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Friday, December 19th, 2003

Time:10:13 pm.
Mood: sad.
i hate my lyfe!!!!!!!!y do i alwayz lyk boyz dat dont lyk me?!?!?!!?!?!?ugh!!!!!!!!it jus gets me sooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!im jus gonna try not talkin 2 bill!!!!!!!but heres a convo wit paisley
Cymone4591 (9:24:06 PM): omg
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:24:08 PM): wut
Cymone4591 (9:24:20 PM): wait
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:24:36 PM): um ok
Cymone4591 (9:25:38 PM): Cymone4591 [9:21 PM]: so wuts good wit u?
ghettoisghetto [9:22 PM]: gurls
ghettoisghetto [9:22 PM]: u

AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:26:06 PM): o
Cymone4591 (9:26:10 PM): Cymone4591 [9:22 PM]: reali?
ghettoisghetto [9:22 PM]: yea
Cymone4591 [9:23 P
Cymone4591 (9:26:29 PM): ghettoisghetto [9:24 PM]: can i have a pic of u
ghettoisghetto [9:24 PM]: please
Cymone4591 (9:26:39 PM): Cymone4591 [9:25 PM]: i'll think about it
Cymone4591 [9:25 PM]: cause i dont like my pics
ghettoisghetto [9:25 PM]: no matter wut u look blazin
Cymone4591 (9:27:33 PM): dats crazy huh
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:27:35 PM): yup
Cymone4591 (9:27:47 PM):

Cymone4591 (9:27:50 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:28:00 PM): wut should i say to him now
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:28:09 PM): i dunnno
Cymone4591 (9:28:21 PM): huhhhhhhhhhhhh
Cymone4591 (9:28:25 PM): come on
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:28:29 PM): i dunno
Cymone4591 (9:28:46 PM): i'm madd bored
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:28:52 PM): im bored too
Cymone4591 (9:29:04 PM): awwwwwww bindito
Cymone4591 (9:29:06 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:29:14 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:29:31 PM): Cymone4591 [9:28 PM]: i'm madd bored
ghettoisghetto [9:29 PM]: wanna come over
Cymone4591 (9:29:36 PM): omg
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:29:50 PM): see how much he lyksu
Cymone4591 (9:29:56 PM): yea
Cymone4591 (9:30:17 PM): its scary
Cymone4591 (9:30:21 PM):
Cymone4591 (9:30:23 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:30:48 PM): i'm scarde
Cymone4591 (9:30:53 PM): scared*
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:30:53 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:30:54 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:31:28 PM): hes still mad at me
Cymone4591 (9:31:43 PM): hahahaha
Cymone4591 (9:32:02 PM): i could have him wrapped around my finger if i wanted
Cymone4591 (9:32:05 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:32:07 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:32:45 PM): wuld u eva go out wit him?
Cymone4591 (9:33:19 PM): ?
Cymone4591 (9:33:26 PM): i dunno
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:33:33 PM): oh u shuldnt tho
Cymone4591 (9:33:44 PM): mayb if i got to no him better

AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:33:53 PM): o
Cymone4591 (9:33:56 PM): it wouldnt b bcausee his looks
Cymone4591 (9:34:02 PM): trust me
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:34:07 PM): o
Cymone4591 (9:34:09 PM):
Cymone4591 (9:34:12 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:34:16 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:34:21 PM): i dont u shuld
Cymone4591 (9:34:28 PM): o
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:35:11 PM): he's alwayzflirting wit otha grlz even wen he has a g/f
Cymone4591 (9:35:21 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:35:59 PM): if i did go out wit him he wouldnt flirt cause hes too obsessed
Cymone4591 (9:36:01 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:36:07 PM): lol
Cymone4591 (9:36:24 PM): r u talkin to susan?
ghettoisghetto [9:35 PM]: no
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:36:30 PM): he blocked me
Cymone4591 (9:36:38 PM): aww
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:36:48 PM): on all of my sns
Cymone4591 (9:37:08 PM): how many do u have?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:37:41 PM): um.....
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:38:14 PM): 4
Cymone4591 (9:38:24 PM): damnnnn
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:38:29 PM): n he blocked me on kohlbyz sns
Cymone4591 (9:38:54 PM): u have kholbys s/n?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:38:58 PM): yea
Cymone4591 (9:39:08 PM): give me it please
Cymone4591 (9:39:12 PM): i missed her
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:39:15 PM): babegrl743
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:39:18 PM): kohlbyb03
Cymone4591 (9:39:21 PM): wait
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:39:29 PM): k
Cymone4591 (9:39:56 PM): thanks
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:40:06 PM): welcome
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:40:14 PM): o yea n she has PRINCESS3755311
Cymone4591 (9:40:45 PM): is that her number?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:41:45 PM): no
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:41:49 PM): itz zacs number
Cymone4591 (9:41:49 PM): o
Cymone4591 (9:41:54 PM): oo
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:42:04 PM): she made it las year wen she lyked him
Cymone4591 (9:42:11 PM): oo
Cymone4591 (9:43:28 PM): is he still on?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:43:46 PM): kohlby or bill?
Cymone4591 (9:43:52 PM): bill
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:43:58 PM): dunno he blocked me remeber
Cymone4591 (9:44:04 PM): o yea
Cymone4591 (9:44:21 PM): imma log of then get bac on ight
Cymone4591 signed off at 9:44:24 PM.
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:44:24 PM): k
Previous message was not received by Cymone4591 because of error (9:44:24 PM): User Cymone4591 is not available.

