! and Sean Paul iz my husband that i love to death!!!!!!! anywho.... todai julia kame at 830am, then craiig kame over UNEXPECTEDLY at like 1030, n he gave me tha EckoRed shirt he bought me and tha Stitch stuffd animal he got me, too!!! hehe i love Stitch soo much he'z tha cutest thing evr. then we watchd Big Fat Liar... omg i luv that movie, iytz soo funni... and i want that velcro thingy. im gettn my hair cut on saturdai... i gotta remember that. oky well im gonna finish talkn to chels till 4am then go to bed.... then eric's coming over and maybe julia, too... but i havent seen eric since skool, soo thatll be phat, plus he has stuff to give me ;) hehe eric ur tha BEST! G*NiTe oh, and download Get Low by Lil Jon, Eastside Boyz, n Ying Yang Twins!! great song

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Date:2003-08-04 23:19
Mood: thirsty
Music:"I'll Never Leave" - Lumidee

todai wuz freakn boring and confusing... me and Oy (my aunt, her real name iz Lorie) went to logan airport to pick up kat but got lost n were like, almost 2 hourz late for pickn her up, soo we were on tha road for 6 hours. 2moro julia iz kumming over at 830 soo she'z gonna wake me up wen she getz here. and i get to finally see craiig!! he sed he bought me an EckoRed shirt and a Stitch stuffd animal in Maine... whut a sweetheart. well at least he knowz whut i like. me and Oy'z new fave song iz Shake Ya Tailfeatha. ha, she'z awesum. well i gotta go wake Dustin and Lauren up cuz they fell asleep in tha living room... weirdos..... buhbye....

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Date:2003-08-03 12:37
Mood: bouncy
Music:"Move Your Feet" - Junior Senior

OMG BEST SONG!!!!!!!!! MOVE YOUR FEET BY JUNIOR SENIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me n chels agree iytz tha bestest song... listen to iyt... phatness....

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Date:2003-08-03 12:24
Mood: cranky
Music:"All I Need"- Fat Joe

god damn!!!! i missd him again!! wenever craiig'z online im alwayz awai!!! if i didnt hafta drink that stupid milk! hahhahahaha chels, that food lookd like vomit. "if i didnt hafta drink that stoooopid milk" u alwayz make fun of me for everything... well im out, gotta go shoppn at rite-aid HA ah HA ah HA ah HA ah BYE.

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Date:2003-08-03 02:06
Mood: dorky
Music:"Shake Ya Tailfeatha" - Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee

chels iz sleepn over tonite... we watchd the sixth sense... i hate scary moviez... craiigy kalld me from maine, too!!! he wont tell me whut he bought me.. but i think i already kno. me n chels have been abusing eachothr lately, but iytz hilarious. i keep tryin to suffocate her whit my pillow. duznt work too well. she made me spit water out my nose cuz she wuz talkn bout how if u leave butter out over nite iyt churns and iz like blue cheese, i dun kno but iyt wuz hilarious. we're goin to bed now cuz my bro hasta go to sleep n he needz tha room soo we're out... and i miss craiigy!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u babii kant wait till u get back~
ha, eric kalld me todai from pennsylvania.. he'z a funni fuck.. me n him r gonna hang out on tuesdai he got hiz braces put back on, me n chels r gettn braces, too... yay. not. anywho, buhbye.

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Date:2003-08-02 00:52
Mood: accomplished
Music:"Echo" - Trapt

todai wuz so lazy. me n chels slept on her ghetto couch/bed thingy... n if u layed on tha very back, tha whole matress would flip up iyt wuz soo awesum, but we broke our necks on iyt. we got up at 12, made eggs and toast n used 1 & 1/2 whole sticks of butter, soo we like, couldn't breathe... and like most people, they'd go out jogging to work off all tha fat they just ate, so we went back downstairz n took a 3-hour nap. yes we are the laziest in merricrack! so i told my mom im going on a diet, she sed ok, but i think SHE iz tha one that needz a diet... i mean.. she weighz a whole 105 lbs. um, anywayz, at tha beginning of summer i weighd 118, and i'v been 100% lazy but still sumhow managed to lose 5 lbs. and i just checkd, and i lost anothr pound!!! i dunno whutz happening to me :'( !! god damn, from 118 to 112, i think im dying. me n Oy are dying together... we know iyt.. well anywho, i miss craiig. he'z in fuckn maine i hope he's having a horrible time whit this rain all weekend!! JUSS KIDDN! i kno he'z havin a good time and me n chels will have our glorious time in Jersey in a few dayz!! Chelsea's goin out whit Shane.. im happy fo' her.. she'z finally goin out whit her "Prince". and i found out that me n Shane have math together again this year!! thatz so phat, he'z tha funniest in math class... too bad craiig hasta be a smarty-pants NERD and be in level 4 math. grr but iytz ok, he sayz he'z gotta be smart to make alotta money, so im totally fine whit iyt. hehe i just want my escalade!!! ok well i gotta go to bed, before my dad flips a bitch on me again... nite nite. CRAIIGY BABII I MISS U KUM HOME SOON!!! much love~

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Date:2003-07-30 22:21
Mood: anxious
Music:'Wifey' - Next

im on tha fone whit chels rite now.. soo if i sai random thingz, iyt cuz me n her r havin flash backz of our inside jokez.. yeah, well todai, me, craig, chels, shane, n shawn went swimming in baboosic lake.. me n chels went skinny dipping.. great stuff. yeah, and i went to craig's... he made me watch final destination2... wich iz fuckn scary now im paranoid that death iz stalkn me!!! grr craig! well craig'z gonna be gone for tha next 4 dayz, soo ima hafta chyll whit chels all 4 dayz, not like im complaining but.. actually i have no problem whit iyt at all... haha yesterdai, wen me n chels were on tha fone, i just randomly sed "Chels, do u remember tha first time i slept over ur dad's house.. n we went into ur room.. n there wuz a cow hangn by a noose from u ceiling above ur bed??" hahahahahahahahahaha iyt wuz sooo long ago i dun kno y i rememberd iyt, but iyt wuz seriously like form a horror movie.. iyt wuz funni tho. yeah, i kant wait till me n chels go to Jersey!!!!!!! we're gonna get soo much ecko clothez, iyt'z gonna be phat.... we're gonna go to tha beach every dai n we're gonna kum back az negroez... hopefully... hehe me n chels r talkn bout DILFs.. well anywayz, im out, peace gotta get up early kinda... cya


Craiig, ill miss u!! love u so much!

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