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[17 Jun 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | me and my girlfriend - jay z ft. bey0nce ]

0k i need an update lol
2day was like so cool..me sandra and maryana left school at like 8:30 and we took the bus 2 neshaminy..shh dun tell my mom lol..cuz she still thinks im going 2 school like all the time lol. so then we went 2 see 2 fast 2 furious..that is a really good movie, i thought it would be kinda bad cuz i dun really like vin diesel..but he wasnt even in the movie so ha..=p lol im such a dork. and it was soo cold cuz i was only wearing a skirt and one of those spaghetti strap tops and slippers so i hadda buy a sweatshirt, haha i was so happy cuz i got this really cute white hoodie for only 5 dollars from modells and after i put it on maryana was like..now elana doesnt look like a skank anymore..lol ok maybe i wasnt wearing too much but that doesnt make me a skank does it? haha jk. so then i came home and my mom was like why are u home so early? then i was like..well i left school early cuz all the teachers were at the senior's graduation..that was true tho..like all the ppl who actually went 2 school 2day just sat in the auditorium all day and watched old movies..so there was like no point in stayin there anyway. i couldnt tell her that i went 2 the mall cuz she would get mad at me for not tellin her..it wouldnt be pretty lol. u seriously dun wanna be caught in a lie with her..but i've been pretty lucky for my whole life..so far..haha. ohh yea..lol..i like someone whose name has 3 letters in it..can u guess who? =p
with a hug n a kiss im out lyke this

I'm Elle
Which Reese Witherspoon are you? Find out!
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o0ps.. [25 May 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | the tide is high - at0mic kitten ]

