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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
12:25 pm - snow day!
yes its a freakin snow day...i'm so happy neumann got the day off....i'm prayin that it does the same for tomorrow but knowin mother nature....she's prolly looking down sayin "haha motherfuckers enjoy it while you can" and it gets all spring and shit...haha anywho...
basically spent the day loungin around watchin movies with shelley while cris is stuck at WeCU...we watched the debut..remember hook with robin williams..he was peter pan and there was that hottie RUFIO?? he's in that movie...the yummy dante basco...seriously if i saw him walking down the street or any guy remotely looks like him...ooh the things i would do..hehe anyway and we saw monster with charlize thearon and christina ricci *spelling error* wow nothing like i thought it would be...but i'm not gonna reveal it...
well i gotta finish doing my homework cause i have no idea if i have school tomorrow


current mood: aggravated
current music: "this love" maroon 5

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Sunday, January 25th, 2004
7:08 pm - you on crack son..
after pickin up my sister from her friend house mommadukes my sister and myself...we went to james's house cause they went to go the casino *typical asians* so james and i went on a lil roadtrip...first stop was cherry hill mall...they had some nice stuff on sale and i bought me a AF shirt...whoa and it was 9 dollas..thats fuckin cheap considerin where i got from...and james got a nice jacket and a pants...then we decided to hit up philly and go to urban outfitters...they have hella cute stuff but way too esspensive for my we drove around...without getting a ticket..headed off to south street...went to imagine..i love that store..i got me a kick ass belt and a softball shirt..i wanted to get a john deer hat or even a shirt but i didn't have enough fuck that...then went to target...james bought thursday cd gum and a basically it was a good day to be out..

i have to STOP SPENDING MONEY!!!!!!!! like seriously i have to restrain from buyin stuff cause i have very high expectations of getting things but then i have this itch where i have to buy excuse is this: whenever i go to the mall i never leave the damn place empty i have to buy something and no food doesn't i really have to stop...and i need save for the following order of importance
1. a trip to the philippines and to the islands for the summer time
2. old new car
3. imac computer
4. snowboard *i want this cute roxy one or airwalk hehe*

so here is the deal folks *or whoever fuckin reads this...if you see my buy something that looks irrelevent or really something that i shouldn't buy..i give you the honor to slap my hand or kick my ass...but you have to let me know*

i would like to say i fuckin hate girls that dick thier friends over for their boyfriends.....that really irks me because friends have been there for you no matter what and boyfriends are expendable...i have never done that to my friends cause they mean more to me than a boyfriend...becuase i have been in that position too many times where this happen and im always the good friend that comes back to be there and then gets dicked over...well i'm just gonna say this now... IF YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME CONSIDER OUR FRIENDSHIP OVER cause i will not stand it

current mood: cold
current music: none

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Saturday, January 24th, 2004
3:59 pm - look who's back back agian....asian's back tell a friend
yes yes its been a long ass time once more that i have been a lazy ass and haven't updated on my life...well for your pleasant enjoyment and viewing pleasure ta-da! UPDATES

back at neumann...hooray im so happy to be back...things here and there have changed..but i mean i can't do anything about it...i see less of my boys...sniff sniff...i hang out more with my sig kap sistas...sneaking to play lax lemme tell you i'm sore as fuck! wanhhhh....

sucks that i'm a dumbass and i can't get into my major or that the school sucks and doesn't like to round up...its prolly cause they want more money...dammit...

