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Gibson [25 Aug 2003|10:44am]
I find myself relating more and more to Cayce Pollard in my favorite author's new book...William Gibson's PATTERN RECOGNITION. A self-described strange person with a serious aversion to people and the world in general. My life consists of finding the escapes between moments where I HAVE to be around people...finding those little breaks of silence and self-reflection that I have to myself before another person invades my mirror-world and tries to suck me into the drama that is their life and mentality. I comment on people in my head and have funny, sarcastic little inner-monologues filled with quips, witticisms and asides. The true wonderment lies in whether or not I will continue to live my life in third person like she does...or finally feel anything but alone.
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In the past. [25 Aug 2003|10:43am]
I've often wondered why VAMPYRISM influenced me so greatly.

For most of my life, vampyres have been extremely erotic and/or fascinating to me. All of my ex-girlfriends have wanted to be bitten and or loved vampires. Hell, even Stalker #1 loved when we would make out and I would wear my custom-fit porcelain fangs. There's just something so erotic about vampyres and the act. I don't know if it's somehow, subconsciously related to domination and myth....or somehow related to some deep, Pagan sense of animalistic tendencies. But whatever it is...the whole genre has always affected me. Listening to anything Anne Rice related....listening to Vampyre myth...watching old vampyre movies...biting, scratching, cutting, feeling so animalystically inclined as to rip your fingernails into another as your souls are connected intrigues me and turns me on in a way I cannot explain.

Call me strange...but it makes me want you.....
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Random [10 Aug 2003|01:47am]
Sadly, you are nothing to me.
You are my replacement.
I cannot find one to hold me,
so I call upon you.
None will lay their palm against mine
and hold me in the cradle of their hands,
so I borrow yours.
I have none to stare into my eyes
as I get lost in the shattered memories
that are the windows to your soul,
so I steal yours.

You wish you could be more.
You want to be more.
In some small way,
I want you to be more as well.
But you are simply my doppelganger.
You are not the one to release my heart.
I will not give my heart and soul to you.
My first and last thoughts of every day,
will never be yours.
Except for tonight.
Where I will pretend.
You are mine tonight.
And tonight we belong to each other.

There is no tommorow...

...until tommorow.
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Last night. [10 Aug 2003|01:47am]
Marci came over and we watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. It was a much better movie than I thought it would be...however, I am now extremely depressed. There is nothing like a romantic movie to remind you how much you miss the familiarity of having somebody. [Especially since the "shower scene" reminds me of Jackie, and how we first started becoming serious....]

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Sorry. [31 Jul 2003|04:06pm]
I've been sick lately, so that's why I haven't been posting or commenting. I'm going away for a week or two, but when I come back., I promise to be a better friend and also to update more. ;)
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Blechnuts [25 Jul 2003|11:28am]
We went to SADDLERANCH on CITYWALK tonight...partially for Karaoke night...and partially because I don't have off any night this weekend, so tonight was my only night to go out. I'm glad my new friend Brad came out, because we're both cynical and have sarcastic sense of we can make fun of things and I don't feel stupid for it.

But damnit if this group of friends doesn't make me feel like an outsider. Once again, Angela [the hot Asian one] told me that she loves hanging out with me, because "I'm a guaranteed good time...and she's always laughing". That doesn't help me much.

I ended up watching the people sing on the stage and watching the huge groups of people cheer them on...I so desperately wanted to sing something from Moulin Rouge becuase I knew it would help me get phone numbers. You see, if you don't know me, I am incapable of hitting on women. I'm a HUGE flirt, but I can't hit on women. But, if a girl sees me act, dance or sing...I'm in. I KNOW I'm good in those departments, so I never have a problem if they've seen that. I usually don't even have to try. [Excuse me if this is the only thing about me that I have an ego for.] But they didn't have anything that I felt comfortable I didn't. And I ended up getting pissed at the people I was usual. They all made me feel like the "Chandler" of the usual. [Hell, somebody from my somtimes-day-job has a nickname for me..."BING-A-LING". If you watch Friends, you'd understand this.] I felt like the comedy relief...and nobody even cared that I walked home the other night from A.D. Fuck it. With friends like these, who needs sleeping pills?