heyy..ahh..i didn't write for like sooo long again..lol. hehe im so bored so here's a c0nv0 i'm puttin on here 4 no reason..
Xx Babie Girlie: OMG UR RITE
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur so mean
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and green
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and lean
Xx Babie Girlie: i kno
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and a fighting machine
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and ur no dean
Xx Babie Girlie: ur such a yellow fellow
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: of the foe fenny
Xx Babie Girlie: who fell in jello
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: who likes to bellow
Xx Babie Girlie: and u date another fellow
Xx Babie Girlie: haha
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i wish
Xx Babie Girlie: hmm..i bet u do
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: LOL
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: u whore
Xx Babie Girlie: that's miss whore to u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: sorry
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: miss hoe
Xx Babie Girlie: haha ur such a pimp
Xx Babie Girlie: nah wait..lemm change that...pimpette
Xx Babie Girlie: lemme*
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ima lesbo
Xx Babie Girlie: no ur a homo
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol u wish i was
Xx Babie Girlie: well i guess my wish came true b/c u are a homo
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i am\?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wat about hte hot latino?
Xx Babie Girlie: i dunno about the hot latino..its prolly a guy with a grl's reproductive system
Xx Babie Girlie: so yea that would make u a homo
Xx Babie Girlie: haha
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol arg ima stranggle u
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
Xx Babie Girlie: i wanna see u try
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: u do?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ill do it tuesday
Xx Babie Girlie: sure
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah i cant
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i cant touch diseased possesed skin
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur unclean
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i love u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and ur hot
Xx Babie Girlie: im diseased?
Xx Babie Girlie: im hot?
Xx Babie Girlie: im unclean?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: no
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: not hot
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur hot dog
Xx Babie Girlie: im a weiner?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: am i annoyig u?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: or am i annoying u?
Xx Babie Girlie: thats a hard choice..
Xx Babie Girlie: neither...ur not annoying me
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: let me help u
Xx Babie Girlie: b/c ur the best
Xx Babie Girlie: hahhaahaha
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i like u ...do u like me?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wanna get to know me?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: cuz i sure want to get to know u
Xx Babie Girlie: why are u actin like the annoying kid
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: sorry
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur very beautiful
Xx Babie Girlie: hah i am?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: im not worthy to talk to u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: unless i have ur permission
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: perission granted?
Xx Babie Girlie: haha sure
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yes mistress
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: bow low
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: )
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: _
l l
Xx Babie Girlie: um..what?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: nothing hottie
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: oh pretty angel
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: hahahahahahahahahaha
Xx Babie Girlie: whats so funny?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: iunno
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i just started laughing
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: for no reason at all
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: it was scary
Xx Babie Girlie: dun i just give u that happy feeling?
Xx Babie Girlie: hahahhaa
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wish me luck
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: haha
Xx Babie Girlie: luck..about what?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: sing twinkle lil star in a pink tutu
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah rite
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
Xx Babie Girlie: u kno u wanna do it
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: just for u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: its soooooo worth it
Xx Babie Girlie: u would do it...
Xx Babie Girlie: 4 me?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: just for u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: if i have to pick u over the riches of this world
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: id chose u
Xx Babie Girlie: aww that would be sooo sweet..
Xx Babie Girlie: if it were true
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yeah.... like that ever happen
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: whose elana?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wheres my money?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: cha ching
Xx Babie Girlie: lol u suck
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: im playin
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: id chose u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: but then u probably reject me
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: so then i would have nothing
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: if i chose the money i gte 100% sure that ill get it
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: if i chose u its .000000000000001%
Xx Babie Girlie: ur very pessimistic
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: but isnt it true?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: im not pessimistic
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: its da truth
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: truteh
Xx Babie Girlie: truteh?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: truhe
Xx Babie Girlie: truhe?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: truth
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: okie honey?
Xx Babie Girlie: truth?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: yes
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: sugar
Xx Babie Girlie: i no know of what u speak of
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ???
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: sugar sugar
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: awww honey honey
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: u are my candy gril
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: u are my honey
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: do do dot do dot do
Xx Babie Girlie: oooh i like that song
Xx Babie Girlie: haha
Xx Babie Girlie: its like oh honey honey oh sugar sugar u are my candy grl and u got me wantin u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: oh yeah
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i got it mixed up
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: i just kept repeatin
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: that one part
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: bc its catchy
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: that song does relate to me
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: too bad itll never be
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wanna get to know me??
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: hehehehehehhe
Xx Babie Girlie: lol ur a dork
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: wah\?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: thats nice
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and ur amazing
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: so indescribable
Xx Babie Girlie: nahh..
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: and i love u so much
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ha
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: laugh)
Xx Babie Girlie: lol ur laughin again?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: no
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: im drooling just by looking at u
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: 8-O.......
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
Xx Babie Girlie: heres a napkin
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: no
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur makin me drool even more
Xx Babie Girlie: hahaha how?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: cuz ur so hot
Xx Babie Girlie: what about the hot latino?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: who?
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: for get her
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ur da star
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: hail
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: mistress elana
Xx Babie Girlie: u mean 4get that shim
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: (bow low)
Xx Babie Girlie: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: lol
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: ill see u in my dreams
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2: dont worry ur not naked
AmIbOtHeRiNg U 2 signed off at 10:47:01 PM.
lol..that would be a normal convo with me and dan..yea we're two very weird people
s0o 2day amy n nicole came overr..i haven't seen them in like sooo long..we used 2 be like the best of friends in elementary school..the 3 of us used 2 do everything 2gether..it was like a total reunion..lol. we just talked and then we wacthed dvds for like 4 hours. and omg i'm soo happy b/c i dun hafta go to freakin summer tutoring..i swear i would die if i had 2 give up my tuesdays and saturdays all summer just 2 learn math. noo way. lol. s0o um a couple days ago i went 2 the state fair and the was so hilarious..when we were on the roller coaster i kept fallin on andrew on the turns and everytime before we can 2 a turn he was like "ohh no ur gonna fall on me again" and i was crakin up the whole time..haha. but the fair was so fun and i didnt get home until like 12 at nite..and it was a school day..and the next day i seriously felt like a i had a hangover..haha i couldnt walk good or like think good and i couldnt stay awake..i almost fell asleep during the math test. well i think i'm done now..lolz..

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o0.. yikes [01 May 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | n0othin..just the tv ]

hey..i'm trying 2 write in here more often now lol. haha it was kinda creepy 2day..i was walkin home next 2 the woods and there was this guy like standin downhill next 2 the creek thingie [lol its not really a creek..its kinda dried up] and he was just standin there..not movin or anything. and i saw him there like last week too..that's just kinda sccarry. haha..i felt so poor b/c i was like lookin on the ground 4 tokens..b/c i didn't bring any $ 2 buy them n they dun sell them 2morrow..and i asked james 4 a token and he gave me one then i was like "do u have another one?" and ha..he gave me another one...and then when we got on the bus, he was like "haha i saved a token cuz i went on the back of the bus" and i was like "do u want that token?" lolz..and he gave me that one too. =p i was gettin all those tokens so i could go 2 neshaminy 2morrow...but nooooo i can't go b/c the insurance guy person thingie is comin 2morrow and my mom was like "i'm not gonna stay in the house alone w/ a stranger" grrrrrrr...so i hafta come home rite after freakin school...uh huh...so much 4 the half day..oh well i'm happy =] haha i think allergy medicine makes u feel happy..i dunno...i took it since yesterday..and i feel like...uh...happy. lolz...that's not a bad thing...i guess...=p