Cymone4591 signed on at 9:45:34 PM.
Cymone4591 (9:45:42 PM): ok
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:45:44 PM): k
Cymone4591 (9:46:31 PM): [bored]
Cymone4591 (9:46:37 PM):
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:46:43 PM): im bored to
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:47:50 PM): is he still talkin2 u?
Cymone4591 (9:48:12 PM): yup
Cymone4591 (9:48:24 PM): Cymone4591 [9:46 PM]: damn its madd borin
ghettoisghetto [9:47 PM]: im tellin u come over
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:48:56 PM): he loves u
Cymone4591 (9:49:43 PM): i hope not
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:49:59 PM): wut if he found out dat ur tellin me everything he saying
Cymone4591 (9:50:14 PM): ?
Cymone4591 (9:50:28 PM): u better not tell him
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:50:31 PM): ok
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:50:40 PM): but he wont get mad at u
Cymone4591 (9:50:48 PM): soo
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:51:02 PM): bill wuld never get mad at u
Cymone4591 (9:51:17 PM): o
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:51:38 PM): i wanna talk 2 him do u think itz 2 late 2 kall him?
Cymone4591 (9:52:00 PM): i dont no
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:53:18 PM): k
Cymone4591 (9:53:19 PM): try
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:53:26 PM): hes not going 2 pick up
Cymone4591 (9:53:31 PM): o
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:54:00 PM): i 4got dat he's mad at me 4 a minute
Cymone4591 (9:54:28 PM): oo
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:54:46 PM): wow he jus unblocked me
Cymone4591 (9:55:10 PM): cause i told him u want to talk to him
Cymone4591 (9:55:16 PM):
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:55:24 PM): ghettoisghetto (9:55:13 PM): i just un blocked u cuz paisley told me to
ghettoisghetto (9:55:14 PM): so
ghettoisghetto (9:55:17 PM): wut u doin
Cymone4591 (9:55:49 PM): hes whipped
Cymone4591 (9:56:12 PM): o*
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (9:56:18 PM): i thinkhe jus blocked me again
Cymone4591 (9:56:48 PM): lol
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:01:26 PM): i called
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:01:27 PM): him
Cymone4591 (10:01:34 PM): he answered?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:01:36 PM): yea
Cymone4591 (10:01:42 PM): o
Cymone4591 (10:01:55 PM): u still talkin?
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:02:00 PM): no
Cymone4591 (10:02:04 PM): o
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:10:34 PM): r u still talkin 2 him?
Cymone4591 (10:10:48 PM): he not talkin ne more
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:10:56 PM): oh
Cymone4591 (10:13:23 PM): now he's talkin
AznBabiGurl2oo9 (10:13:28 PM): o

