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¬§Threes a Charm¬§ [12 Mar 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | TLC ]

hey everyone. wow its been quite sometime..hah
yeah well soccer is going great, i feel so much better now that im gettin more in shape. cause i was too damn lazy to do it on my own so somethings making me now..lol. ive had a lot of crazy things goin on at home, me and mom are at each others throats again..what else is new though, i went to school today in a pissy mood then in homeroom i started balling my eyes out, and i had to run out to the bathroom, thats kinda how my day went, in almost every morning class i started crying, we had a mass and i cried through the end of it..but hey, my day was made a lot better when we got pins that say " I Am Priceless" or somethin like that haha. stupid things brighten my day..hm,like maybe walking behind my love in the hall today and dragging my bookbag behind me as caitlin and sam watched and laughed lol im pathetic.. i cant wait till friday, the boys have a big big game in pottsville, so the school is getting us "fan buses" to take them, cuase not all of us can find rides, im soo excited i cant wait!! if they keep up winning then we get to go to hershey! but this team on friday is suposidly really good. so well see...good luck guys...soccer tonight, so im gonna get ready to go..
i promise a long update when i get somethin really good to talk about...

Im falling in love theres one disadvantage
I think you should know that Ive been damaged...

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