lunchtime bordum   
11:32am 23/02/2004
mood: bored
music: my immortal
hey....not much going on here.....wish ash was on right now so we could still talk....but who nos...maybe jordon is over by her right now....hi ashli!! hi jordan!!! vicky and adam say hi....vicky also said that she has a smurph in her
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09:13am 23/02/2004
  lol...i love and ash got to have another conversation...too bad i gotta get going in a few mins tho:(.....i wish i could check my email right now...cuz she emailed me something important....but im at school so i cant:( but yeah...till later tonight im out!  
09:13am 23/02/2004
mood: amused
music: touriquet by evanescence
lol...i love and ash got to have another conversation...too bad i gotta get going in a few mins tho:(.....i wish i could check my email right now...cuz she emailed me something important....but im at school so i cant:( but yeah...till later tonight im out!
continuation?? i think?   
09:20pm 22/02/2004
mood: content
music: shout 2000 by disturbed
well...i dint really say n e thing bout vicky in the last here it is...we met one day horse-back-riding..and i had gotton a pic of her and the horse that we both liked...but neither of us got...and then like 2 or 3 years after( i think ) she came to reedsville....the day after or so that she started here.. i brought that pic to school showed her and asked her if it could be turned out that it was....and we became like instant was awesome...and i remember that year or something was the first time that i had even gone bowling....thats also when i met ashli( but we became friends later) but me and vicky do a lot together....she loves to come camping(as do my other friends) and we both work on the school yearbook and other things too....but thats not that interesting.....well...i cant think of n e thing else to write bout the moment....if i think of something ill come
Matt Kenseth   
08:14pm 22/02/2004
mood: calm
music: Silver and Cold By AFI
hey! im now pretty happy....i still dont no what to do...(bout the guy thing)...but im happy cuz my driver won!!! matt's from wisconsin and hes an awesome guy...both times that i got to meet him he was a sweetheart and actually talked to me and my mom/friends like we knew eachother! its awesome! but yeah....i wish matt wasnt kidding...i wouldnt want to travel most of the year and only have family time for like 2 months at the most.....i wouldnt be able to handle that....i can barelly handle having friends race at the local racetrack...cuz i normally feel that i should be there watching them and shit...even tho last year i only had gone in the pits for one ex boyfriend...but guess what?! i ended up doing all my jobs down there plus almost all of his jobs too...his mommy was happy and proud of me for all that i learnt and did for that car....but now this year my best friend rachie g is racing, so ill be maily on her car...but linda(ex's mom) still wants me to help out on her car(rachies bro drives her car) and i said that i would unless the asshole starts it up with me...then i go stricktly to rachies car....but ill still root for david(rachies bro) and all that....and well all party in the pits after the races like old times and have a blast....i think its awesome tho....david is like an older bro to me...even tho he aint, and hed protect me and rachie n e time.....and now that im on a crew as one of the main ppl, a bunch of my friends wanna come and watch rachie race.....they are sooo awesome...they come and root for her and some dont even no her! Me and rachie have known eachother since we were like 6 or were pretty close....we just had a major fight last year when i was making a stupid mistake....(but i got to go to a buncha concerts from and were better...still not like we used to be....but getting its all good....and now, im really close with ashli... i mean..we tell eachother almost everything now....i also tell a lot of my probs to vicky....cuz shes been there for me too..and she tells me stuff too....but back to ashli....she spent the night here last night and went to reedsville snowball and it was interesting.....a "fight" between two of my friends kinda ruined part of the night tho...but then we stayed up till like 2 this morning and then at like 1030 she had to go home*sad face* but yeah...shes online now...YAY!!! im off for now...ill pry update later...Luv! Amanda
01:18pm 22/02/2004
mood: depressed
music: My Immortal really depressed right now...i need someone to talk to....ASHLI!!!! WHERE ARE YOU????!!!!!! *starts crying* i have so much on my mind....i need to talk to ashli...she could pry help me... she kinda already nos why im like this right now i was talking a another friend, and yeah....he tried to help me.,....but if n e thing his advice made me feel worse....idk what to not gunna kill myself or n e thing....but yeah....i hate this feeling!!! GOD!!! i guess i could kinda explain whats up with me and why i feel like shit.... i think that i really like this one guy and i have no freaking idea if he likes me or ne thing..and the worst part is that i have to see this person on my bus and at school....idk what to say to him bout this..or even if i should.....or if i should have a friend do it?? idk.....well....i dont no what to type ne im out....Luv?
01:08am 22/02/2004
mood: listless
music: idk....i have it stuck in my head still confused...idk...really...i mean....i havent felt this way about n e one in a long time....what to do?? i need a hug! *runs to a corner crying* i have no reason really to feel this way...i have nvr really cared bout this person, but for some odd reason this school-year has changed him and now i think that i really like him....but yeah....i dont no what to write n e im gunna sign off now...luv!
12:22am 22/02/2004
mood: confused
music: girls not grey(afi)
idk what to do....i mean....i really think that i like somone....but im too damn shy to say it!!! i hate this!!why do i always fall for the guy ill never get??!! i mean really...i dont even no how he feels bot me and shit and yeah....but im gunna let my friend type now...luv!
07:41pm 21/02/2004
mood: bouncy
music: I hate everything about you (3dg) and ashli are now ready for snowball.....and shes wearing my carebears shirt w/ the ears on the we have something planned...but yewah.....more bout that later....luv!
11:28am 20/02/2004
mood: tired
music: just like you (3 days grace)\ are you? i am fine...dont wanna be here n e more...i want tomorrow to yeah...thats all i guess......luv!