n of course bills mad at me cuz i wuldnt tell him wut paisley told me dat he said 2 him!!!!!!!i kan 4get who bill is n jus get 2 kno michael n no not gay michael but Michael R.he mad kute n nicer den bill!!!!!well gotta go byz
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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Time:1:03 am.
Mood: sad.
i cant believe i said fuck u 2 bill!!!!now i feel bad.......but newayz ghettoisghetto was on al day 2day n it wasnt bill at all it was jon so i havent talked 2 bill all day!!!!!!!!1i miss him sooooo much!!!!!!!!i want him rite now 2 talk2!!!!!!!yea i kno wut ur thinking dis grl is totally obsessed yea im probaably am but itz not my fault deres jus sumthing about him jus lyk las year wen i lyked davon but newayz im gettin tired write bac soon peace out
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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Time:9:20 pm.
Mood:dont kno.
ok so people still think itz my fault amanda n bill broke up but hey i lyk bill itz not my fault i flirt n try gettin a boy i lyk!every1 shuld kno dat since i hav been doing dat quite a while!!!!but yesterday in eighth period amanda was tellin every1 dat i lyked bill n i 4got dat chanse knew bill cuz dey went 2 da same skewl las year!!!!!but luckily he was da onli 1.......but den after mr jezierny stopped talkin chanse was lyk susan n bill sitting in a tree n den jesse was lyk k-i-s-s-i-n-g i was lyk OMG!!!!n den later chanse was lyk susan if u want i can hook u guyz up........n well 2day ifigured bill doesnt lyk tlaking 2 me nemore.......well actually ifigured dat a whie ago cuz everytime i IM him online he ignores me but.........2day wen i was leaving i waited 2 bill 2 com outta his SS class n den we were walkin next 2 each other n lyk we talked a lil bit n den wen i was bout 2 go down da ramp 2 gym he puleld my shirt n was lyk where u going i was lyk gym n he was lyk com wit me n i was lyk where n he was lyk over dere n he pointed da way 2 d wing n i went n den ladaisha was comin so he was lyk ok u can leave now so i figured he doesnt want me aroun wen ladaisha round so im not gonan even not gonna wait 4 him 2 come outta his classes nemroe cuz i kno he doesnt lyk me cuz of natasha so if he talks 2 me ill talk 2 him but if he tells me 2 leave again ill b really mad n never talk 2 him again.........well i probably wuld cuz itz bill i mean i cant stay mad at bill 2ever.but newayz lets get 2 da stori wit he still goes out wit amy n never went out wit victoria n amy doesnt kno if she n davon still go out.......n a few weeka ago wen i first found out dey were going out 2 ask davon if he lyked me n niki as fwenz n he said yea i guess n jus 2day dayz ago i was lyk hii davon really really loud n he was lyk hi.but newayz dats all i hav 2 say bout davon lol well since i hav nuttin else 2 say im jus gonna put sum quotes up dat r dedicated 2 bill...............Should I smile, Cuz ur my friend, Or cry..Cuz that's all we'll ever be?
Everyone says you only fall in love once but thats not true, everytime I hear your voice I fall in love all over again
Last night I looked up at the stars
And matched each one with a reason why I love you
I was doing great, but then I ran out of stars
If I could be anything I would be your tear, so I could be born in your eye, live down your cheek and die on your lips
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Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Time:6:32 pm.
Mood: cold.
itz snowing it snowing lol but newayz ...ok so bill n amanda broke up.........alota ppl think itz my fault.......but i guess in a way it is my fault.......well ppl r tellin me i shuld ask bill out but....iim too scared....and he lyks natasha!!!!!!!!!he talked 2 her online ln talked 2 her on da phone n got 2 kno each otha very well!!!n jus friday i showed him a pic of her n he had his mouth open n was smilin!!!!!he so lyks her!!!!n he admitted it!!!y did i have 2 give tasha bills sn!!!!!!!!!!i jus feel really depressed rite now becuz i lyk bill alot n he lyks i got da feeling im never ever gonna get a chance wit bill!!!!n natasha didnt wanna talk 2 bill nemore cuz his fwen pretened 2 b bill n asked her out n she said ok n she felt so embarssed....n den i tried talkin 2 bill da next day n he was cussin at me czu tasha was didnt wanna talk 2 him!!!n im jus soooo confused cuz i really really really lyk bill n i dunno if i shuld ask him out!!!!!but i need advice so plz write bac!!
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Friday, November 7th, 2003