last nite went to WE C U haha as i like to call it....mike just built a fuckin awesome bar...really nice so me and cris broke it in a became bartenders! good time we got tips and i got serenaded by a bunch of drunk guys they sang "my girl" was hilarious...this kid jamie (nice kid but really wierd) was showing off his dick piercing....yeah...really interesting...then some other kid late during the nite was walking around in his underwear...yeah..ummm oh i thought i lost my cell phone i was gonna cry...i got a lil pissed at steph cause she bailed to go with PJ i mean its cool that your with your boyfriend but i mean you could at least say bye or somthing like that...but you know i'm not going to get into that cause i have to go soon...more later but for now thats what you get

current mood: drunk
current music: BOOM BOOM by britspurs and ying yang twins

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
11:52 am - its the most wonderful time of the year
this is my random thought flowing through my head:

i'm finally done with the 1st semester of my sophmore year! thank god...i've been stressed out like it was my job but then agian so does everyone else that has been through the same shit i have...hopefully i passed all my here's hoping

the one thing i hate so far is that i have been trying to get some sleep during this break but there are 2 factors that are bothering me... 1. i sleep on an airmattress instead of the futon...ghetto huh? 2. i'm waking up more earilier than needed... its gonna suck cause monday i'm going to go to my 1st day of orientation at fitz..6am great...

i have no idea what my resolution is gonna be this year but all i know is that this is gonna be my 1st new year and also christmas with my fam in 2 years! why you ask damn holiday inn keepin me in but hey its all about the money..something about love money and resonsibilty heh you thought i was gonna say respect..word

i picked up a new dance...belly dance to be exact...dude it complicated that i orgianlly thought it was going to be...but hey i'm no quitter...hehe quitters never quit! *neumann humor*

got all my christmas shoppin basicaly... just gotta pick up stuff here and there...

oh yeah something about my top cartilage getting infected..gross..apparently its a keloid..but hey its all good as long as i can get an earring in. i figured i disgust the people that acutally read this

i'm an 8.3 in sweet...i've met pretty cool guys on there but i REFUSE to pay $6 to acutally email them..

exuse me while i wash out softener out of my hair and on the wall...don't ask i'm just a kultz like that haha

i'll talk about more stuff later i miss my neumann already...class i can wait for


current mood: energetic
current music: milkshake kelis

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Friday, November 21st, 2003
12:40 pm - what's your favorite color?
dude by far ELF is the funniest movie i've seen so far....will farrell is a funny guy...hehe i get all tickled pink when i think of him...hehe anyways that was a good time....ryan took me to a dinner and a movie(awww....) how nice of him all becuse he was he says...haha...i had fun with that guy, wow that weird

on a sadder friend chuck died on sunday...crash his car into a tree.....i couldn't believe it, he was the most kindest soul i've ever met....cristina and i went to the viewing...i wanted to cry my eyes out....but i'm waiting on today on the acutal funeral...guh the viewing was beautiful...had pictures of him and his twin and the rest of his family...and a guitar made of flowers....i hate to see a talent wasted like that...he was the type to shape your life in a different chuck 11-15 always in heart's you touched and will never be forgotten

i would like to say boys are wierd...i got a phone call from a kid that i met at the club...he remembered my number from last week and he called me
i dunno...i might stay away from boys (esp NCB) they are very confusing

ahh busy busy busy...i'm tired i'm gonna shower and then off to bed..nite nite

current mood: chipper
current music: numb - linkin park

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Sunday, November 9th, 2003
1:05 am - more drinking for me!! until next week
i really have a lack of motivation when it comes to typin on this thing..... the only time i do this is when i read other peoples journals and see how "fullfilling" their lives are....but they are just basicaly the same as my life...but either better or worse...

i miss my family.......they are having fun in florida....without me....i hope they are having a great time...BRING ME LOTS of gifts hehe....they been gone for about a week or so....i can't wait to see them...but i'm gonna miss the joys of driving around aston boo...

okay past two days i've been partyin it up....and i thought i was gonna stop last won't last nite was great i dont remember much of it....i lost my hoodie at WE C U at mike's place...thats the 2nd piece of clothing lost....being drunk and not remembering where your clothes are really sucks....i had it on my "designated" couch where i sleep in ALONE! next morning its MIA...awefulness i want to cry yeah and the day before i went to egypt with nat and was a great time....met up with adam and tiph and the rest of ther gang there....good times....but we should of went to decos...just wait until i get my id oh lord the damages i will do to my liver..hehe

i've been getting my work done for once...i'm actually been a good student...except for the one day i had a chem test that i didn't study for and ended stayin up pratically til 6am just talkin with matt....christ i'm never doing that agian...honestly i'm sleep deprived i don't get enough sleep i don't do naps which i should start to.... guh

this coming week is gonna be busy busy busy....i need time to slow down!!!