yesterdays words for the day... hell dont want me cuz the devils afraid ill take over, and heaven dont want me cuz theyre afraid of ill end up staying right here...
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dum dee dum dee doo   
08:47am 20/02/2004
mood: silly
music: when i get you alone(wwe originals)
wow....i am really bored....i kinda wish ash was home like yesterday...talking to her made the hour go by im just yeah...really in desktop pub we had to create a magazine page....i made mine on racing..(what else did you expect??? a makeup magazine!!?? lol) but im done and waiting for something to do, so im typing....yay...huh? i cant wait for tomorrow!! ashli is coming over(even tho my parents dont no her) and then were gunna head off to the snowball at reedsville to hang out with friends and shit..then when we get home at like 12 or so we had been talking about going online...the bad part about this weekend....ashli has to go home in the morning(10:30) because of the nascar race:( but im still glad that my mom is letting her come and al that...but i can do something in class to work ahead again....ttyl.....Byez!!
08:26pm 19/02/2004
mood: cold
music: idk..something by metallica
lol.....earlier today was fun....i talked to ash for like 45 mins through this thing....its on her blurty tho..(lilducky112) so if you wanna c it...its the one wit the most out for now....just wanted to write
08:55am 19/02/2004
mood: hyper
music: lights by journey and ashli are having fun writing to eachother on here...since im at school and dont have messenger:( oh well....we can still talk...muahahahaha!! lol......thats funny....muahahahahahahahaha.....OMG.....i think ashli got me hyper.....THANX GIRL!!! i need to b hyper!!
08:33am 19/02/2004
mood: anxious
music: my friends over you (new found glory)
hey...whats up??? not much here...just sitting after i finished my project for today...cuz i gotta think bout what i want my magazine to be called and all for i thought id type while i think...but gunna have a great time this weekend....on friday my parents are taking me out, and then we might go to a movie or something....and then on saturday after i help clean the house my mom and i are gunna go pick up ashli in valders at her firends house and then were gunna hang out till later that night and then go to snowball...and then after snowball i think were planning on staying up and going online and talking to all of our friends...this weekend is coming so slowly cuz of being excited!! i hate this! oh well...ill live...and im glad....rach aint mad at me....i felt really bad last night...cuz i dint want her to be mad at me...she was actually worried that shed loose all of her firends bcuz of what happend...and i told her that i no that me and ashli would always be there for her...and she seemed to be better after that...she still seemed down, but i would be too if i was n e wayz.....i have nothing else to say...ttyl....Luv!
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10:17pm 18/02/2004
mood: moody
music: girls not grey(afi)
i no...writing just extreamly bored....and the week is going by so damn slow...pry cuz i get to have a friend over this weekend, and it seems so boring right now....hey ash....does it feel as long for you too?? burning her the 3 doors down (another 700 miles) cd right now...and shes making my evanescence cd!YAY!!!but yeah..idk....what to write about?? well, lets parents went to stupid parent teacher conferences tonight and i had brought my grade up so they took me out to supper and i think theyre gunna let me go to the things i wanna go to on the 27 and 28!!thats a good thing(for those of you who dont no...on the 27, i wanna go to the greenbay gamblers game with the battle of the bands, and on the 28 i wanna go to the pit stop in reedsville to see another local band....itll be interesting cuz thats the first time that the pit stop has a band playing there i guess) and lets see....well...saturday is gunna rock...snowball....hanging out wit friends...itll be almost 1030 and my mom hasnt yelled at me to get off the computer....normally its i have to be off at 10 or but sux that my friends rachel and adam broke up..idk..maybe its for the better....and no that you have dont go do n e thing all miss ya too much!! and i hope your not mad at me for not telling you even tho i knew...i didnt think it was my place to say it...but i should get going....Luv!
08:30pm 18/02/2004
mood: pissed off
music: I hate everything about you (3dg)
what the hell is going on??!!! i mean, it seems like one of my friends is turning against me..and i dont no y....and then i coulda saved my friends feelings but i dint and now i feel really really really bad....i dont wanna go to school tomorrow cuz of all this shit thats going on at school! i dont know what to think or anything!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but im gunna go b 4 i take out all my anger on the stupid computer!
08:51am 18/02/2004
mood: calm
music: i just want you by trish (on wwe originals)
hey...just sitting ih desktop publishing...waiting for a computer to open up so i can print this project thing in color....oh well...its taking forever....but theres nothing i can do about i came on here for a bit....yeah....i cant wait for saturday...cuz now i know for sure that my friend rachel is coming...shes not changing her mind n e more!!YAY!!! now her and ashli can finally meet eachother....thats a good thing....i talked to ash for almost an hour last night...i hope i dint use too many of the minutes even tho i kinda paid for some of them... oh well....i have to ask my mom what time and shit for everyone to meet so we can pick up ashli..cuz when i got home last night, my parents were both i couldnt ask last night....i cant n e ways....whats new in the outside world...away from school...pry more fun than sitting over here in class....but oh well....i should get going...luv!
I See...   
09:46pm 17/02/2004
mood: content
music: My Immortal
I see you laugh
I see you cry
I see your heart begin to die