Time:11:03 pm.
Mood: confused.
ok im confused now dat i met bill cuz lyk im trying 2 not lyk him cuz itz lyk i dont wanna cuz i dunno him n i dont wanna feel lyk crying over a guy not sayign dat bill will make me feel rilly bad bout myslef lyk davon even tho we never went out but u never kno even tho he seems rilly nice but another reason is he go out wit amanda s. n she mah fwen..............n well da first dady i saw bill i thoguht he was soo cute n i thought he looked rilly nice n since i got 2 kno him betta he seems nice but itz lyk i dunno wut 2 do!!!!!!!!!!half of me is telling me 2 not lyk bill cuz of those reasons ^ but den da otha half is telllin me 2 do da opposite!!!!!!!!!i need help!!! y oes everyone dat i lyk alwayz have a girlfriend,doesnt lyk me,or jus lyk me as a fwen!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!for once i want 2 meet a guy whos nice n cute lyk bill dey can be azn,puerto rican or wutever(cuz i aint races)dat i lyk 2 lyk me!!!!!!!!but i kno dat wont happen..................n i want da boy 2 ask me out!!!!!im sick of askign out boyz i lyk n den getting turned down cuz dat hurts me alot........n i want dat boy really mean it n not lyk ask me out as a joke lyk davon zac n george!!!!!!!!!!!but wait i forgot dats jus a hope which will probably never happen
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Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Time:11:59 pm.
Mood: okay.
i cant belive i ever lyked deantay!!!!!!!!!!!!!ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!but anywayz.........i finnally talked 2 dat cute boy online dat goes 2 flood!!!!!!!!!!!!!his name is bill n i found out he laos!!!!!!!!!!!he is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!but den i found out amanda n manpreet think he is cute too!!!!!!!!!n noel is hooking up dem up!!!!!!!!!!n lyk he all think dat i lyk him now.......i think!!!!!!!cuz 4 sum reason he was standing outside my spanish n lyk i was staring at him smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!n dat same day he walked by mah la class n me n manpreet saw him cuz he stood out dere looking at us n i was jumping n smiling!!!!!!!!!!n manpreet had her mouth wide open!!!!!!!!!!!omg dat was soooo funny!!!!!!!!but den it was scary!!!!!!!!!but i cant believe i chose going 2 hew york over nikis party!!!i mean lyk she is my best friend!!!!!!!n i dyed my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!but im talking 2 bill rite now cuz he jus came on!!!!!!!!!!im so happy so write bac soon hopfully!!!!!
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Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Subject:bored mad upset
Time:12:35 am.
Mood: pissed off.
i saw davons g/f yesterday after skewl she aint dat pretty.............but anywayz..........for sum eason i bought a ticket to teen night...........well dis is wut happened on da bus n chels were talkikin n den she was lyk davon isnt going 2 teen nite n i was lyk how u kno dat n she was lyk cuz 2day i asked him if he was going n he said no n chelsea said y not n he said cuz 2 many girls asked me 2 go wit dem n den chelsea said how many n he said 3 n den chelsea said who n davon said i will only tell u one of dem n chelsea said ok n he said susan asked me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so now i kno niki aske dhim!!!!!even tho she sai dshe wasnt going 2!!!!!!!!!!ugh im so amd at her rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!n now im gonan yell at niki at skewl!!!!!!!!!!!!but anywayz i feel rilly stupid n ppl think amanda n me r fwens cuz she stucck up 4 me at skewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but anywayz i guess im starting 2 lyk DeAntay..........but he makes fun of me too i rill ywanna go n change all mah classes so i wont be wit him Aaron or Terrell but den again i dont wanna get dem in trouble 4 makin fun of me cuz i mean aaron is davons uncle n deantay is nnice sumtimes n so iss terrell n dey will be rilly mad if i get dem in trtouble..............but anywayz 2day i was cussin at deantay n i was lyk y dont ya shut da fuck up n den davon was lyk ooooooooooo did u hear dat!!!!!!!!n i went 2 math cuz i was gerttin so mad n den dat was lyk da last time dat i saw him at skewl.............but i hope 2 see him at skewl n talk 2 him again...........but anywayz gots 2 goes byez
Love Alwayz
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Thursday, October 16th, 2003

Time:3:56 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
happy birthday 2 me happy birthday 2 me happy birthday 2 me happy birthday 2 me!!!!!!!!bbut anywayz at skewl 2day everyone one was punchin me especially deantay but anywayz da stupidest thing happened 2 me on da late bus 2day!!!!!!!!but lets start from da begginning!!!!!me n brianna were talkin n she was lyk do u kno justin dickinsonrilly loud n all these boy zwere lyk yea i kno justin n den a few mins later a boy sat by us n i bri was lyk who do u think is hot?n sh ewas lyk nvmd i kno u told me before...n den she told me 2 ask da boy if he new jonny d n i was lyk do u kno jonathan dinihanian????/n he was lyk yea he is my cousin n me n bri looked at each other n started 2 laugh n den he was lyk y n i was lyk nuttin n brianna was lyk she think he hot!!!!n dat boy was lyk wut ur last name susan wut n i was lyk none of ur buissness!!!!!!!!!but dat was so stupid but anywayz g2g byez happy happy happy birthday 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, October 3rd, 2003