maybe i get the nerve and talk to him....i didn't think it was this hard to say something that simple....i'm better of single....but i want that relationship....i guess it isn't my time....i gotta wait til the next full moon....shit

okay enough for now...peayce

current mood: drunk
current music: i'm havin a dashboard confessional moment right now

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
1:23 am - boo boo kitty fuck
why did i put that as my title? 1. i'm looking at dead cat..not literally..but picture wise..i will tomorrow though so pray for me that i will pass my practical 2.i happen to like jay and slient bob strike back tee hee

i finally quit wawa...yay they really thing i'm coming back but i'm not...sorry.,

i'm going to revaulate my life right now....
school: i could do better....i'm getting help so i can...i finally admit i need the help
friends: i love all of them esp the ones i made this year...i'm so happy i met them all i couldn't ask for a better group of people and of course i love my cru til the very end :-)
family: we grandparents came back from the "homeland" its good to see them...first thing mammay*filipino for grandpa* was bust out the beer...doesn't get any better than that....
happiness: i haven't felt down at all lately but there is a one spot that i need to be filled
love/relationship: ahh and this would be the spot...yes i would like one but if its bound to happen it will...i'm gonna stop looking for it... he will find has before..but i just feel a lil lonely when i see my friends with there's ;_; oh well

overall: everything seems to be running normal yes that one sore area will be fixed one day...not right this very moment but it will

yeah i don't remember much of last week....all i can remember is hospital annex west chester class thats all i can remember sad yes yes that week went by like a bluuuurrrr oh i did go to the kway football game with cassie brux and her co-horts from MC interesting folks yes...tiffers had a date ooh go girl!! cassie and i saw scary movie 3 stupid funny but it was good.... today i had the car drove in the rain...all day in the rain....walk to class in the rain...wet dog...then drs agian...ppds...then took anderson and troy to kelly' time...and to wendy's...4.20 meal yummm....them my house..took shelley bonding moment very nice...went online...talked talked talked....i swear my tonsils need to be taken out they hurt real bad

ok if you read this who is the worst driver: PA or NJ?? and veryify your answer...

boo boo kitty fuck i love the rain shake it like a polariod(very random huh?)

okay...back to the cat...peacye <3 meeh

watch the osbornes....he went to the dentist...couldn't get knocked out cause the nitrous count was not high enough...but when he did...he couldn't aim the cup to his mouth rather to his forehead....i found that rather amusing...ta ta

ps what should i be for halloween...naughty nurse or slutty girl scout?? hmmmm....

current mood: weird
current music: i like the way you move outkast

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
12:59 am - damn right its betta than yours
fuckin computer erased everything i typed about 2.5 seconds ago now i gotta remember what i wrote and condense it cause i'm too lazy to elaborate grrr...

\ got hired at fitz...i'm very proud of myself...congradulations to me...i'll be a lab assisstant with kim my suitemate..coo coo
\happy birthday jeff and will be brux...then D aww my babies are growin up so quick*sniff sniff*
\proclaim wed as milk shake day oh yea
\i hate nursing and anatomy once more it makes me want to drink ridiculously more...and become a chain smoker *sike i'm just just kidding*
\fall break was great bought clothes and stuff all week i'm happy// saw bend it like beckham gonna buy that movie// aruged with my dad about a car// studied// saw my girls expt for phil and brux but 4 out of 6 ain't bad
\cananda was ILL as hell....gonna go was okay dancing was fun gambling i lost but its okay drank a lil but i'll be back to drink some mo i just hate the drive up and back..killer on those sleepin hours damn it