The highlight of the night was when Mike [who's g/f just dumped him for Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys as I stated earlier] got up with Dave and sang "The Humpty Dance." He prefaced the song with "This is for all of you who have ever been cheated on by your motherfucking EX-ES!"...and the whole crowd cheered. It rocked. And about 20 girls jumped up and danced on them while they were singing. It was great.

But as usual, I ended up leaving feeling down...feeling out...feeling like I was alone. I need to make new people...feel wanted...feel alive. *sigh* was my night.
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Fucked up [18 Jul 2003|03:15am]
My roommates's [who has an LJ...but who's nickname I will not give since we promised not to read each other's journals] sister is in town from New York [Columbia University]. We decided to take her to Sunset for some fun tonight.

Sunset sucked. It was a Thursday, a night we aren't usually accustomed to going out. We went to DUBLIN'S...which sucked. And then we went to MIYAGI'S...which sucked. So, after a bit, I decided to attend a goodbye party for a friend of mine who works at my sometimes-restaurant job. It was at a dive place with lots of ghetto I figured it would be fun.

It turns out, the alcohol was as expensive as any club. I spent $20 on 4 a fucking DIVE BAR IN LA! *grumble, grumble, grumble* But, we all had a good time drinking and laughing and booty-dancing. UNTIL!!!!!!!

One girl from work has apparently had a beef with another girl at work. Now, the girl she had the beef with was drunk-as-shit when I got there. I didn't know this, though, until she was grinding all over me and licking my face. I told her "as much as I'd LOVE to take you home, you are FAR too drunk for me to even flirt with you. I'm here to make sure you're okay." Apparently, she took offense to this, and would grind against me for a few moments sporadically throughout the night until I told her again "I'd love to...but I can't." Damn me and my 19th-century morals!!!!

Towards the end of the night, this girl who had a beef with her NAILED her...punched her in the fucking face...and gave her a black eye. So, we had this huge plan going over driving her home. My friend, Melinda, was driving me in the first place. So I offered for the black-eyed girl to come home with me and lock herself in my she could sleep in a bed with an alarm clock and a TV...and I'd sleep on my couch. But apparently, she didn't trust me and pushed me away and damned near HIT ME IN THE FACE when I said this. Everybody else who was sober knew I was being serious...but apparently this girl doesn't trust me. Now, I know she was drunk...but even drunk, you have SOME judgement...and it REALLY fucking offended me to know she didn't trust me. I was pissed.

But in the end, we made sure she got home okay...even though I had to forcefully PICK HER UP [she's 6'0 tall, BTW] and PUT HER IN A CAR....but I was still offended. Maybe I'm being to sensitive. But as somebody who counts my FRIENDS as my really sucks. It just served to remind me how alone I am in LA and how much I need some people in my life to share my heart with.

Apparently...tonight's theme was: "Fuck you, Dave. You don't mean shit to me."
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Day. [16 Jul 2003|11:59pm]
Strange day of run-ins.

Met Eddie Cahill from FRIENDS and GLORY DAYS. I was working out at my gym and he was randomnly working out next to me. I pulled the typical "where have I met this guy before" LA routine before I realized it was from TV. *laugh*

And then I met Tess from LAST COMIC STANDING. She came into my sometimes-restaurant job. She was really nice...which surprised me, because she doesn't seem too nice on the show.
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Random poem [16 Jul 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Powerman 5000 ]

How can you miss something you never knew?
The touch of her lips, the look in her eyes.
You have none of this experience,
but it lingers in your want...
your need for it to have happened.
It hasn't, it won't.
Yet this glorious torture is
almost as addictive as
the memory would be if it had happened.
You got half the look...
almost there, but not.
One kiss,
meaningless and so long ago.
But these half-truths are
someone else's wealth,
that you dream of winning
in some non-existant lottery.
Where the hell can I buy my ticket?

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Blah. [15 Jul 2003|04:19pm]
Call this an experiment in insanity derived from exhaustion, sleeping pills and lonely anger.

