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yo0o0o0o [20 Apr 2003|09:17pm]
hey babes - i have been gone fo da longest time eva - {i'm in a ghetto mood.. lolz} - n e ways i'm makin a new name- ya no startin fresh - i always hated thisone - lmao - bye hunnz!
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IM BAK! [17 Mar 2003|08:33pm]
hey babez...im bak...deleted it 4 a while....but i decided 2 come bak....i'll update lata..byez
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[11 Mar 2003|09:04pm]
i have no life......... lolz ............i'm always bored .............. nothing to do once agaian...................shirley called to talk about what to get chloe for her birfday with chloe on the line.(i dono y) so in order 4 cloe not to undastand we had to talk in hebrew........it was hystaericall........i guess u had ta be there!
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IM SO BORED.....HEHEHE [10 Mar 2003|09:14pm]
+ name: jordan
+ nicknames: jord-georde-jor jor-jordana-jor-yarden-yardena
+ gender: babbi girl
+ birthday: o3*27*9o
+ birthstone:AqUaMaRiNe*
+ location: FL 954*
+ school: dphds
+ status: hehehe
+ hobbies: sleepin, talkin, surfin, SHOPPIN,

+ color: pink & blue
+ pick-up line:dun need wun...lolz
+ song: "girl all da bad guys want" by: bowling 4soup!
+ singer: xtina
+ magazine: seventeen. elle, teen ppl, ym
+ book: HAHAHA
+ word: LOseR
+ quote: "ur sucha loser"
+ place: THE MALL BABY
+ food: pascetti...
+ subject:lunch ;-)
+ all-time movie: legally blonde+bring it on-8 mile
+ t.v. show: WILL N GRACE

Random Questions

+ Would you talk to a complete stranger from the street?: ma mommtold me neva 2 tallk ta strangers!
+ What type of person are you?: dono??
+ How do you gain everyone's attention in the room?: scream!!
+ What are your plans after high school?: move to nyc!!!
+ Do you plan on getting married in the future?:hel yea
+ What age do you want to get married?: who knows?!?!

+ Do you believe in GOD?: YEAH BABY
+ Are you the religious type?: nOpE
+ Do you do drugs?: eeew no....not healthy ...lolz
+ Do you drink?: nope ima good 2 shoez
+ Are you a moody person?: not usually
+ Are you afraid of the monsters under your bed?:0MG YES !!!
+ Do you believe in angels?: the heaven sent kind? yes...ima good example
+ Do you believe in miracles?: yes!
+ Do you believe that theres someone out there made for you?: yes

What do you think of...
+ our "PRESIDENT?": dun go dere
+ your friends?: dey da bestest
+ your life in general?: dono!?!?!
+ your family?: i lub dem
+ the city that you're living in?: get me the fuq out

Which one?
+ coke or pepsi?: DIET COKE!
+ oreos or chips ahoy?: chips ahoy all da way!
+ chips or crackers?: chipz
+ love or hate?: ta no me iz ta lub me
+ rap or hip-hop?: b0th
+ rock or country?: rock
+ best friends or enemies?: best friend
+ comedy or romance?: both i love laffen n kissen
+ fiction or non-fiction?: NONFICTION

As of now...
+ What do you wish you were doing?: shoppin.....
+ What time is it?: nine thirty
+ Who are you thinking of?: sum1 speccial..
+ What are you thinking of?: stufffzz
+ What are you planning to do after you finish this survey?: shower!!
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[10 Mar 2003|08:02pm]
hey hunniz,
how u guys doin?
im like soooo hyper
i just hung up the fone wit chloé - i was singing instead of talkin - i still am - lolz - i am so hyper - ima go run or do sumphin that requires energry!!

ye haw~> scratch that - adios---0x0x0x0x0x00
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hey bebz... [10 Mar 2003|04:18pm]
hey - sup - just got bak from skool - goin ta get a manicure - o ya i took IOWA's 2day (like fcats just 4 private skools) they r sooo ez! YAY! - I'LL POST LATA - adios! - xox
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[09 Mar 2003|09:36am]
i decided that i dont like my bg-so im tryin 2 figure out how 2 change it! lolz....any suggestions? POST!-byez
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yay! [09 Mar 2003|09:21am]
its finally pretty! thnx to lindsay!
n e ways i just got bak from chloes house-it's so kool there her whole family speakk french...hehe...im tryin to learn! i'll update l8r. if u wanna help me some more with the layout...n e one just e-mail me or post!

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[04 Mar 2003|07:50pm]
hey - not much happened 2day - still waitin till this thing is all prettyful - buh bye - *jOrDi*
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[03 Mar 2003|08:04pm]
[ music | nothin ]

hey everbody jus chekin if it works.....if u wanna help me out cuz i need lotsa help emeail me!!....buh byez

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