for once i have good karma flowin in me...i'm fully happy its great...i don't feel down and out just insanely worries.. okay i lied i got one worry...and its school but other than that i just don't give a damn anymore bout them eagles? haha

okay i think thats all want to share lpeacyel court

current mood: jubilant
current music: my love is like whoa.... mya

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
3:30 am - hello dollykins i'm back
yeah its been a long time...its time for the update reel!! and weeeee
well first of all i hate nursing and much as i study til i explode i still manage to get a shitty ass grade that i don't think i deserve...guh i'm pissed bout that i'm doing good in my other classes as long as i stay up and come in early to class hehe...i'm never an early person...running on that damn CPtime haha
what else..ooh yeah i'm going to canada..i'm really syked about that...just to get out of the country sounds like a perfect remedy...gamble party drink..whew sounds like vegas...but canadian style eh? haha
i have an interview at fitz a lab assistant...ooh big time roller holla..yeah better than wawa i guess..for the money its all about the money...
hmm do i really wanna post what i'm gonna say up...hmm..well nah i don't wanna kiss and tell so i'm just gonna leave it at that haha evilness...
ooh ooh i remember getting shitty last was all about alcohol last was awesome..i really got smashed over mike's when ben came to visit...i miss that guy he cracks me up...but yeah nastiest hangover i puked up the next mike dan and ben went to zac's yeah i was soo nauseated i could eat a thing...but then that night went to a party had a lil bit of beer but i had an wicked craving for wawa...and i got it..THEN the next day i hung out with matt and becca...matt killed his hypnotic bottle and i had a lil of course...and when becca came back she had two bowls of jello shots ready and once agian the asian got shit-faced...wonderful fantastic...yeah...
i play flag football...FOOTBALL..haha yes i'm in dire need to play a sport i don't care what it is i opted for the flag football..the DYNASTY..whoo hoo...stinky runs that team...i hear that they whine like bitches...oh well can't pickem all...
i think thats all i have for now....but i'll be back to tell about more things....peacye luv court

current mood: giddy
current music: Busta Rhymes "Light ya ass on fiya"

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Thursday, September 18th, 2003
1:21 am - i can't be the same anymore i need a hug!!!
yeah so i'm a lil high now...people i'm becoming a stoner...and its not cool...i was really not all about that but for some reason i can tolerate weed more than i can drink...but who knows....
yeah i'm really in a defunct mood...well first off i almost blew off my friendship with dan today...and cried like an idiot to him...i can't help it...the idea of being with the person that you still love knowing that you can't kiss or be held by him because he is doing that to someone really hurts...i thought i could be strong about this but apparently what i did today showed otherwise...i'm trying to fall out of love..and its not working not in the very least...everytime i talked to him i couldn't look at him in the face...i would start crying basically i kept my head down..the only time i didn't was when i told him i didn't want to end our friendship...*sigh* i wanna type more on this but since this is a public entry ya'll don't need to know what else is runnin though my mind...
anyways...yesterday was fun...the girls and i went to the boys (isn't that so borad?) apartment....i was introduced to a new card game called "Guts" and let me tell you i love that game and lemme tell you why...i won over 70 dollars was awesome...i felt bad for santford he was losing so bad....and we thought he was gonna win this one round cause he had a pair of 3s...unfortunatly...brooks beat him with a pair of 4s..that sucked for him...yeah..and everyone else was drinkin..cept for tommy he passed out madd early...
and today was just a day to get high...after my moment with yeager...maureen came in talked to her then bill came by...didn't know this boy smoked til tonite...yeah good times...we hit up this small as blunt in the got so smoky in there i thought i couldn't see him...haha funny stuff...okay well i'm gonna sleep becuase i know i won't be able to wake up...

gotta prepare for ISABEL...damn bitch and ruined EVERYTHING!!! gnite kids peacye luv~ court

current mood: high
current music: ataris "broken promise ring"