I see your eyes
I see your soul
I see you being sent below

I see you frown
I see you smile
I see your life put in a file

I see you point
I see you stare
I see you at the local fair

I see your nose
I see your ears
I see you back down from all your fears

I see your hands
I see your feet
I see you walking down the street

I see your body
I see your face
I see my heart begin to race

I see your toes
I see your fingers
I see how my heart no longer lingers

I see your hand connected to mine
I see your heart reaching for a life
I see you've been stabbed in the back with a knife

I see the light shine in your eyes
I see the laughter in your smile
I see you shine for over a mile

***I really don't know what i wrote this about...but yeah...***
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09:26pm 17/02/2004
mood: cheerful
music: It's Not Me by 3 doors down
I've been waitning all my life
To have someone remove this knife

You gave me hope, you gave me dreams
You finally showed me what love means

You may be far
And without a car

But you have proven
Without movin'

That you are true
So I am no longer blue

I love you with all my heart
But I fear that someday we will have to part

I don't want to leave you
For the ones like you, there are so few

I want you to be near
And never have a fear

I can't wait for you to come here
So we can go fishing on the pier

I wait for the day to come
But it never does for some

It will prove my life
The day I become a wife

The day we belong to eachother
Just us, together forever

The sight of your sweet face
Always takes me to a whole new place

I listne to your beating heart
And thats how this life had its start

***i think this poem is really bad...but i put it in anyway...***
08:41am 17/02/2004
mood: determined
music: I hate everything about you (3 days grace)
hey..last night i had to babysit...lotsa fun...huh?? not! the only good part of babysitting is gettign paid!!! i also have to babysit tonight, but i wanna call a after the kids go to bed at 8 or w/e, maybe my mom will be nice and lend me the phone for the night.....maybe? i hope so....i need to talk to ashli....she wrote yesterday and seemed really upset....i wish i coulda been there for ya gurl!!! but i have to ill ttyl! byez!
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