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[19 May 2004|10:35pm]


1 got what it takes AWARDED

[13 Feb 2004|10:48am]
pLease jOin fly_awards

[23 Jan 2004|12:27am]
Hey i got a new layout nd info!!!
i Nominate muhself for layout nd info!!!

[12 Jan 2004|12:29pm]

Hey everyone! I have a new layout! Nominate mee!!! ;D (did i spell that right... i don't think i did lol)

New here =] [10 Jan 2004|03:15pm]

[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Yellowcard -;- Miles Apart ]

Hey everyone I'm new here =] Nominate Me My layout is about The O.C. and look at my user info I think its cute too =] Thanks!

I love Addison

[29 Dec 2003|02:07pm]

hey! please join _purdiexawards!! were looking for new members! thanks<33

[19 Nov 2003|09:34am]

Ok i have changed mine again.

[16 Nov 2003|04:09pm]

[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Suga Suga ]

hey everyone.. im new here.. ive got a new layout and a few new icons.. so check em out ;-D

2 got what it takes AWARDED

[14 Nov 2003|07:58am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | soco -- i want to save you ]

hey new layout + icons! check them out please?

2 got what it takes AWARDED

[11 Nov 2003|01:07pm]

hey everyone! i got a new layout! hehe. chek it out! ;D
<3 linnea

[10 Nov 2003|05:30pm]


[10 Nov 2003|12:27pm]

Check out my layout if you'd like :)

[10 Nov 2003|03:54pm]

New Community for requesting icons, layouts, whatever!


hEy!! [08 Nov 2003|06:59pm]

im new here and i got a cute lay out so check mine out and nominate me if you want hehe!

[EDIT] [01 Nov 2003|09:11pm]

WHOOPS! disreguard my last entry in here. ok, as i said i did a new simple layout.cuteness. so i nominate myslef for a simple layout. :D ! also, i think im going to nominate iambunny for that layout.much props!! JACKIE- you do awesome work, and thanks for those icons!! thanX again. oh yeah.. buckwilds journal isnt half bad either!!
1 got what it takes AWARDED

HEY THERE [01 Nov 2003|08:45pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hi! i just did a new layout for my journal, and i think its pretty good for a person like myself who hasnt been doing this for very long. Its not extravagant, but its cute. so i would like to nominate myself for a simple layout. just because its simple doesnt mean it cant be cute! lol

5 got what it takes AWARDED

[28 Oct 2003|06:51pm]

[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Shinedown - Fly From the Inside ]

new layout new layout. theme: diffuser. one of the greatest bands on MY list! dont care about your musical taste! ;D ill nominate when i can!


[28 Oct 2003|06:20pm]

New...Stuff. In the journal. It's pretty.

[18 Oct 2003|01:04pm]

I'm new. Hello all.
2 got what it takes AWARDED

[17 Oct 2003|09:51pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hi ;D. i dunno how to do this. so if im doing it wrong dont laugh rofl ;[. um. i will try to help out as much as possible. i can only make layouts and i do a pretty normal job of doing them. I cant make icons or backgrounds but i can have them made. I love helping people out by any means nessacary. if you wanna contact me email me at ; my aim is Riicanjew and you can catch me anytime if your lucky :D. hopefully i would like to try and run for most helpful and most creative. i hope i did this right but dont hesitate to contact me if you want something done. k? :].

Leave me love ;
Samantha Nicole


[17 Oct 2003|11:12am]

are we still nominating? :]

[14 Oct 2003|07:21am]

just joined! new layout :] check it out?

[13 Oct 2003|07:08pm]
hey i was just wondering what EXACTLY are the categories we're nominating in? once i know those i'll have my nominations up ASAP! thanks
1 got what it takes AWARDED

[12 Oct 2003|12:54pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey I just joined..Doing my layout over pretty soon..looking foward to this community..on voting and get voted for my layouts and such.

If the maintainer also needs help with a co mod or anything just let me know..I run the community lay0ut_n_more so I can be good in the areas of a community..if that makes any sense..ha :)



[11 Oct 2003|12:22pm]

Hey everyone. So I’m not closing down the community, but I am making a few changes.

I’m defiantly cutting down the rules and getting rid of the judges. Every week we are going to nominate 8 different people in 4 categories: layout, icons, bio, and person. Each category will have 2 choices and they will vary weekly. For example, one week could look like

simplest =
most animated=
most info=
most helpful=
most creative=

That’s what the forms will most likely look like. Every other week or so we will have a theme or challenge. When one of those weeks come up I will explain the specified rules and how to enter and such.

This week will be a challenge week. We really need to advertise this community and let people know we are still here. To participate in this event you must take a button and stick it in random communities. To get credit you must show me proof. There really isn’t any need for judges here so just send me your proof in an email to You will get a special banner for that. You have till next Friday(oct 17th) at 12 midnight pacific time to send in your proof.

For the award banners, we’re not going to have specified set for every week, we’ll have a new set made up each week.

I’m excited about making this community better but I will need a lot of help:

one I still want to have 2 co-mods to help me regulate and such
two I’d like 2 or 3 graphics people to help me with the layouts and banner awards.
three I’d like someone to help me with the bio and rules and such.
Anyone who is interested please email me at
note if you were helping before and would like to continue helping let me know.

That is about it for now. If you have any other comments or things you’d like to add let me know. I love suggestions.

Have fun and get advertising!!!


[Edit] I already messed up the bio! I need major help with that.! [Edit]
3 got what it takes AWARDED

[07 Oct 2003|07:54pm]

It doesn't really seem like many people care about this community. So I guess I'm going to close it down until people show that they care. So yeah please don't post after this letting us know that you're new. Please comment me if you want to keep this community open. And if you do please make some suggestions on the next challenge, whenever that may be.

6 got what it takes AWARDED

[06 Oct 2003|03:16pm]

Hey guys! I'm new here! ;D
<3 linnea

NewNewNew [01 Oct 2003|08:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]
[ music | your star//aar ]

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that Rach (colour) is unable to maintain this community so I am taking over for her. So the first two things I am going to do is:

1) Delete all the friends. Don't worry if I delete you, you can join again. I'm just doing this to weed out all the people who don't really care about this community and just joined for the hell of it.

2) The next voting session is still going to be a challenge just like Rach was going to do. It is too late in the week to start it so I'll be asking suggestions on what that challenge should be up till Sunday at 12:00 PM Pacific time. Email me the suggestion at

Well that’s about it. I'm going to try and get this community rolling again. Bye for now!


4 got what it takes AWARDED

AWARDED [25 Aug 2003|11:30am]

This is a friends-membership-post community, andddd a challenge comm, called awarded. To join, just go to the info, and join the community- this will allow you to see the friends-only posts. Before you join this community, you must read the rules. Yep. The Rules. Read em'. It makes things a lot easier on me, and the loverly co-maintainers, so I don't have to waste my time deleting/editing posts of people who don't listen. :) Once you've done that, you can join!
2 got what it takes AWARDED

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