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Boring Weekend [9 March 03|07:41am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Good Charlotte "Movin On" ]

This weekend is reallllllly boring! All i did today is sit on my a$$ and chat with ppl online. Well at least i got to KFC yay!! KFC is the sh*t! LOL anyways...mondays gonna suck I got that stupid CSAP test thing all friggin week! I don't know why we have to take doesnt even effect our grades its just for school statistics. I could just fail the whole test and nobody would give a crap. Cept for maybe the teachers that get a raise if students test scores are good enuff. The only thing good about CSAP is you get to miss class =) My school's not going to get a very good rating though cuz like 80% of the people at my school get like D's and F's in every class. Oh well...I guess I should expect that from a bunch of people from south of the border. hey I'm not a racist..its just that all of the people at my school that are from there just dont give a crap about school. All they care about is their boyfriends and girlfriends. One time I saw this guy grab this girls butt right in front of a teacher! I'm sure there are cool people that are from there but I don't think they exist at my school. Cept for that one guy..he's HOT! hey i'm not gonna say who it is but he's mexican and he's hot! lol Last night I watched MAD TV. It was funny.. and so was SNL Well its like 7 in the morning and I'm not tired but i'm very bored so i'm gonna go play the drawing game at right now. oh i forgot to say....this is my first entry and i luv spongebob!!! lol


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How FAT are you?

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