Deep in the muck of the sludge I cannot wallow any further. I am covered, head-to-toe, in the very thing I am trying to cross. I look down on my legs and see darkness and sadness and tears clinging to every fiber of my being in a way which would allow they are in fact my own tears, were my own tears not actually streaming from my face at this moment. I cannot look down further into the darkness and sadness in fear of catching even the slightest glimpse of my own soul deep into the dark void. I look up and away from the much and tread on, only to be greeted by the raining blood of a thousand cries above me, laughing a jovial laugh that has only been heard in the screams of children to their parents when the bogeyman has once more made his underbed presence known. I shake my head in indifference, as I know I can do nothing for this. I can do nothing to this. Nor can I do anything BECAUSE of this. I tread on through the muck. My own arms hang at my side in paralysis. They have long since given up on me as a person and will not respond to my own will. They are angry at me for years of misuse and torture. Now they are lifeless dressings that I adorne my even-more-useless shoulders with. I would study them even closer were the much not traveling so quickly at me that I find it hard to breath, if you call what I am doing now 'breathing.' Shallow gasps from the end of a crying wail let go that I would not claim to be my own had the cry not scraped my voice in such a way that I barely recognize my own sound. This muck is becoming me...somehow taking me over in the most brutal attrition ever, by showing me moment by moment that I am even farther in the much than I was aware. Deep in the muck of the sludge I cannot help but drown and flail my limbs until I lose all hope and sense and life and faith and love and joy and pain and redemption and touch.
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Blahegrouibg;piuerh npeorfv per9ugber [13 Jul 2003|02:20am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | TBS Superstation ]

I promised a post about last night....I guess I should make one.

John, as well as being an architect, does graphic design. And he does projects for a club in Beverly Hills so he knows all the owners. So, he got us all onto the VIP list for the club and we all decided to hit it up. After a bit of pre-drinking, we all went.

It was me, Steve [my roommate], John, Angela, Mike, Brad, Gretchen and S. We sat in the back on the couches and just drank and talked for a bit. It was open bar from 9-10 so it was nice. Though we were all kind of buzzed by the time 10 rolled around and were spending a bit too much. I spent about $160 that night...buying people shots and stuff because I was in a good mood. I was surrounded by some fun people and was happy about the whole agent and commercial thing. I told the group about the planned Vegas trip next month and some of them seemed interested. I don't care. I just need to get out of town for a few days and blow some money, and that's what I'll do.

I know at one point I was outside talking to some random girl I've never met about what she does in the Record Industry...but I have no idea why. And I also know that I was grinding WAAAAAY too much with John's hottie sister Angela. [Who we have all nicknamed "Off-Limits" because he's so protective of her.] She was being nice, asking me to point out a girl I liked and she would help me "get her." But I was too drunk to really participate in such a game and ended up just dancing with her and laughing because we were all dumbasses.

All-in-all, it was a fun time. I paid for it today though...first of all, by realizing how much money I spent. Secondly, even though I don't get hungover, I didn't eat much yesterday. So I was pretty nauseas all day today. Blah. It was cool. Though I woke up and my ankle was numb. :-/ I can't figure that one out. I worked out my legs yesterday and ran an extra 4 miles...but that doesn't explain it. Weird. Anywho, I'm off.
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dger[jhg ero;pighnero;ighneroigvnerwoi [11 Jul 2003|01:50am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | "I Grieve" - Peter Gabriel ]

"A poem written at 1:30 a.m. on a lonely night in a lonely room by a lonely man"

It is enchantingly amazing how close to me you are right now.
I can feel you behind me as I type this entry on the computer near my bed.
As I type each little key to form incoherent words for this entry,
I can hear the rustle of the blankets behind me,
calling me in their own language to remind me
that if I were simply to turn around, I would see you,
beautiful and angelic as you always are,
even when you are wrapped up in my comforter and curled around my pillows.

The smell of you carries on the wind like a permitted passenger.
It carries to me and intoxicates me, allowing me no time to think.
I feel like Homer passing by the Sirens.
You are my Siren.
The mere brush of your soft skin sends my mind into convulsions.
When my lips meet your neck I can feel the electricity jump,
from lip to skin and back as our moans serve to form the opera that surrounds.
My hands are wandering imbiciles, independant of my own form.
but somehow able to guess where you will cringe
and where you will place your hand on mine to signal not to move from that spot.

