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Bye bye. (13103 - 7:53pm)
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Alright. This week we had 0 nominations! I find that very sad. Every other time we did a poll we had to make it 2 weeks long. I don't understand why other communities can be so popular and have everyone making nominations and ours is like deserted. Anyways, I've deleted all the entries. Kim and I have decided to close this community. It doesn't seem that anyone would care anyway. The whole time I was deleting posts, the majority were people simply posting to say "New layout!" or "New info!" or "Vote for me!". Now we didn't make a rule against doing that, but I really wish people spent more time making nominations. Don't get me wrong, it's not all because of that. Kim and I are getting busier, and we don't have time to take care of an unused community. I'm sure we came into this thinking how great blurtyawards and every other award community was doing, and hoping for that for ours. I guess our hopes were too high. Hope no one is too dissapointed. (I doubt it.) So, we're going to leave this up for a while and then eventually take out all the codes and erase everything and give it to the person that was kind enough to give it to us. (Thanks Rach! [vanilla];D) Goodbye everyone. And for any questions or comments you can comment here, or drop off an email. The address is in the user info. Thanks for all of those that supported our community. :D

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