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
9:16 am - bitchin out yo
you know what sucks..being know what else sucks...being at home while being sick...and you know what can top that off.. being at home while being sick and being bored all at once...isn't life a bitch sometimes

anyways...not sure what to type about..soo maybe i need to pop more meds ttyl kids peacye love court

current mood: sick

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
12:00 pm - the space between....
okay its been awhile...i haven't really touched a computer lately and if i did it was just to check my mail...but yeah lemme catch up on things...well first off..i saw DMB for the first time! wow they put on a kick ass show...but man the tabachery was out of control and the same goes for drinking inhalin and gettin high, which i did nothing off...i went with anderson his girl sara and damn..i forget his name...i think is paul or pete somethin with a P anyways met up with tommy jeff and fran it was a great time thats all i have to say...and i got two shirts..and i'm broke now...i really need to get a job...i need money...ahh alas pity the poor...umm school sucks now i have to do CHEMISTRY agian...dammit and i thought i could get away with it...grr no i don't have thursdays off i have one class fuckin 8am!! booo.... labor day was okay..i guess nothing special happend...oh oh i got a hair cut last week...i'm not sure i put that on my last entry but yea...i'm depressed its not about the usual thang...but its about field i went to a game today and it was a close game 4-5 the other i just wanted to run out there and play for them...i missed it..i was discouraged but it next year i'll be back dammit...seriously i'm never will be the same agian...ahhh fuck...anyways i'm tired and i have homework to do...until next time kids luv ~court

current mood: okay

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
10:49 am - i'm baaaccckk
yeah finally back at good ol neumann... i'm really happy to be back you have no idea.... i love my new roomates they are really cool...all 5 of them..i'm livin in the apartments here and its great...and i have additional roomates that stay here too..the guys are funny as hell...ahh i really miss i'm acutally studying for school...and its only day 3 guh...what is the world coming to?? oh well i'm off tomorrow and there is a party at the lax getting trashed...oh yeah

i want to get my hair cut...i might do it this labor day weekend and go shopping lord know is need to...ahh

yeah this entry is gonna be short and sweet...

peacye love court

current mood: excited

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10:49 am - i'm baaaccckk
yeah finally back at good ol neumann... i'm really happy to be back you have no idea.... i love my new roomates they are really cool...all 5 of them..i'm livin in the apartments here and its great...and i have additional roomates that stay here too..the guys are funny as hell...ahh i really miss i'm acutally studying for school...and its only day 3 guh...what is the world coming to?? oh well i'm off tomorrow and there is a party at the lax getting trashed...oh yeah

i want to get my hair cut...i might do it this labor day weekend and go shopping lord know is need to...ahh

yeah this entry is gonna be short and sweet...

peacye love court

current mood: excited

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
2:09 am - and all that jazz!!!
wow i must say CHICAGO is a great movie! i'm so glad i bought it today hehe... i'm very ambitious when it comes to seeing things then wanting to do it after it...but if anything that i have seen/watched is to really take up dancing... i have a lil expirence with it but never went all out with it * i did a lil bit of jazz tap ballet and latin dancing*...but i wanna do something with tap and latin dancing...something bout those two really have caught an interest for me...i wonder if neumann has any dance programs...i'll sign up and do it or find a place that has it..there is a goal for me!!

anyways my dad isn't talkin to me..watever

umm went out with the usual thats where i bought chicago at holla! then to the mall...bough some new kicks..and sandals...oh yea good sale only cost me 35 total yo! haha and saw mariel and jam there...then off to some eyeliner and mascara...hehe then the wierdest thing happend

a po po pulled shaya over...we didn't know why..she thought she was going to slow or too fast...and i thought kmart caught me her rents car wasn't registered and she got a ticket for it..boy she was a lil mad but is all good...she isn't paying

ahh this was an eventful day...and then some ;-) tomorrow...we'll see what happends...peacye luv court

