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29th August 2014

betterxtogether, posting in emolyrics @ 8:52pm: remember when we were little, and dad used to always take us to baskin robbins? you'd have to sample, like, every single flavor before you could decide on what you actually wanted, and then once you did, you realized that you didn't like it, so you'd cry. dad would have to take you back in to get another cone? this is about how you don't trust your instincts. maybe i'm not built that way. so? it's a skill. learn it. make a decision and stick with it. remember what i used to always get? gold medal ribbon. every time. i figured i loved it -- why question it?
betterxtogether, posting in emolyrics @ 8:49pm: The things we do just to keep ourselves alive

If any one reads this I'd love to know how you're all doing nowadays
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