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[20 Apr 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | angel - shaggy ]

heyy..omfg i didn't write in here for like a million years! nooo...lol..i'm supposed 2 write in here like every day rite? =p i'm a dork..
haha there's nothin 2 say..ohh yea..me and dan are pretending 2 go out [shhhh...u didn't hear it from me]..everyone else is like congrats and stuff...but s0meone is like freakin out...haha that someone knows who they are. my god..now like everyone thinks we're goin 2gether..i mean we are kinda like spreading it around..but still... haha w/e
<3 eLana

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[23 Feb 2003|09:27pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | n0ne ]

hah..nothin realli happened 2day so i'll talk about yesterday lol. i went 2 kiki's house yesterday b/c we hadda go do comm. service @ the library...and omfg we had 2 walk ALL the way there in the p0uring rain. i swear..my pants were like soaked all the way up 2 my knee by the time we got there...haha it was funni. then when we finally got there they made us withdraw the tapes and peel all the little freakin stickers off them...omg i was gettin s0o angry at the tapes..lol. haha....we were like sittin there scraping the stickers off of them like crazi..and i got a lil cut on my hand from the scissors and kiki was like "omg...get the hand sanitizer" haha...i was like "ur such a germ freak" lol...cuz she is. haha but i still luv ya sis. anywayz...i got 4 hrs of comm. service s0o that makes it like 18 hrs out of 30...oh yipee..only 16 hrs left...ehhhh...dumb cs. then we left the library and i was so happi b/c it stopped rainin..hah..and we went to rite aid and drug emporium and she bought make up..haha..it was funni when we left...we were stuffin all the stuff she bought in out pockets b/c she's not supposed 2 buy it. s0o i was like walkin down the street with this huge thing in my pocket..haha. after that i went 2 joyce leslie..and i swear 2 god...they have the crappiest dressin room....there arent any doors on most of the rooms and the rooms that have doors...they dun work...and dun have a mirror...wtf? lol. s0o i was like tryin on clothes and like tryin 2 keep the door closed at the same time..haha it was hard...and i didnt get anything anyway....=p sucks rite?
well um 2day...i went to my cousin's house and my lil cousin brandon was listening 2 disney music and he was dancin around haha...and he was like creepin me out lol. he was like dancin with a stuffed animal...oo..kk...then..lolz. and we watched american idol b/c stephanie recorded it...lol...i love that show. blehh...2morrow's monday...i dun mind going 2 school...just as long as i dun hafta do anything haha. =p
nite nitez **

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`w0uld u be my valentine? * [14 Feb 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | from the bottom of my broken heart - britney spears ]

u know what's so sad?...i don't have a valentine..anyone out there wanna be my valentine? haha...yepp it's late notice...but there has 2 be someone out there...=p i can dream..
omg...i was s0o scared yesterday b/c this girl in out school died from menengitis [r.i.p] and she worked in the office 1st period every day and i work in there 4th period like almost every day now. and the lady there told us about it and i was so freaked out.. and we got out early...and later on my mom said that she was gonna take me to the doctor today to get antibiotics, but there was like a meeting thing at school and they said i didn't need it so...yeah. but..whoo..i was scared.
it seems like so many bad things are happening...i dunno but i think there mite be people who are like against me or somethin and i never did anything to them...and just things are happening so fast that i can't keep up with anything...i dunno...i can't write out too much of what's happening b/c it mite be about someone who's reading this. lol...s0o i'm pretty much stuck in a corner rite? well...i'll find my way back... things are gonna be better again..like they used to be.
<3 always
hahaha...still dun have a valentine

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_*o0ps [09 Feb 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | jump 5 - all i can do ]

haha...i was bored again...s0o here i go..