Leaving behind all cares of this post, I can feel you,
your soft breath escaping more routinely now as I gently conquer your mouth.
I can almost feel your soul meet mine with every soft kiss and gentle intrusion
as out mouths mingle in gasping dance-form unlike any that has ever existed.
My fingers run between yours as they, themselves, form a dance never been seen.
Fingers running in, out and around each other in a silky embrace of motion and touch.
Your toes run up against my leg as I press against you,
and I swear I can almost feel your polish as it glides along my thigh,
telling me that I have somehow managed to seperate body from mind,
and all limps are in their own state of nirvana, not needing any guidance,
as the mind is otherwise occupied with it's own ecstacy.

The comforter drapes us like a second skin, moving with us,
yet somehow acting as a third participant.
I care none for it as I concentrate on you.
I've been watching your breathing, kissing you lightly on your neck
waiting for those gasps that I've come to time my life by.
I lightly nibble on your lower lip and pull back,
amazed how your gasp follows as soon as I stop whatever I'm doing.
My fingers are lightly tracing your belly button and around
down to your hips and back up to your arms, missing every nerve,
but tracing every tease, feeling every curve.

I wish you knew what you do to me.
Every time you exhale, a small part of my heart shatters and reforms
into an image of your perfect body lying in front of me.
When I hear you whisper to name....your name..."OH GOD"...
it makes me want to capture that moment in a bubble and
hear you speak only that forever.
Infinite poems will never be able to convey to you
the immense sense of want and addiction I have
to the feeling...
when you press against me every time I do something we both know drives you crazy...
the light, feathery touch running down your thigh...
the long, lingering kiss of torturously soft lips...
the eyes staring into you as we lose the world around us.

I can feel you with me, not near me.
I can feel your hair through my fingers as I let it slip through slowly,
cradling your head with one palm,
kissing you as the world was ending around us,
intent to let our last moments be none but out own.
Let the world crumble around us, fall to pieces,
as long as it may end as I kiss you
and you lay against me.

Good God,
the feeling of your skin against mine.
The feeling of an Angel coming down just long enough
to let me touch her and cause her enough pleasure
to leave her Heavenly past behind and instead
stay with me and embrace her with my own kiss...
my own touch...
my own soft embrace...

And yet I live for the smell of your skin.
The mere touch of the softness that seems to be on every part of you
and the glistening invitiation of your lips as I move to kiss you.
Your tongue is a dancing partner that I have been dreaming of for years.
Good God, come to me now.
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Blahckjen[fouwiengf;opnf [11 Jul 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | ANGEL - as played by me on the piano ]

So, today was an interesting day, to say the least.

I was getting ready to go and audition for the new agent I was referred to when I got a call from...drumroll current, piece-of-shit agent. She called me to tell me I have a commercial audition tommorow. Something for HUNGRY MAN or some bullshit like that. So, of course I'm going to go to this audition, because hey, who DOESN'T need $5000 in their bank account? But it was kind of ironicly ridiculous thrat they would call me on my way to a different agent.

Anywho, I went to this other agent and auditioned. Although I though I was WAAAAAAAAAAAY out of practice and they would hate me, they ended up loving me and offering to sign me both Commercially AND Theatrically on the spot. I told them how I am currently with somebody, but willing to leave if they think they can get me more work, to which they promptly responded "we'll have you on NBC within the year"...a bit of a better proposal than my current agent. So, it was nice to hear some validation of my talent from somebody, especially since I've been down on myself as far as that is concerned over the past few months.

Of course, now, being a person of moral fortitude, I am torn. Although I HATE my current agent, they are finally getting me some auditions. However, this new agent is offering WAAAAAAAY more than that. Now I have to decide if I'm going to call my current agent and drop them for the new one....damnit.

Right now, I think I'm going to go to the audition tommorow and see how it goes. If I'm completely wrong for the part, then I'll go to the new agent. If I'm good for it, I'll wait and see what happens. Although, even if I wait and see, I think I'll leave my current agent after I get the $$$$ from the commercial and move over to the agent that seems to have better faith in me. Though I work %150, I'm looking for an agent willing to work equally as hard or moreso.

But, as I said, it was nice to hear people in the industry with NO MOTIVES fight over me and who got to represent me. One agent was arguing with the other agent:

"Okay, if you get him for 21 and up, I want up for 19-20 submissions."
"No, You get 18-19, I get 20+"
"OKay, we'll make a deal after he leaves..........but I want him 19-21."

