There are times when I think eternal life ain't such a bad gig.   
09:18pm 25/03/2004
mood: infinite
music: The Dismemberment Plan - Memory Machine
Justin makes me feel infinite. He's the only one I trust to hold me. He'd never let me fall.
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12:36pm 16/03/2004
mood: frustrated
music: Peachcake - I Hope We Don't Get Exploded
I went to see Goodbyetomorrow, The Lyndsey Diaries, and [surprise] Format show last night. I took three pictures: two of Nate, one of Sam. I met Kari's friend Katie who isn't a stoner because she doesn't smoke alone. She introduced me to her friend Erica who, with the help of her friends, behaves like the people I make fun of at shows, or put on my list of people to shoot. I also met Mike Shea, who is incredibly attractive, and being manipulated by Kari's other friend Erica who wants to sleep with him under the guise of having him edit her paper.

I'd fuck him.

Steven acts differently around his church friends. But only for a short while, then he realizes he does, in fact, know me, and we talk like usual. Sheila was there with Racheal Blond, and looking mighty fabulous, and very upset at Steven. Chris was there, as well. His GSA is coming along, but may not be official until next year.

The show was at the Attic, which is a new venue that takes up about two apartments. I gained four scene points. One of these concerts, I'm going to meet someone completely new.


My birthday is in two days. I wish my dad would be here. That's all I really want.
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Pretty Girls Make Graves   
10:48pm 14/03/2004
mood: lethargic
music: Ben Folds - Jane
Yes. Yes, they do.