Hell Yeah!  I'm One More Time Britney!
Which Britney are you? Find out!
Rock On! I'm...Pop!
Which Music Type are You?Find out!
Pretty!  I'm a daisy!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!
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`` i'm baack [08 Feb 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | dream street - they don`t understand ]

who0aa...it's kinda late..lol. i just came back from my cousin's dance recital. oh my goodness it was s0o cold outside. lol. we got there at like 6:15 and then we sat in the car for like half an hour for some reason and then we went into the restaurant where they were gonna dance and waited some more..lol. then vickie came and i was like hi to her and then she's like "this is alex" [she was pointin to the guy behind her lol] and i was like hi...it didnt like click in my head that it could be who i thought it could be...but then she said to him "this is elana" [pointin to me] and he was like "are u seriously elana?" lolz...and i was so sure i would never meet him..haha. i was so wrong. then we went into the restaurant and ate...same old same old..lol. and vickie and her dance group did 2 dances...they did really good. then later on we went downstairs and vickie told alex to meet us there..b/c her friend erica wanted to see what he looked like..lol. so we went and alex was like "i pictured u a lot shorter" haha...i'm like 5'5" and my cousin's like 5' s0o he thought i would be like about as tall as her. haha...not exactly...lolz. ok..so then we went back upstairs and went into the lil dressing room and just um...hung out there...and then went home. haha...it was so funny..we were walkin to the car from the restaurant and andrew was like "i need to go really bad" and then his dad like started gettin really mad at him b/c he was rite at a bathroom like a minute ago. lol... well i'm po0ped...nite nite

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[08 Feb 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | 3rd faze - they don`t know you ]

ahh..hehe..i'm bored. my uncle's comin soon b/c we're going to vickie's dance recital later. s0o i'm sittin here waitin..lol..they were supposed to be here 5 minutes ago! haha...i dun care..it gives me more time to type..lolz. i really don't have anything 2 say..i'll write later alrite?

*smiles* who would have guessed?
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_c0ugh c0ugh * [06 Feb 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | a*teens - can't help falling in love ]

ahh...i have like the worst cough ever...seriously..i can't go like 5 minutes with out coughing...haha. but i think i'm gettin better...well um i hope so. yesterday my temp was like 101...it was funni..i went 2 the nurse and i was like my throat hurts and i lost my voice...then she took my temp and she was like "why r u in school today?" haha..then i was like i dunno. b/c i realli dunno...i would have stayed home yesterday but my mom made me come 2 school with a fever...talk about caring about me...lol..but she does. anyway..the nurse said that i mite have strep throat...s0o...yepp. i dun think i have strep throat tho...haha...hope not.
omg...i hate ms. marino s0o much! she gave me a freakin 3 in behavior!!! a 3....a C-3! i never even got a C in my whole life let alone a 3! god...i asked her if i could go to the bathroom yesterday and she was givin me a hard time and she was like "elana...y r u and kiki always askin 2 go to the bathroom at the same time?" [hahaha...the real answer was that we hate her class...and ask 2 go to the bathroom so we could go 2 the lunchroom] and i gave her this like confused look and [it took me a lil while] i said "um...i guess it's just a coincidence" and then she says "well...if it keeps happening..i won't think it's a coincedence" oh my goodness...y does that lady hafta pick on ME?! she seriously needs 2 get a life... what's she doing? like stalking me or somethin? b/c i think she is. ppl leave her class for like 20 mins...and come back with food and stuff and she doesnt say anything to them but i leave for like 10 mins and she gets all suspicious...grrrrrr...i can't talk about her anymore...
<3 always, elana

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bo0red... [01 Feb 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | britney spears - b0ys [c0-ed remix] ]

[ you ]
*Name: elana
*Birthdate: 12-12
*Birthplace: philadelphia
*Current Location: ..the same
*Eye Color: br0wn
*Hair Color: br0wn~ish
*Right or Left-handed: right
*Zodiac Sign: sagittarius
*Innie or Outtie: innie

[ your favorite ]
*Music: p0p, dance, s0me r0ck, rap
*Cartoon: hm...i dunn0o
*Color: purple
*Slurpee Flavor: cherry
*Magazine: mmm magazine, seventeen, teen pe0ple
*TV Show: malc0lm in the middle
*Song: with all my heart - dream street
*Language: english...that's the 0nly one i realli kn0w how 2 speak
*Food: any kind of junk fo0d...lolz
*Beverage: umm...chocolate milkshakes 0r...iced tea
*Subject in School: haha...h0w ab0ut...n0ne
*Ice Cream Flavor: cookie dough
*Roller Coaster: dunn0o