Time:7:13 pm.
Mood: depressed.
ok so i thought 2day was a ok day till i started talkin 2 davon online....dis is wut happened well itz not da actual convo
me:wuts up
me:dats nice
davon:dat is nice
me:i kno dat it is nice
davon:i kno
me:r u fellin ok?
davon:better then ever :-D :-D :-D
me:r u sure???
den he didnt answer me so i was lyk....
me:sumbody told me u go out wit amy
me:r u sure?
me:well i dont belive u
davon:ok den dont you jus losing out (well he said suttin lyk dat n i didnt rillyget wut he meant)
me:first of all im not da only person dat thinks dat cuz alota ppl do n lyk i said isumbody told me dat
me:am i gettin on ur nerves??
me:r u mad at me??
n den he was ignoring me da whole entire time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so he was mad at me i im upset now n i told niki dat i dont lyk davon or edwin anymore n i really mean it dis time well i gotta go byez.........
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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Time:11:04 pm.
omg im sooooooo bored!!But anywayz da lytes went out at skewl 2day it was freaky!!!!!!!!!!it was all xtra dark cuz dere r lyk no windows but we had sum emergency lytes thing but it lyk went out in lyk30 mins. wen it went out we had 2 go 2 da auditorium cuz it was 2 dark in our classroom n lyk i was walkin behind DeAntay n we starte dsayin ew 2 each otha n den we went into da hallway n it was al dark n i was lyk DeAntay wait for me n den i grabbed his shirt n he was all smilin n kept walkin. den we sat bext 2 each otha n we wwere all hittin wach other den he moved......n omg i saw edwin he was makin fun of me cuz lyk i was lyk shantal u still owe me money n he was lyk shantal u still owe me money in dis lil voice.. n den a few ours l8ter da ytes wen tbac on we were going bac n jen n suyee were going da long way n i was wit dem so i was lyk jennifer u going n davon wa sbehind me n he jus gave me dis look which is weird cuz he doesnt make me laugh or talk 2 me anymore!he seems lyk a rilly serious boy now n he is alwayz in a hurry....i remember last year i go 2 da batheroom he will alwayz say sumthing 2 make me laugh or he will atleast talk 2 me!!!!i remember last year he will say lyk wutsup susan or he will yell my name now its lyk he jus doesnt kno me anymore........i need advice even tho i got on ebefore from a boy dat said i jus shouldnt lyk him if he didnt lyk me
much luv
susan aka susana 2 all da kids in mah spanish class
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Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Time:11:39 am.
everytime wen im talkin or yellin at sum1 davon walks by n wen im not he jus looks at me n keeps walkin!!!!!so i havent gotten a chance 2 talk 2 him besides da time wen me n niki called him but all i said was hi davon n he said hi n at skewl steph told me maybe he had a girl friend cuz he is alwayz wit dis girl n dats y niki called him wen i was on d aphone n i hung up cuz i didnt wanna here it so i calle dniki bac n she said dat he said itz not wut i think....n den edwin is jus da same annoying boy lyk last year but kuter n taller lol well gots 2 go byez
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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

Subject:blah blah blah
Time:4:03 am.
blah blah blah i still dont kno wut 2 write!!!!!!!!but still skewl started n im happy i got 2 see edwin n davon!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n dere is dis kute boy in my homeroom la class n maath class name noelle or noel or suttin lyk dat but still hes blazin!!!!!!!!n so is edwin n davon!!!!!!!!!!!omg i cant talk 2 edwin anymore if i do i start 2 stutter!!!!!!!!well anywayz gots 2 go luv ya's
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Time:4:13 am.
Mood: tired.
Music:i dunno.
im soooooooooooooo tired n i have sooo much home work n i have 2 finish it in 2 days cuz dat wen skewl starts!!!!!i cant wait so i can see edwin yay!!!!!!!!!!!well anywayz im gonna go do my home work.

Love Alwayz
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