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Date:2003-05-25 01:30
Subject:my art on my friend's site... check it out
Mood: tired
Music:dance floor justice

the pic on the page is the one i took

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Date:2003-05-21 20:47
Subject:i just got the new deftones album
Mood: excited
Music:New Deftones Album

i just picked this bad boy up about an hour ago, and its really good. i mean, now its probably my 3rd fav album by them. lets do the list

1)around the fur
3)deftones self-titled (one i just got)
4)white pony

im listening to it, and its good. i will be listening to it more, so i'll grow into it and i'll love it. its a good one though. i love good morning beautiful.

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Date:2003-05-21 16:00
Subject:i thought i told u not to jump on the back of the cars
Mood: happy
Music:Valandora - Cheeky Curve

well, today was a typical normal day. nothing new really happened except that i got dicked over yesterday by having to mow the lawn and edge it, and not go to pick up my copy of the new deftones album. oh and today, matt gave me a copy of enter the matrix for the pc and its not workin, so im frusterated with that.

in lunch today, i got jeff to say "Bright Eyes suck!" cause i cant stand that band and yet he loves them. i told him if he said it, he would get a piece of my nutty bar that jason bought for me cause i helped him with his english homework. that made my day... making a fan of Bright Eyes saying that they suck for a piece of nutty bar.

jynx me something crazy

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Date:2003-05-20 19:30
Subject:Sacrosanct Nemesis - i wrote it
Mood: creative
Music:pedro the lion - promise

Sacrosanct Nemesis

i lay next to you and my eyes hurt
the bench is uneven with the sky
i fall forever and spend life
while hearing the voices of ghosts in the backyard

poison me with your deepest thoughts
make me pass out and begin to bleed
the shouts of anger, the formations of gardens
poison me with your sharpest dagger

you say that the moon turns black
but i only can see the light
its not the moon, its your heart
the carpet begins to sink

poison me with your deepest thoughts
make me pass out and begin to bleed
the shouts of anger, the formations of gardens
poison me with your sharpest dagger

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Date:2003-05-20 15:22
Subject:i felt like posting this...
Mood: calm
Music:Converge - Concubine

its rad when you forget about me... you fucking sucker!

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Date:2003-05-20 15:11
Subject:new deftones album today!!
Mood: amused
Music:Sora - Silent Film Star

it has arrived... the new deftones album has arrived in stores. i will be picking up my copy today cause they are just amazing. one of the bands who have influenced so many bands in the metal/emo/hardcore scene. im positive that it will be awsome.

today was pretty boring, but all in all today was do-able. test tommorow in pecchia's class and practice quiz in chemistry. nothing else really to do, so just swallow a bullet and drink some lemonade.

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Date:2003-05-19 21:24
Subject:owen wilson's nose is weird looking
Mood: blah
Music:Poison The Well - Zombies Are Good For Your Health

well, its 9:30 and i was bored and i figured i start a journal to discuss owen wilson's nose (the guy from shanghai noon) this thing is fuckin weird as hell. it looks like someone took a hammer and hit his nose with it and then took a piss on it. yea, funny shit.

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