[ what is ]
*The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: pr0abaly...hair
*The Best Name for a Butler: g0od question
*The wussiest sport: i have no idea..maybe golf...
*Your best feature: i dunno...u tell me
*Your bedtime: anytime..lol...whenever i fall asleep
*Your greatest fear: dying
*Your greatest accomplishment: i accomplished a lot of things..n they were all great..i can't pick just one..lol
*Your most missed memory: i miss h0w things used to be.

[ opposite sex ]
*Best eye color?: depends..
*Best hair color?: br0wn
*Short or long hair?: sh0rt
*Best height?: taller than 5'5"
*Best articles of clothing?: hm...b0xers...hahaha
*Best first date location?: somewhere nice
*Best first kiss location?: somewhere nice too..lol

*Spell your first name backwards - anale
*The story behind your Blurty user name - hah..there's realli no st0ry
*Are you a lesbian - ewwwwww n0o.....n0 way
*Where do you live - pennsylvania
*4 words that sum you up - sweet, nice, daring, optimistic

*Wallet - i d0n't use a wallet...that's what p0ckets are for..lol
*Hairbrush - pink and white and big
*Toothbrush - uhh...i think it's green
*Jewelry worn daily - ring, earrings, and s0metimes necklaces
*Pillow cover - um...i forget...i think it's white with some design on it
*Blanket - white and pink with flowers on it
*Coffee cup - i have a bunch 0f em
*Sunglasses - hah..like i w0uld remember
*Underwear - rite n0w? it's a pink th0ng..lol
*shoes - i'm n0t wearin sh0es
*Purse - i d0n't carry a purse..lol..i hate carrying stuff
*Favorite top - hm...i dunno
*Cologne/Perfume - adidas m0ves, tommy girl, calgon
*CD in stereo right now - i dun feel like checkin...lol
*Tattoos - n0ne...i think i want 0ne tho...a realli realli small one..on my lower back
*Piercings - 2
*What you are wearing now - pajamas
*Hair - br0wn~ish...somethin between medium brown and dark brown
*Makeup - n0ne rite now

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)
*In my mouth - n0thin
*In my head - uhh...th0ughts?
*Wishing - t0 have everything i want
*Person you wish you could see right now - i wanna see a lot of ppl rite n0w...
*Is next to you - the rem0te control
*Some of your favorite movies - sweet home alabama, a walk to remember, crossroads, dumb and dumber [hahaha..that m0vie is s0o funny]
*Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - wish i had s0methin to look forward to
*The last thing you ate - chocolate
*Something that you are deathly afraid of - gh0sts
*Do you like candles - yepp...i guess so
*Do you like hot wax - i dunn0o
*Do you like incense - if they d0n't smell bad
*Do you like the taste of blood - ewwwww...what kinda question is that...eww gross
*Do you believe in love - yepp
*Do you believe in soul mates - yeah sure
*Do you believe in love at first sight - s0metimes
*Do you believe in Heaven - yep
*Do you believe in forgiveness - yeah i guess so
*What do you want done with your body when you die - i dunno...never th0ught of that
*Who is your worst enemy - if i t0ld u...i would hafta kill u..lol
*If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - a...pig
*What is the latest you've ever stayed up - the latest i ever stayed up....it was when i was 4...the day before kindergarden..i stayed up all nite..lol
*Ever been to Belgium - lol..no
*Can you eat with chopsticks - yes
*What's your favorite coin - dimes
*What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - new york, ny...los angeles, ca...clinton, nc...orlando, fl...and charlotte, nc
*What are some of your favorite pig out foods - cheese fries..mmm
*What's something that you wish people would understand - uhh...that other people aren't always h0w they seem t0 be
*What's something you wish you could understand better - i guess...everything
*Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - my dad..and all my family in nc and my br0thers

whoo..that took a long time..lol. =p

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[01 Feb 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | leave it up 2 me - aar0n carter ]

hey...haha..just th0ught i would make 0ne of these. anyway..i have no idea how to change the style..haha..yepp..i wish i knew, but 0h well..i guess i'll figure it out later. =]

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