And the such. It was nice that people were fighting over me. It was nice to feel wanted, talented and just overall GOOD AT WHAT I'VE ALWAYS KNOWN I WAS GOOD, THOUGH L.A. TRIES IT'S DAMNDEST TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. So...overall...good day.

It's strange how a few good things can improve your day. At the gym, I swore one or two girls was checking me out while I was working out...something that NEVER happens anymore. And then I thought: "Am I only thinking this because I had a good day, or is it true"... it's funny.

Although...I'd kill somebody to have what I really want at this VERY moment. I want to turn around and look at my bed and see somebody laying there, telling me that I need to come to bed and stop typing....with those amazing eyes I get lost in for hours as I curl up next to them and dedicate the next 5 hours to showing them the meaning of being "kissed correctly"...or more.... *sigh* I hate being lonely....

Ms. Perfect...please come over....

evolgin? Beth? Dana Katelyn? Cassie?


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Like, Sigh. [10 Jul 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional-Hands Down [playing it on my guitar] ]

We were put on the guest list of a "trendy" restaurant/club tonight in Hollywood, so I decided to go. There were 9 of us, so I thought it'd be a good time. Angela, Angela, Sonya, Kristin and Jenny came so it was kind of nice to have a bevy of gorgeous women with us [though it always sucks to remember that most of them are already taken]. You'd be amazed, those of you not living in LA, to realize how much easier it is to get into Hollywood clubs when you have some hotties coming with you.

The place sucked. We had to sign Release Vouchers on the way in, because they were shooting some new reality show called THE IN-CROWD about the trendy spots and the Hollywood elite who attended. That was kind of weird to know, since we were on the list, and thereby considered "elite". o_O

But the place was full of celebs and people I wanted to have nothing to do with. We ended up leaving and going to a martini bar across the street. We got tired of that place pretty quick too and just ended up at MEL'S DINER on Sunset having some deserts. In the end, it was kind of a waste of a night, though it was fun to see the looks on the faces of all the guys as we walked into the clubs. It was kind of hilarious how they would all stop their conversations, look at the women with us with their jaws open and then look at us [the guys with them] in disbelief. Hehehhe...I'm evil.

Anywho, I have an audition tommorow for a new agent. I'm sick of my current agent and their bullshit and got a referral to a much better agent who, after seeing my resume, asked me to come in tommorow at noon for an audition. So, let's hope I do well. At the very least, I'm seeing PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN tommorow by myself, so that'll be fun. :-/

My ex-roommate from Orlando called me and invited me to come to Vegas next month. So, if anybody wants to come part for a few days, I'm going to be there from August 14th-16th. *sigh* My life is boring, sorry. Gnight.

**EDIT** - Anybody want to come sleep over? I'm lonely. *sniff, sniff*

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Seduction [08 Jul 2003|02:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Powerman 5000 ]

Gazing at her from across the room, with a small grin across my face.
There's a moment of comparative thought and a twinkle appears.
I cross to her, beautiful, innocent and inquisitive, sitting.
She is in mid-conversation with a stranger, as I kneel behind her.
Pretending to whisper something secret,
but instead kissing behind her ear, softly, and moving to her earlobe.

You let out a fake laugh, part of the show you are creating.
Then you reach back and touch me on the knee, giving me a gentle squeeze.
I sit down next to you, and you leap onto my lap, making a joke out of it.
As you continue your conversation, I lightly brush my fingertips up and down your spine.
I feel you occasionally shivering, trying to cover it up from the room.
We notice the table in front of us, hiding our erotic romances.
Alluring and intoxicating is the feel of your soft legs through your dress.
I rub your calves slowly, resting my head on your neck, masquerading as sleeping.
When in fact I'm slowly caressing your neck with my lips.
Flicking your ear with my nose, and light kisses on your shoulder.
I whisper into your ear of how much your visage haunts me
invading my soul as a conquering army of passion.
I start running my fingers through the soft hair at the base of your neck.
As my finger begins to lightly trace from under your knee to your outer thigh.