current mood: energetic

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
2:13 am - no worries, but i'm a sure as hell gonna bitch
here is the story...i go into work today and get my paycheck.. my boss asked me what day i couldn't come in..i said sunday i have school...she said i have to find someone to replace me..."yeah okay thats fine..."i thought... when i got into the and my dad had a lil fight...i told him i had to work..or i can find a dad was freaking out saying you can't work you have that went on for 5 more minutes...then he was like i don't care if you get is more important...well duh i'm not that stupid but still i would like to keep my job...go to the bank got out of the think i threw a "tantrum" and freaked out sayin why you slam the door like that get your paycheck your going home...last thing he said to me was "get out of my car" and he drove off... whatever i think this is so is he gonna get pissed about this...
heh its my dad...he does that a lot

ahh feel much better to get that off my chest...

i'll be back on later on tonite hopefully with better news... peacye luv court

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
12:35 pm - you learn something new everyday
well i guess i SHOULD update....hung out with brux and shay.... brux is goin through some rough times...i hope she will be fine..don't worry my farmer everything will work out...wait til the 24th something good comes along.. well we went to the mall all i got was damn pants grr... and shaya got a biker boy jacket and pants...brux got a shirt.. hung out in my house for a lil bit...good times haha i've been working alot...not bad crazy people wanted me to work when i had to move in for school!! what the hell where they thinking?? honestly, we had some dumb meeting but hey i got a lotto ticket for answering a question about wawa...which was what year did wawa first open...(answer 1964) and i won a DOLLA holla!! word...oh well one of my co-worker won 8 lucky...haha only had to work for 6 hours instead of 8...word... umm i have to do some copy some pics of back in the days of neumann style as my friend ben would say...damn boy got smart and left to transfer but he misses some of us! haha im putting hold on my website i have too much going on...
i found a way to cope with things...singin my heart out..i don't care if its was my way to deal with forget all my problems and thoughts....its working...mainly is only jewel and sara mc that i sing..i love there music...i love adia is a really good song...i really regret not continuing with the piano..but oh well life goes on

i can't think of anything else but i have work tonite and tomorrow i'm going down the shizzore!! holla word...iight kids peacye luv court

current mood: indescribable

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
2:04 am - one of these questionnares....a diddy to know me a lil better
x. Fallen for your best friend - i FELL on one of my best friends...does that count?
x. Made out with JUST a friend - nah
x. Been rejected - oh yeah
x. Been in love - yes
x. Used someone - not really my style
x. Been used - Yes
x. Cheated on someone - i would never thats the lowest thing any person can do
x. Been cheated on - yeah most likely
x. Done something you regret - Who hasnt?

The last person..
x. You touched - myself...haha i think brux
x. You talked to - shay
x. You instant messaged - drizzle
x. You yelled at - cassie
x. You laughed with - brux and shay
x. You had a crush on - umm...not sayin
x. Who broke your heart - do i REALLY have to answer this?? if you know me then you know

Do you..
x. Color your hair - i stopped trying to grow it out
x. Have tattoos - henna on my foot
x. Piercings - one on left two on right
x. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend - not anymore
x. Floss daily - ehh occasioanally but i do brush and mouthwash
x. Own a webcam - yes
x. Ever get off the damn computer - when i'm sleeping//working//out with the ususal suspects
x. Habla espanol - un pocito but i dont tell those creepy mexicans that come into wawa

Have you/do you/do you have..
x. Considered a life of crime - uhh yes i wanna be con artist and a thief
x. Considered being a hooker - shit no
x. Considered being a pimp - where are mah bitches?!? haha no
x. Think you are psycho - on occasions
x. Split personalities - depends on how i feel for the day

