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easter blahh [20 Apr 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Interpol/Agent Orange ]

Easter sucks dick.
..major dick.

All i did today was have people over and eat food and candy and watch movies. my mom didn't even do the easter baskets this year when we get lots -o- candy and a present or whatever. well she retty much fucked that this year. fucked it right up the ass. so. liz sucks her computer broke. now i can't talk to her. fudge on a stick! yeah. i watched 'Windtalkers'. it kicks ass. it's some very graphic WWII movie. fun. yeah. like whoaaa! Kelly got a webcam and wooo weee! Hottness ;D. ?? blahh. what else.. i have no fluking clue. so i guess that's all for tonite. nighty night children. pleasant †nightmares† and fantasies about you and me having sex and a relationship. PEACE OUT!
† jerk-off jimmy † you got that right mista!

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