You try to continue your conversations, only succeeding
to make yourself look uninterested in any conference.
And you're not.
I can feel your breathing getting shallow as your body
presses against me and releases with the most silent of exhales.
People walk away from us as we are in a corner of the room
and uninterested in any other soul, save each others'.
You turn towards me and our lips meet.
Slowly, gently, like an angel's breath.
Touch for a length with barely perceptible motion.
Slowly I move my lips and gently nibble on your lower lip.
You let out a giggle before I stifle it with a deep kiss.
We forget who we are, lost in this physical bridge.
The taste of your lips mingled with the smell of your skin is intoxicating.
You push yourself against me.
I don't think you know you're doing it, but I can feel
your breasts lightly brushing my chest.
I put my hands on top of yours and surrender its control.
Weaving our pilgrim lips methodically against our desire,
The soft silk of your skin unhinges me uncontrollably...I can hear you gasp.

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Booberanineoriugnler [06 Jul 2003|03:06am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Your mom ]

I actually had a decent time tonight. Besides starting to drink by myself, we ended up going to LUCKY STRIKE again. John wanted to leave, but Mike and I convinced him to wait and drink with us regardless of the 3-hour-wait for a lane to open up. [as I've said before, it's a trendy place here in LA]

At one point, as we were sitting at the bar and the bartender was buying us free shots, John and I suddenly stopped talking. He couldn't figure out why, as we stared behind him. Now, the reason why should be clear to anybody who read my list of favorite quotes. So, ---> VINCE VAUGHN <--- happened to come up to the bar next to us and order some drinks. I felt bad, because John SUCKS at keeping his cool around celebs. And as much as I wanted to thank him for all of the quotes he has given me through his interviews, I didn't want to bother him while he was bowling incognito with friends. Although LUCKY STRIKE is a small place, he obviously just wanted to have some fun. So, as Mike kept asking why we stopped our stories, we played it semi-cool until Vince walked away. It was interesting, especially since we ended up bowling right next to him.

Although I spent WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much tonight [around $150] it was fun. Though John didn't want to stay, we all ended up having a good time, despite the fact that this girl from work who apparently has a 'thing for me' showed up unexpectedly, though she knew I was there. [Can we say "STALKER #4? *throws up*] I suck at bowling, but had fun...even though we all had the same number of drinks, in this order:

4 beers
1 "Lucky Strike" Shot
1 beer
1 "Lucky Strike" Shot
1 beer
1 Jack Daniels Shot
1 beer
1 "Lucky Strike" Shot
2 beers

But, was kind of fun. So, yay. One night of fun for 9 months of living here. *sigh* Damnit...I need to start being more optimistic.

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Bastards! [03 Jul 2003|10:17am]
There is a swarm of mosquitos in my room hiding somewhere. And they come out at night to buzz in my ear and keep me awake. Then, when and IF I finally DO fall asleep, they cover me in bug bites. So, now I'm all itchy and tired.
*grumble, grumble, grumble*
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Blatherin-Blatherskites. [02 Jul 2003|11:17pm]
My roommate has left town for the weekend.
Anybody want to come over and keep me company for a few days/nights?

I've been a horrible LJ friend recently. I've just been a little depressed and otherwise-busy to really spend much time online. So, I must apologize for not commenting very much on meaningful posts or really posting anything meaningful myself. But in my defense, I don't think I've ever gotten a reply from a comment I've left on most of your LJs anyway. *sticks tongue out at you*

I guess I'm on the downside of the LJ Sin Curve. It'll pick back up eventually, but I'm too scatterbrained and frustrated in real life to really think about much else. Though, I could really use a friend these days...or at least somebody to talk to.


Oh, and I got my postcards today. [For those of you not in the business, postcards are little pictures used to follow-up after auditions, meetings or mailings. To keep your face fresh in their mind and write a little message.] I'll scan them and post them soon as long as nobody makes fun of me.
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Hrm... [02 Jul 2003|03:32pm]
I was bored and was typing in names of friends into search engines again. I was curious what my one friend was up to and found some links to a movie she did a year or so ago. She had already told me how she had to do a semi-nude scene in the movie, but they ended up cutting it before they released it. When I asked her about it, she said she was told the scene would be destroyed and nobody would see it. I kept joking about finding it, but she said I wouldn't.

Well, I found a still from the scene posted on some random site in Spanish. Nice to know my friend's breasts are randomnly posted on the net without her knowing it.

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Sorry [28 Jun 2003|08:41pm]
I've been busy and kind of down lately. I apologize if I haven't been posting or commenting like I usually do. I'll make up for it in a few days.
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