x. Obsessive - yes
x. Obsessive compulsive - thats my pops
x. Panic - when nessacary
x. Anxiety - plenty
x. Depressed - i was yesterday
x. Suicidal - what would be the point in that..i love life
x. Obsessed with hate - towards racial people yes but i'm a lover not a hater
x. If you could be anywhere, where would you be - discovering the world..i can't stay in one place
x. What are you listening to - jewel..she is my hero...well back in the day jewel
x. Can you do anything freakish with your body - i'm double i'm very flexable
x. Chicken or fish - hehe chicken
x. Do you have a favorite animal? - umm peguins and puffins
x. Current Clothes - gap tank and target pants kick ass i must say
x. Current Mood - pretty content mood
x. Current Music - uhh...jewel hello??
x. Current Taste - sushi...just had some today mmm....yummy
x. Current Hair - wet
x. Current Annoyance - bugs MOSQUITOS espically
x. Current Smell - my hair
x. Current thing I ought to be doing - sleeping
x. Current Desktop Picture - cabo...some island in the carribean..very nice..
x. Current Favorite Group - gots too much but one of them is no doubt
x. Current Book - it was party girls...its a great book!
x. Current DVD In Player - cradle to the grave
x. Current Refreshment - none but i had a milkshake during the night
x. Current Worry - no worries....hakuna matta
x. Current Crush - none that this point
x. Current Favorite Celebrity - collin farrel
x. Drink - cherry 7 up
x. Color - pink black red yellow and orange
x. Shoes - new balance 802 or 706
x. Candy - mmmm candy...lately its pop rocks
x. Animal - PENGUINS AND PUFFINS...does stitch count?
x. TV Show - will and grace queer eye for the straight guy and famliy guy
x. Movie - O Lilo and Stitch Tomb Radier Thomas Crown Affair Snatch Fight Club
x. Dance - ooh any ballet jazz club hip hop but i'm really down with the latin flare!
x. Music - anything...but country..right now i'm my jewel/sarah mc stage
Are you..
x. Understanding - fuckin yeah i am
x. Open-minded - try to
x. Insecure - to a degree
x. Interesting - sometimes
x. Hungry - not at the moment
x. Friendly - yeah
x. Smart - haha...rarely
x. Moody - i'm a cancer...i'm the moodiest sonofabitch on the charts
x. Childish - i don't wanna grow up i'm a toys r us kid!!
x. Independent - working on it but the childish thing isn't working on my side
x. Hard working - at work and school yes...other wise i'm one of those lazy motha truckas
x. Organized - only when i'm in a cleaning mood
x. Healthy - yeah...unless these mosquito bites are gonna kill me *knocks on wood*
x. Emotionally Stable - heh...not really but i'm coping
x. Shy - when i first meet you yes
x. Difficult - when talking yes i have a speech inpediment
x. Attractive - i'm not ugly and i'm not dead an iight asian
x. Bored Easily - hardly i'm easily entertainable
x. Thirsty - yes
x. Responsible - sure
x. Sad - not really...
x. Happy - yah but not really
x. Trusting - people can trust me...its them i don't trust..well certain ones
x. Talkative - when i feel like it
x. Unique - everyone is unique
x. Needy - of money yes otherwise no

Who do you want to..
x. Slap - bitches...haha no i like slappin butts
x. Look like - catherine zeta jones
x. Be like - a real life asian barbie..that damn bitch has everythang! haha no...umm dunno
x. Talk to offline - everyone

On you..
x. Name - courtney
x. Nicknames - court...b....uhh courtney b...these aren't really orginal tryin to work on that
x. Age - 19
x. Hair color - half goldish brown half black
x. Birthday - June 28th holla
x. Eye Color - brown
x. Siblings - cassie
x. How do you describe yourself - asian
x. What's your sign - Cancer
x. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend - this question was asked already...but no not anymore

On friends..
Both Online and Off.
x. Best Friend(s) - mac shay drizzle brux phil
x. Friend(s) you go to for advice - all above and some of the neumann boys
x. Friend(s) you have the most fun with - usual suspects...and the neumann boys
x. Friend(s) you've dreamt about - dan
On preferences..
x. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate - hot chocolate
x. McDonalds or Burger King - Burger Kang
x. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend - friend
x. Sweet or sour - sweet.
x. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper - dr. pepper!!
x. Sappy/action/comedy/horror - i can tolerate them all...cept horror i'm the biggest sissy around
x. Cats or dogs - cats
x. Ocean or Pool - hmm not sure people like to piss in them both
x. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier - cooler ranch deff
x. Mud or Jell-O wrestling - jello at least you can eat it
x. With or without ice-cubes - with
x. Shine or rain - shine
x. Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring - spring
x. Vanilla or Chocolate - choclate
x. Snowboarding or skiing - snowbizzborading
x. Cake or cookies - cookies!! only time for cake is carvel yumm
x. Cereal or toast - cereal
x. Gloves or mittens - gloves
x. Eyes open or closed - both
x. Fly or breathe under water - fly
x. Bunk bed or water bed - waterbed more motion on the ocean hehe
x. Chewing gum or hard candy - candy
x. Motor boat or sailboat - sailboat
x. Lights on or off - depends

What's your favorite..
x. Number - 4 38
x. Holiday - halloween christmas
x. Radio station - ehh one too many
x. Place - beach school clubs
x. Flower - orchids, roses, tulips
x. Scent - on a guy AF or polo sport girl tommy girl or cool water

current mood: peaceful

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
12:31 pm - i feel sick i need medicine!!
don't u ever have those days when you don't wanna wake up but then a dream that freaks u the hell out makes it worse and you can't sleep? yeah had a good dose of those...all i got to say is 250 mcdonalds my house hugs...if you wanna know what thats about i'll tell u

went to harrison house..paid alot for something i didn't eat alot of...i got all queezy...i think drizzle and phizzle got me some SARS action...just kidding...all that grease was getting to me..but it was a good time hanging with the usual suspects on last time as a whole before we left for school.... (maccho me phizzle shay and drizzle)

so that didn't make my day even better with lack of sleep...a stomach ache that killed on years on end...and i had to work mom bitched me out for coming home late...2am yeah its late...i just forgot to call...oops..

to top it off something i saw 4 simple comprised words fuckin killed my motivation and make feel less of a person.. ahh yes.. something i shouldn't do i have learned from coming stop worrying...don't play along with someone elses rules you play by your own..and if they want to follow good if they don't well they are a poor sport... peayce luv court

current mood: nauseated

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
11:18 am - uh oh something wicked this way comes....
haha some subject heading...i dunno i was in a daze which is a usual for me and i thought of the ray bradbury book "something wicked this way comes" i think i want to buy that book just because it had a wierd story line...that was a pointless "katie mac story" but yeah... i got a lil bit of packing done for school..i'm not really sure what else to bring..other than the tv computer tolieties and clothes....all my other roomates got all that ish together....not that i'm complaining, but kinda wanna feel useful...ahh its okay... wawa hoagies all around..sike...seriously that cheap ass place maybe popular than 7-11 but they can't even give there own employees some free food...gotta pay for holiday hell didn't care...until i left thats when they started cracking down...hmm they must of caught on... *evil grin*

man tomrrow is the 1st day of field hockey practice... AND I'M NOT THERE!!!!!! i'm very sad about was my only passion the only thing that i know i'm hella freaking good at and now i'm not playing...its been 5-6 years i've been year i matter what...if there is a field hockey there's a way...dammit!!! and i already have a plan muwhahaha!! once agian *evil grin*

uhhh...what else what wawa strikes agian...tiff and i worked til 11ish and still wheren't done what we normally have to do..because kingsway kids had to come up in the scene....very tiring but hey all bout the $$$ baby :-) and then i had a great time bonding in the car with tiff and phil last nite...talked bout some funny ass things for two hours...and it supposed to last two seconds...

james got a new in a subaru WRX its hella nice...its stick shift they just gotta learn to drive it and they be all good....speaking of pinsans *filipino for cousins FYI* RJ had a party for his birthday and i missed it... that was gonna be the last time i would see all my pinsans together before i go back...

well thats all i have to say for today....other than i have work and my last summer lunch with the usual suspects is in an i have to run...tata kiddies smooches *haha* court

current mood: cheerful

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